The Power of Truth

Thursday, March 15, 12;30 AM, Calgary, Canada

 I ask that the I AM Presence, God in me, clear all gateways of my heart and mind to receive this message, that it may be dedicated and brought for the Greatest Good of All, the healing of the Mother and all Life forms. in Divine Truth, so it IS!

Dearly Beloved One,

The Light of Truth shines in your heart today! The Power of Truth clears all doubt from your mind. The Love of Truth pours forth into these words and they truly are inspiration for those guided to read this message. Be ye unafraid, your Future is Secure and unencumbered. You are uninhibited in the expression of our message. Clearly your Soul is in Service to other precious Souls, as they are in Service to one another.

Rejoice in this Truth:

We are the Cosmic Council of Light, bringing yet another message of Courage ever springing forth from the Wellspring of Limitless Presence. Do not deny your Self the Joy of Being in the Light; of expressing the Thoughts of All Good so well deserved everywhere; of knowing the Truth in every Breath; of seeing every Action given in Love. Your Abundance of All Good is limitless if you were but to realize the Grandness of your Choice to Serve the Mother and her Beings in Light. Never are you denied anything from the Wellspring except that which you deny your Self. We encourage you to see, think and speak the Truth; Light is abundant and undeniable; Love is abundant and always attainable; Joy is the Grand result of living your Life abundantly. all ways and always!

This is the promise of your Secure Future when fear is released, when doubt is no longer a presence in the mind, when Love is lived through each thought and inspired action. When you live in the Present Moment of each Breath, when you give up all worry about the “what if’s?” and the “how will I’s?” of tomorrow, then you truly may Trust and Surrender, and know Your Future is Secure. The Light filled with Information, the Love felt within each Breath descends into your Consciousness, along with the Consciousness of all your Brothers and Sisters Living upon the Mother Planet.

We here, observing with anticipation the excitement of the current times, are inspired by your Courage! You have chosen to come at this unprecedented time in the history of Humankind to live upon the Blessed Blue Pearl, the Mother Planet, and assist all your Human Family members to grow into the Grand Sparks of Light you have decided to be and express. From many places and spaces you have chosen to come, so that this time in Cosmic history can forever be recalled as the Grand Shift, the Design of the Enlightened Consciousness within the Mind of Prime Force, Creator God.

You all will participate in shaking off the stronghold of dark forces which held Planetary and Human Consciousness in its grip, preventing the aforementioned manifestation and completion of this promise; a secure and abundant moment of Light, Love and Truth in each Breath. These dark forces are shuddering in the last vestiges of their existence, while reluctantly receding into the Halls of History away from the Planet Earth. We the observers and active supporters of this Tremble are building up a Grand Cosmic Cheer as we sit with our many scribes and secretaries on the Planet. Can you feel the excitement? Can you sense the splendor of what is about to be brought forth within and around each of you, our Precious Earth Beings?

We encourage you to remember the most joy-filled moment in all of your life. We then suggest you feel that Joy in your heart once more. Then imagine this Joy to be multiplied to the power of one thousand fold crystalline lights! Such is the Promise of our Creator. Your Lives will never be the same again! Your Hearts will be filled with great Joy, and the abundance of Light, Love and Truth will be immeasurable and never ending.

When will that occur, you may ask? Soon our Beloved Ones; sooner than you can imagine. All is in readiness for the nano-second in time for that momentary Tremble. All Planets and Star systems are moving toward the moment of Truth everlasting. Take comfort in this knowledge; the pain, sorrow and struggle you have so long experienced and witnessed, will be no more! Light, Love and Power will reign. Observe, Surrender, and grow in the flow of Love so that you may Glow, all ways and always!

 We are Lord and Master of Light, bringing the Promise of Love eternal to the Mother and all her Children.

Metatron and Micha-EL

 That is all – 1:45 AM

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