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Perception of truth or Truth?

Thursday, October 11, 2012, 2:50 AM

El Castillo, Guanacaste, CR

I am open and listening to you, dear Friends, for your message of Truth for today. I pray for Light, Clarity and Love in mind and heart. Please give us your Wisdom.

Dear Ones,

The current Universal energy fluctuations shift all perception of Truth in the mind of Humanity. For most of the Planet’s population there are layers of Truth. The truth, (with a small “t”), as it is perceived by a person or a culture is changed only when the personality recognizes that their truth is merely the mind’s conclusion. The personality observes an experience and then believes what is seen as a personal truth. The personality only sees what she is capable of understanding. What is understood is a fleeting view – a comfortable illusion – of reality. Viewing Truth (with a capitol “T”) is a process of Soul development and comes with a multitude of experiences in many past and parallel lives of conscious observation of Universal Laws.

Nature is the best teacher of Truth and leads to Wisdom because Universal Laws are inherent in Nature. The Soul’s conscious and careful observation of Nature will teach her in time, all she needs to know about the Light. It is Light that carries all information. The Wisdom of the Prime Force Creator permeates all Light. While knowledge is gained through learning the facts and figures; Wisdom is acquired when a Soul has gained an understanding of the facts and figures and applies them in life. A Soul, guided by Wisdom, makes inspired decisions leading to the comprehension of Truth. Using facts and figures to make decisions may lead to a Soul’s advancement in Wisdom but those mental choices are not based on Truth, but on the mind’s perception, on a current understanding of truth.

How does a Soul then differentiate between truth and Truth? How will a personality know when a decision made is one based on Truth or one based on the perception of truth?

Follow the Heart’s whispering and make decisions based on Truth. Follow the ego’s shouting, and make decisions based on illusory views of truth. The Heart’s decision will allow the body/mind to relax and know it was the “correct” one, the one exactly needed in that moment. The ego’s decision may cause doubt and leave the mind wondering what the consequences of that decision may be.

From a Soul’s point of growth, each decision is a “correct” one because the personality will access a new perspective from any choice that has been made. From a personality’s point of growth, a decision based on Truth is more comfortable than one based on an illusory view of truth. Truth comes from the Heart, while truth grows the mind’s sense of awareness. In time however, any mind decision will lead to a greater understanding and finally to a realization of Truth.

How can our perception of truth be changed to Truth? What do we need to make the shift?

The Human mind must have a conscious willingness to recognize and admit that you do not see Truth. The personality, the ego, wants to make you believe that you do. However, the veils of your perception may be lifted and Truth will be revealed when you allow you Heart to lead your mind. When you command the ego to let go of illusions and control, the Heart is ready to lead you to Truth.

And therein lies the daily practice! Live consciously and with awareness. Notice when the ego is in control, and know it will not lead you to your Heart. Living from the Heart will lead you to Truth. Allowing the ego to control will lead you into various and often incorrect perceptions of truth. The choice is yours to make. Either way you will learn about yourself. You may choose the Path of the Heart and lead a life of happy choices, moving you into Bliss and Peace. In that way you will know Truth is revealed. You may also choose the path of the ego, and lead a life with many moments of doubt and fear. Eventually you will make the shift because the Soul wants to return you to Peace. Truth is only a choice away. Meditate on these choices today.

May Light, Love and Power fill your Heart as your mind chooses Peace. Dearly Beloveds, Choose well!

4:05 AM