The Light of Compassion

Sunday November 18, 2012, 3:40 AM

San José, Costa Rica


Dear Friends,

Please instill in us another Message of Light, of healing and hope for the coming months ahead while we accept with gratitude and grace, whatever energies we need for increasing our awareness of the Light within. There are such intense energies for so many people that many of us are reeling with the inner changes we are called upon to make!


Beloved Ones,

Indeed! The call for your conscious agreement to work with the current quickening of Light is without precedent in your Human history. However, remember this: the Divine Plan for this Grand Experience is also without precedent for the Galactic Family of Light! We observe the Planetary changes instigating storms and earth quakes for Gaia and all her children, including those upheavals within your mind, our Human Family. We continually encourage you to be on notice: the increased Light frequencies are bringing profound opportunities for personal transformation, a purging of the old outmoded forms of thought and illogical choices, while the higher frequencies also deliver into your awareness advanced information on the Love vibrations you are asked to accept in this quantum leap.

Resist nothing except that which is known in your heart to be of fear and in the shadow. Permeate and thus dissipate those, your fearful moments of the mind, with the Divine Flame of Violet Light. Your Soul’s direction guides you further into Light. Listen with an open heart to the Message within these frequencies of Light. The Message carries the promise of Peace and Plenty; of Love in all your communications; of healing for all societal wounds and Human mis-creations. The attitude we ask you to hold in Consciousness, Beloveds, is one of Trust. Listen with an open heart and Surrender to the Divine Light within you. Act upon the inspiration that the Light delivers. It is through inspired action that you will know your Truth. Choosing the Light in all thoughts and actions will deliver the form and experience of the Lightness of your Divine Self. You shall notice and feel your Oneness with all Life. It is there the God-Self dwells in all Its magnificent splendor and in gentle grace. It is there your little human fears are stilled as you accept this promise; your Life can only get Lighter and more fulfilling while your apparent troubles become faint specs of dust in your memory.

What about those millions of us who are having to handle big physical and emotional challenges at this time? So many people all over the world are feeling unsafe. War is threatening some areas again, earthquakes have destroyed the safety of many people living in other areas. Others still are trying to recover a sense of normalcy after what some would term “natural disasters” –  storms, hurricanes and floods. Millions of people are dealing with the emotional upheavals because of these challenges. What should be our attitude, and in fact, what could be theirs?

We can understand and We pour the Light of Compassion upon the millions of Souls whose existence feels threatened by these seemingly “unfair” experiences. However, Truth cannot fail. The physical self may feel threatened, but the Soul is safe. Soul growth occurs en masse during these intense times of planetary purging. No one is victimized when each one recognizes all Souls alive on the Planet at this time chose to come, some in families and others in larger groups. You came both to assist this process of the Renaissance of Love and Light and to grow toward the Light while in the experience.

Compassion for the plight of your Human family is appropriate, but do not allow yourselves to be overcome with pity and suffer along. Hold the Love Light in your consciousness, fully knowing ALL is in Divine Order. NO thing just happens by accident and there IS purpose and order in what seems like chaos to you, who are still living in the third dimensional reality, with fear as a means of controlling your thinking mind. Raise your awareness toward the Light of the God-Self, and then set your mind to work to eliminate your own fear. Light and Truth, Courage and Inspiration will be the result, and those qualities will support all those who may need many helping hands. It is not only what you do but with what intention and attitude you do it, that will serve your Human Family With Love as a focus in difficulties, the upheavals become opportunities for healing and growth.

We reassure you, Dear Ones, Light prevails and Love is the balm that soothes all suffering. You are loved into your freedom. You are blessed as you bless others with your Light. Let is so shine in all circumstances.

May Light and Love and Power restore the Divine Plan on Earth. So it shall ever BE!

4:55 AM

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    1. Inger Post author

      HI Barb,
      Sure IS a good way to start the day.. with the Light of Compassion.
      Nice to know you found the site… have a great week!
      Blessings of Light,

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