The Power of Word and Sound

Monday, February 6, 2012, 5:17 AM , Casita, San Jose,


I intend for my I AM Presence to be in service, to be clearly connected to  receive this message and that it be for the Healing of All and the Highest Good of Humanity, And so it IS.

Beloved One,

The intention of your heart and your consciousness is as clear as you have stated or we would not be with you in this most wondrous way. Your Light shines from within on this work we do together even as Our Light streams in great measure for our Family of Light on the precious Planet: Earth, your Home.

Stating such clear intention opens the heart to ever greater service, and empowers those around you to do the same. A Light Intention felt from the heart of each soul changes the atomic structure of the body and brings ever more Light into the helices and into your DNA. Clear intentions to accept Light is one way to assist Us as we work with Humanity to increase the two stranded helix that will become once again the twelve stranded helices of each human’s precious Life Force. Prime Force, God intended in creating human form with free will and wisdom in tact.

When you ask of us to give information about how to help in our work, we would say. besides meditation to increase your Light, to keep the thoughts of Light in all your intentions, your mind and in your speech. The power of intention is once again becoming clear to humanity as it was in ancient times.

All words, all actions, come from a primary thought. That is the spoken Truth in the statement:

 “In the beginning was the Word.”

Before that word could be formed it needed a thought and intention. Once the intention was clear, and the word is spoken, the sound for manifestation into form is innate in the Word. For Humanity, the power of the sound in the Word spoken had been forgotten. The tone and sound of each word is the creative force for manifestation into the physical form.

The Ancients created physical structures such as pyramids and temples, that now look impossible to the human’s third dimensionally thinking mind. Working with the intention and the power of the word and sound, blending with the tones of the planet, made the building material used liquid and light enough to be formed into the blocks which now look like huge stones. Once again it was the power the word through sound that formed the physical manifestation of the structures intended.

In order to save Humanity from an even greater fall into darkness than was occurring during the cataclysmic destruction of civilization of Atlantis, the consciousness of humanity lapsed into forgetfulness regarding the power to control thought and intention. It was humanity’s misuse of this power that caused the destruction of that great civilization. Prime Force, God could not allow further destruction on the beautiful Planet Earth and intervened.

Thousands of years have passed since that calamity. Now is the time for the once lost knowledge to be reinstated within the consciousness of human souls. Gradually and in  Divine Timing, souls inhabiting Earth are becoming aware once more of the mostly forgotten power to manifest. The first intention for Prime Force, the Creator, is to have humanity remember once again about personal responsibility and choice. As long as victim mentality runs the consciousness of humanity, there will always be those souls who will react out of fear of becoming “someone’s victim”, This return into momentary darkness will continue to create victims, rather than souls who take responsibility for their thoughts and consequent actions. That time has come! A critical mass of humanity has become awakened once again to the power of their thoughts. Because of the energy vortex created by this recalled knowledge, the remaining remnants of human consciousness still holding onto the past darkness will have no choice but to follow. In a short period of your time, Light will once again dominate in and through the minds, intention, words and deeds of humanity.

What has caused this time be the right time for humanity to learn about the proper use of power and have a change of heart and intention?

There was once a threat to the planet which would cause the inevitable destruction of Earth and many other planets if the consciousness of humanity continued in the trends of what they termed as” societal and cultural advancement”. More is not always better! More knowledge did not lead to more wisdom and more clarity regarding the use of power. More scientific inventions and discoveries without appealing to the innate wisdom regarding their function and use did not lead to a sense of responsibility in the consciousness of the inventors.

It was time for a wake up call! The many calls for war and the eventual danger of complete annihilation of society was what awakened humanity. A massive call from Prime Force, God, was needed for extra-terrestrial and cosmic assistance for humanity to come to the decision to change their intention and eventually their Word. Now a critical mass of humanity has an inkling of understanding of the direction these self-centered, monetarily focussed intentions would be going.

A shift in Planetary consciousness is now causing a massive shift in human consciousness. Mankind is changing its mind!

We, as part of the collective, a Company of Heaven, are breathing a collective sigh of relief! Of course we always knew that the Light of God the Creator would win over the Shadow so long held over the Planet and her consciousness, however we are happy to see the time is now.. Our work is to continue to impress the desire for change in intention, mind and Word, in those last vestiges of resistance for humanity.

“Ye SHALL know the Truth” and the Truth will set all of Planetary life Free. Once more the beautiful Planet will recall the Light of God in all its lifeforms. Love for and within humanity is the result. Once more the Blue Island that is Home will breathe in Peace , tranquility and restored pristine beauty.

I am grateful for Your Work with and within us in this regard. I pray for this restoration in my own consciousness and in the hearts and minds of all my brothers and sisters in our Home.

Indeed! Gratitude is felt and has a frequency of magnetism for each manifestation of Light yet to come. May you all see the blessings you give to each other as Light does prevail! 6:45AM


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