We are Responsible for our Thought Forms

Friday, August 17, 2012, 3:12 AM

San José, Costa Rica


May my I AM Presence guard and guide the Light of Truth in my heart and mind, while receiving this message. May it serve for the Highest Good of All Beings. May it heal the Mother Planet and support the Ascension of Human Consciousness. So May it BE and So it IS.


Dear Friends,

Recently I have been thinking about the phenomenon You have often spoken about: namely the Cloud of Mass Consciousness. From your Messages we now know Humanity contributes to this Cloud by the thought forms we create in our mind. I often “tap into the Cloud” unconsciously but when I then become of aware of and observe the thoughts in my mind, I cannot recognize myself in them! It is just not the way I know myself or see myself thinking. Thus I know the thought is not my own thoughts. They seem to come from my momentary sensitivity to whatever thought forms “hang around” from the Cloud and so have entered my mind. How can we as Humans “protect” ourselves from being invaded, as it were, by those thought forms that do not serve our Highest Good? Please comment.


Beloved Ones,

Indeed! An excellent and most timely question! There are many Souls on the Planet who have only recently discovered the Truth in the sayings ” Thoughts are Creative” or Energy follows Thought” and “your thinking creates your reality”. Mostly this knowledge has been instilled into the Human Mind by those Enlighten Beings in the Company of Heaven responsible to raise the frequencies in elevating Human Consciousness. Throughout the history of Humanity, many advanced Souls have come to the Planet to instill such wisdom, to help your creativity and enhance Human Life.

Once the Truth of creative thought becomes known and lived in the minds of a Human, there is a more conscious focus on increasing the quality of his or her thoughts. In that way the Cloud of Mass Consciousness is also elevated by its deposits of higher awareness from a Human’s thought forms. Blessed Ones, you must now realize that your thoughts are not private! Your example, Dear One, indicates the truth of that fact! All Humans CAN sense and feel what other Humans are thinking! All the more reason for each of you to become aware of what your random thoughts are!

We have spoken to you about communication. While you have thought it was your sixth sense that “picks up” what others think, it is your First Sense which communicates to others through your body’s water. While you have always thought you communicate with you mind through the element of air, we speak of how your intrinsic connection with the Planet’s water connects to your own body’s water. It is through the element of water that communication is sensitized and increased. Therefore it is also by the element of water that the Cloud of Mass Consciousness is created. You already know that the Planet’s clouds hold the water element which nourishes and cleanses the Mother Planet in one continuous cycle. When a Human holds a thought form, whether he or she is aware of it or not, similar thought forms gather together in similar frequencies of energy. When your thought forms are fueled by a Human’s emotions, they will manifest in the dense physical and become the ” the thing” you have thought about.

In your history you may have seen various creative inventions happening concurrently in various or opposite areas of the planet. It is through the water in the body connecting to the water in the Cloud of Mass Consciousness that this phenomenon is possible. Many Creative ideas are accessed by creative minds from the Field of ALL Possibilities. The thought forms about those ideas gather in the Cloud which in turn are “collected” by one or two or a small group of Humans with increasingly sensitive awareness. Thereby another “invention” has entered Human Life on the Mother Planet. In truth, everything has already been “invented” and lies dormant in the Field of All Possibilities. It is not yet thought of in a Human Consciousness, until the energy of the “invention” has bundled and is then sensed by a creative Human mind.

Although at this time of Human history, you are ascending into the higher frequency of Consciousness and into the fourth and fifth dimensions, in your mostly third dimensional reality, you have the buffer of time to prevent ALL of your thoughts from being manifested into dense physical form. Those as yet un-manifested thoughts are the very thoughts that gather into the Cloud. One gift of the Earth elements; air, fire and water, is given to purify the many extraneously collected thought forms. When your thought frequencies have gathered and become denser than is healthy for the Mother Planet or safe for the sensitive and receptive Collective Mind of Humanity, a powerful wind or rain or fire storm will move those ‘Thought Clouds” out of harms way to heal, to cleanse and clear them. “The air is cleared” you often say after a storm. Yes it is, until the next Thought Cloud is created by the vibrations of mostly unconscious Human thoughts.

Until you, dear Human, become constantly aware and assume responsibility for the conscious power of your creative thought it is important to have time as a grace-filled buffer! Just imagine what you would create in each moment, while being mostly unaware of the power of creative thought, if ALL of your thoughts were to manifest instantly!

So if I hear this correctly, it is not protection we Humans need from our own thought forms nor from the Cloud of Mass Consciousness to which we unconsciously contribute a lot of our “negative garbage”! It is really a constant monitoring of our mind and our thoughts while becoming consciously responsible for what we contribute to that always growing Cloud!

Indeed! Thinking you need protection from the thoughts of the masses implies victimhood! YOU are the creator of the Cloud! YOU are contributing to its Mass Consciousness. While you are not alone in doing this, NO one is a victim of another’s thoughts unless you choose to be completely unaware of your own contributions. You CAN, and indeed MUST become responsible for what you think so you can change the quality of your contribution to Mass Consciousness.

The power of your creative mind increases the quality of your life when you energize with your emotion those thoughts you wish to manifest into your life. By no means do We imply that the Cloud of Mass Conscious is only filled with negative or damaging thoughts! When a gathering of like-minded Souls intend on health and healing, on Love and Joy, on Peace and Plenty, you have become Light in Action! This Light is added to the Cloud and the thoughts in the Light filled Cloud of Mass Consciousness contributes those thoughts for the sensitive minds and hearts of other Souls. When the higher vibrational energy is intended it will also manifest in higher frequencies. Such action is the cause of Light, Love, Joy, Peace and Abundance for Humanity.

We have recommended on numerous occasions in the past and continue to do so now: take time for daily meditation. Become constantly conscious of your own creative power and notice what your thoughts may create. In that manner you will see what you are contributing to Mass Consciousness! If each one of you takes responsibility for all you are thinking, you will soon notice a change in the Masses! In that way, when you notice you have “tapped into” the Cloud, you will not think of protection, but become joyful and aware of the beauty of the thoughts you and others have contributed. The healing of your thought forms can perform miracles. Love flows into your life and you will serve all those with whom you are connected. Meditation is the daily Practice. Being responsible for what you think is the Mission. We know and see millions of Human Souls are choosing to accept this as their work.

Our Light, Love and Power is with you all Now…. and Now….and Now!

If not you, Who?

If not now, When?

5:20 AM