The Creative Power of Human Thought

Monday, May 7, 2012, 2:40 AM

Blue Morphas Emerging

Vancouver, BC, Canada

May the I AM Presence in me guard and guide my heart and mind while receiving this message. May this transmission serve the Healing of the Mother and be for the Greatest Good of all her Life forms. in deepest gratitude, so BE it!


Dear Friends,

The ” I Can Do it!”  conference about healing the Human Body-MInd-Spirit connection is completed. Spiritual teachers, meta-physicians and scientists spoke about the power of our thoughts over our genes, and how the Human Mind can heal all diseases if we only use our thoughts in a proper way. In the past few months You have often given us Your Wisdom about this subject. Please speak to us again abou the Healing Power of the Human mind.


Dearly Beloved Ones,

Indeed! In the Presence of Light, you CAN do it! You can do anything when your God-Self remembers!

We have referred in Truth about the Creative Power of Human thought forms. We speak to Humans continually and energize the raising of your Consciousness so that you may see the responsibility you must reclaim for how you create your Life. We see your thought forms affecting the Mother and all you create in your Life, even while you are asleep to the Universal Law of Cause and Consequence.

Divine Intelligence is in ALL Creation! You, dear Human, are created by Prime Creator, God through Divine Love and Intelligence. All Life forms contain this same Love and Intelligence. Because the Creator willed it so, cannot be any other way! Every single cell, atom and molecule has the Life Force of the Creator’s Mind. Out of all manifestations from the Mind of Creator God, Humanity has been given the Power to think and reason. Free Will was included in this Gift from the Creator. Your Soul, the Divine Spark imbued with Creative Intelligence, has the Power to use IT in any way you choose. Your Life is enriched by what you are thinking into form. In the Oneness of the Creator, you are able to use Divine Intelligent Energy to bring into your Life anything you desire, including the health of your body.

Dear Human, you have forgotten not only about this ability, but you have given this Power away! In your past history you have believed only God created! How extraordinary that you give back to Prime Creator what has been given to you as a gift while you feel you are the victim of “His Will”!  Because you ask Us, We wish to inform you once more of Truth and correct your thinking.

Humanity is living on the Earth in the most transformative time of Planetary history. At no other time has there been such a large gathering of Souls on the Mother, all desiring to take part in the Grand Experiment of Ascension. This Experiment WILL succeed! All Souls presently on Mother Earth have agreed to come together not only to participate, but be an active part of this Transformation. Raising Planetary Consciousness to a new dimension is the Plan. By choosing to live at this time, each Human is also reclaiming the Power of Creation by your Ascended Consciousness. The Light of Creation is currently increasing the rate of its vibration. Through these new frequencies, each Human Soul on Earth is responding with a new awareness while reviewing their Soul Contract and re-remembering the purpose for which they came.

In becoming an active part of the Grand Experiment, Humanity will once more recognize the Power given by the Prime Creator to use the energy of Light through human thought, to reveal what needs to be revealed, to heal what needs to be healed, and to empower each other with Love for Life as it was intended to be lived. At no time was struggle and pain a part of the Creator’s intention for Humanity. Creator is Love and Light. In Love and with Light was every thing created. The new and ascended thoughts of Humanity will realize this Truth once again, and Life will be Joy-filled.

Until you, blessed Human, remember your ability to use your Divine Consciousness for creating Love in your Life, you will remain less than comfortable with what is familiar.  Your mind’s idea that Life is a struggle will continue to be your creation because it is your dominant thought! Imagine what you could create if you gave up that idea! We want to remind you; ” Yes, you CAN do it!”

Please give us some clear direction on how to change our minds, Dear Friends!

Meditate! Take time to observe your mind and release your old modes of thinking! Before consistent and positive change is made in your Life, you will want to release the idea that life is a struggle. Start living with new ideas:  Life is Beautiful; Life Loves ALL of Creation; Love permeates ALL of Life; Creator always says YES!  Human Consciousness is moving in the same direction as Planetary Consciousness – upward!The Speed of Light is quickening, therefore ALL of Life is quickening. That includes the Field holding All Consciousness.

Human Consciousness is quickening also. The result of this vibrational increase is a new way of thinking and a more rapid manifestation of your thoughts. There is a more rapid Flow of Energy toward every thought in the Human mind. As long as there is NO resistance to this Flow, every Human will notice him or herself move their mind into new ways of seeing what was once true for him or her. Life as you created it before this new flow, will ebb away. Let it go! New ideas will quickly form a new life. Accept the new! Unless the Human is resistant to letting go of those old forms created by her mind, new forms will be lighter. It will require less effort to be in the body.

It becomes obvious that you may use the new speed of Light for your thoughts to create a healthy body. If rapid manifestation of thought is quickly evident, if what you thought about yesterday becomes a reality today, you will realize the importance of changing negative thoughts about your Self and your body to reflect what your really desire – health and wholeness. Know that you are not a victim of dis-ease, you create it. Equally,  know that you can create health with the quality of your thinking. Think Light and the body will receive Light and Love. Love the body and it will respond to Love. Each cell has Divine Intelligence. Remembering the God in your Body may instill the idea that you must revere and honor the Divine in each cell. Speaking lovingly to each cell, knowing that the body’s Intelligence responds to Love, will also restore its health.

Happy Children
When a Human creates a Loving environment for their Creation, be it a child, a family or a cell in the body, the Created will respond with Love. A child will respond by being its creative and loving, healthy Self. A body will equally respond by being its loving and healthy self out of gratitude to Its owner. Heal your thoughts, heal your body, heal your creative responses. When Light and Love is the focus of all thinking, Life responds with Light and Love.

The Law of Cause and Consequence is a Divine Law: Life loves you when you Love Life.

That is all for now. 4:45AM