The Presence of our Galactic Family

September 17, 2012, 1:15 AM

, San José, Costa Rica

Dear Friends,

For many years we on Earth have seen a wide variety of evidence of the visitations from our Galactic Family. Governments in all parts of the Planet have tried to keep silent or instigated fear into Humanity about the presence of beings from other planets. Please tell us more about their current frequent visitations.


Beloved Ones,

Visitations from our Galactic Family to Earth from various star systems, constellations and planets in the galaxy have been occurring since the beginning of Earth’s birth. Evidence of their presence is found in what you have termed “ancient structures” on all continents of Earth. More evidence in various structures will continue to be uncovered as eventually the civilizations of Inner Earth will allow themselves to be seen.

What may not yet be known to all is that many of those who call themselves Earthlings, originally came from Sirius, Venus, Mars and smaller star systems like our station, the Pleiades. Your Human bodies are made of the Light from these same celestial bodies. You may have only known yourselves to be living in a dense physical third dimension, but truly we say to you, the appearance of your dense physical form is a temporary experience. For you to live as you have been living – in the illusionary existence of the third dimension – you needed the carbon based density and the Soul Contract lessons only available as you encountered other third dimensional bodies. Now the collective Human is evolving, returning to the crystalline Light bodies from which you were made,

In order to assist our Human Family to move more quickly and easily into less dense dimensions, many members of our Space Family have moved higher frequencies of Light energy into the density of your third dimensional life. Your physical bodies have been at the effect of that movement, but it has not been done TO you as much as it has been done WITH you. Every Human on the planet felt the urgency, the desire to experience their lessons quickly. Never before have Souls come to Gaia in such numbers, because never before has the process of the Light Ascension taken place on the Planet.

Billions of you have passed through the Halls for Forgetfulness on your way to Earth. You may not always be aware about your agreement to come now and live out your third dimensional life lessons. However, you consciously made the choice to enter at this momentous time in Gaia’s history, so that you can participate in the current Shift of the Ages. Our Galactic Family of Light agree along with you, to be present, to guide your Light and support the massive Human and Planetary Ascension in Consciousness. This means that your Light is stronger now than at the time you chose to come. You will be refining your vibration until every last Human on Earth has made the shift and is shining in their crystalline Light Body.

Are we brought into an heightened awareness of when these energy refinements are occurring? So many of us are experiencing strange physical symptoms in the past couple of years. Some people even go to doctors, but to their great relief, they discover that there is nothing wrong with their bodies. Still there are physical complaints, aches and pains for which there are no clear explanations.

Indeed! As we have reported to you in the past, the refinement of Light frequencies cause a variety of sensations in the energy field around the Human body. Those Humans with a heightened body awareness may find their cellular structure sensitized through the intensification of Light particles in their space. Chills and tingles on their skin cover, or vibrational movement causing cellular disturbances inside the body may cause some areas of the body to experience some discomfort. While this may be noticed and even disliked, the discomfort is temporary, even fleeting in fly-away moments. Pain that lasts long enough to cause a visit to a medical professional are caused by fear in the person’s mind, rather than the shift of Light energy vibrating faster.

The best way to handle these minor shifts in Light is to welcome them and know your body is becoming Lighter in density. Choose meditation over medication. Know that the discomfort is temporary. Do not linger in the thoughts that there is something wrong! Actually there is every thing right! See the sensations as Light Moments in the physical body, Go for a walk in nature, calling forth gratitude while allowing the energy to flow through your cellular structure.

Some humans have seen or experienced the presence of our Galactic Family and observed their space vehicles. Are their visits responsible for these shifts in Light frequencies? Do our Human physical bodies respond someway to their visitations?

In a state of heightened awareness, many people now have a sense of the oncoming visitation of our Space Brothers and their vehicles. Those who have been on Board have made an agreement to revisit the vehicle. Their body’s “internal warning system” is refined and sensitive to the Light frequencies preceding a visitation.

Is it possible that some people feel their Internal Warning System reporting to them without knowing that they are being visited by the Inter-Galactics? Many of us feel symptoms of energy changes, but cannot explain those symptoms. Sometimes we feel very tired and almost are forced to go to sleep because of their body energy is so low.

Indeed! The visitations may be taking place on a different frequency and dimension than the third dimensional

sensations indicate. Being asleep is one way for them to visit the space vehicles without disturbing their day in too great a fashion. It will appear they have lost hours in their day without knowing where they went, but We hasten to reassure the collective Humanity – All is Well and as it should be! You are safe and no harm will be done to any of the volunteers for a Lighter physical form.  Know that you are in full agreement and in cooperation with your Space Family! You will know soon enough what their messages of Love are. Trust and surrender to Light, dearly beloved Ones.

That is all from this station!

2:40 AM