The Light of the Christ


Monday, April 16, 2012, 2:20 AM,NW Calgary, AB. Canada

 May the Light of the I AM Presence clear and guide my heart and mind to receive the Truth of this message. May it serve for the Greatest Good of All Beings and for the healing of the Mother Planet. In deepest gratitude, So it IS,




Beloved Ones,

The Light of the Christed One be upon you, Dearly Beloveds. Allow your inner Light to shine on all those you meet today. It is in the Light of Truth you dwell upon the Mother. It is in the Light of Love you share your Wisdom with all those who of themselves bring Light where they walk. This Light surrounds the Mother and heals the mind all those who seek Truth.

I feel a great energy change from other days. Who is speaking here today?

It is I, Jeshua, known as the Christed One, Sananda, who brings this message into your heart. Know this, that you are a beloved and treasured messenger, for the Light of My Love shines upon all who hear these words. You are healed in this Light. My Love dwells within you as your Mind is Light and your travels upon the Mother Planet are made safe and easy during this time, the Great Enlightenment of all Beings.

Allow all doubt and fear to dispel in the Light. Accept your mission Now, today. Share this Message with all Seekers everywhere; You are the Light in the World. You are the Love given for All Beings. You speak the Truth within all Light. The Truth of Your Presence heals the Mind of each One you touch. Do not dwell on the past, but be in THIS Light Moment. Observe your blessed heart and mind only from THIS Light Moment.

The past is already gone while you wonder what it brought you. What THIS moment brings you is Light as the past fades into your memory. Accept the Light of THIS Moment! Allow the past to be the past. Only in living in this Moment of Truth can you see the wondrous experience of the NOW. Forgive the time that is past. Forgive those who may have entered into your Now moment as it faded into the past. See each soul anew in this current Moment. See your own heart anew as our Father-Mother God sees. YOU are the Light in the World of this sacred moment. Allow the Light in your mind and heart and believe. Be of good courage and have Faith. Dwell in Faith and you shall know Truth. Let Light and Love dwell within you in THIS moment……….


Dear One, our Beloved Elder Brother, Jeshua has blessed us with His Energy and Presence for this brief Moment as it fades into that which is your past.

We encourage you to Trust His Words. Know that His Light is within your consciousness and is ever present! Though the memory of that Moment may fade, His Presence does not. The Light of the Christ is within the mind of Humanity today as it was when his sacred Feet walked the Earth. It is for the Light and Love within the mind of each living Soul that He continues His Work. Within you truly IS the Light of the World! If it were not so He would not have done His Work within Humanity as our Father-Mother God would have Him do. Trust and Surrender in the knowledge that Truth is everlasting. His Light brings Truth and His Love carries it into your heart in each Now Moment.

Meditate on Gratitude today. Go into your moment, your hour, your day and feel the NOW memory of it guide your words and actions today. Seek Truth, Know God and with the Help of the Christ Mind within you, trust and surrender into the Light.

That is all for this moment.

3:28 AM








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