The Light of Truth in Action

March 2, 2012, 4:35 AM, Calgary, Canada

I ask for my I AM Presence, God in me, to clear the energy for my heart and mind to receive the message, and that it be used for the Greatest Good of All, and the healing of our Mother Planet. I am grateful for all Light, all Love and all Truth. And so it IS.

Dear Friends,

I am open, listening, and receptive to Your Message of Light this morning. Please grant us your wisdom once more.


Beloved One,

The Truth regarding the Plan of Light and Love is coming out in all manner of ways and through all sorts of works by millions of people who have sensed it and desired to cleanse their thoughts and actions. Truth is defined as Light in an indisputable fact, No one can deny the Truth of Light. It is an indisputable fact that Light dissipates the dark. The Truth of that is being seen in the Light actions of millions of souls who are shining their Light upon their shadow places within themselves and awakening to the truth in their heart, while bringing that Light out in social action. As Light is brought into the collective Mind of Humanity, Love is made visible also. Light is the carrier of information for the collective Mind, Love delivers that information into the collective Heart. Truth results when allowing Love to enter each human heart.

Our Elder Brother, Jeshua has imparted Wisdom in his words: ” Ye shall know Truth and Truth will set you Free.”  The only way Truth can be seen is when Light and Love is allowed. Freedom results. We cannot say to you all too often: currently,  Light and Love is not only allowed but welcomed into the Mind and Heart of Humanity. At this momentous time for the Planet, the prayers for and welcoming of Light and Love by the Mass Mind in Humanity is clearing the Mother’s energy and raising Her vibrations to allow this Great Living Being to Ascend in Consciousness. All Life upon her is experiencing equally the raising of vibrations and thus advancing in consciousness.

As We observe these movements and this modification from our various stations in the galaxies We are in awe of courage exemplified and the displays of dedication and commitment to Truth. All over the Planet acts of needless and cruel control is tolerated no more. We cheer and applaud the many actions of millions of souls who made the conscious choice to live on the Planet at this time and assist their brothers and sisters to take steps forward and into the Light. The fire of passion for Truth in the collective Human Heart sets the Mother Free. Her pristine beauty will be returned once more. She will be honored and respected for the Living, Life sustaining Being She was always intended to be. When She is free of encumbrances and impediments, the dark dissipates and in her joyful vibration she will gather all her Children to express a renewed state of Peace and Joy.

The Way to Peace has been forged at great sacrifice and with much pain for millions of souls whose intention in their work was once misinterpreted and misunderstood. Their work toward Peace often cost them their lives. Their souls have now been vindicated. 

The Truth in Jeshua’s statement has been brought forth in the current dedication and passion of the many souls now in service to the Light. Clearly the time for Truth in all thought has come! Truth within the mind will lead to Peace and Freedom in the heart. You are inspired from within your Soul by the many Guides and Teachers who in turn are given instruction and inspiration by the Light Beings and the Company of Heaven.

Clear thought results in clear action. Clear action brings forth the Light in Truth. Love leads all humanity into the vibration of their own personal Truth. In these vibrational frequencies, all consciousness can do only one thing: ascend to a new height and into a new action. Such is the Light that before long, all souls will, without fear and resistance, ascend into the Light of Truth.

We praise you for your continued commitment to the Light. Be prepared, for the party will begin, soon! You are all invited to the Grand Celebration of Light in your Consciousness, Love in your Heart and Truth in all your thought and action. Rejoice as we call you to attend!

That is all from us for now. 5:45 AM


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  1. Seymour

    Remarkable details! I have been browsing for some thing such as this for a time now. Many thanks!

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