Truth Will Prevail

Tuesday, March 20 2012, 2:45 AM, Calgary NW, Canada

 May the I AM Presence guard, guide and clear all energy for my heart and mind to receive this message. May it serve the Greatest Good of the Whole and the healing of the Mother and all Her Life Forms. And so it IS.

Dear One,

We have come once more with a message to you to serve all of Humanity through this method of communication. We bring the pure energy of Light and Love to you and to all your Brothers and Sisters, Light Workers and willing Servants of God. As you listen, so shall you hear. As you hear, so shall you understand. As you understand, so shall you live. As you live, so shall you teach to others the Oneness of God and the All Good in You, our Beloved Ones.

There are many of us in the Collective Brotherhood from the Pleiades, our home. We have chosen to come together for one purpose; to serve you on Earth as you move through the Great Shift, the Transformation of Consciousness from fear and shadow into Love and Light. We once were like you on the Mother Planet. We know what it is to live in the third dimension, with all its challenges as well as its many opportunities for Soul growth. We have attended the University of Life in Earth School! We have learned through the same human challenges and made the same human mis-calculations we have seen occurring on the precious Blue Pearl, the beautiful Mother Planet. We grew from our mistakes and advanced into Light. We know you are on the same path.

For aeons We have watched the shadows grow darker in human consciousness while honoring your right to Free Will, the gift of Prime Force, Creator God. We have watched as the Mother shuddered in pain while She continued Her Purpose; to support all Life upon and within Her in their evolution. The pain was often caused by humanity’s ignorance of Her as a living Being, with Her grand intelligence, Her Love for Life and Her gift of healing, and Her restorative power. She was once able to teach humanity how to grow into wellbeing as ancient tribes of people observed Her in those restorations. Her Love and many gifts were respected. She was honored then, for her pristine beauty, the gift of the Creator for all Life. Her Being, Her Life Force was her gift, to be used, to enjoy and from which to receive sustenance.

 As Humanity became more evolved and used Free Will to experiment with creative mental powers, new development in human consciousness brought forth a new advancement in human society. While on the one hand these advancements created more ease to live life on Earth, they were often used without much conscious thought to the repercussions their use would have for their Home, the Mother Planet. And yet, She continued to Love, to restore, to naturally heal Her wounds, caused by some of the unthinkable human treatment to Her Air, on Her Skin and in her Blood, the Waters of Life for humanity. 

Through a gathering of a group of advanced Beings we call the Company of Heaven, We and many advanced souls have been named the Brotherhood of Light. We came from the many star clusters, planetary systems and galaxies in the Universe. We are called to be a beacon for Mother Earth. We have been encouraged to let Her know We have a supportive Presence and are working within Human Consciousness so that the human development and advancement in societal changes includes loving care for the Home of all Life forms, the Mother Planet. 

 Light carries information to all Life forms. Love delivers that information into the consciousness of all Life forms and that includes the Consciousness of Humanity. With new information comes new awareness. Raising awareness raises human consciousness and thus we gratefully notice changes in action and reaction, the cause-consequence factor which in turn is felt by the Planet. Yes, Humanity is learning to honor once more the Living Being We know as the Mother Planet! Although the critical mass of Human Consciousness now is aware of the need for change, there is much work yet to be done in order to have a unified force of conscious action and see the needed changes effectively completed.

 The time has come! Humanity’s conscious awareness has triggered a renewed passion for Truth. Truth in the human heart triggers Truth in action. The resulting action then is for the greatest good of all Life forms upon and within the Mother. As We see the shift in perception regarding societal advancement, We notice a renewed regard and a desire to respect all Life forms once again.

 An even greater shift in Human Consciousness is about to occur with the Shift of the Ages. This monumental movement in Human Awareness is caused by planetary alignments, solar light forces and a coming together of circumstances and Plans in the Mind of Prime Force, Creator. All systems upon the Earth will shift into a higher dimension. Where Light brings ever new knowledge, human advancements no longer will depend on short term benefits for one small group or another. Human Wisdom then will consider any action only when it has long term benefits for the Greatest Good for All Life.

 This is not a time for head shaking doubt about what is in the true heart of Humanity. We know where you are going! We rejoice in seeing the coming Shift of Conscious Awareness for the Masses and see that it takes you to a new awareness and a renewed sense of responsibility for your selves and all Life. We continue to support you in your desire for inspired action to benefit the greatest number of Souls currently in the throes of change. Light infuses your mind. Love is in each conscious action, Truth will prevail.

 May Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

That is all from us for now. – 4:20AM

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