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Answer the Inner Call

San José, Costa Rica,

Dear Friends,

Today is the last day of this auspicious and important year in the history of Humankind. After many days without Your call, I am answering you this morning, and listening for your counsel. One question has been within my heart. The grand Shift of the Ages has come and passed. For millions of us the event was a reason for global celebration. We gave it our attention with heart and mind and celebrated the birth and the first day of what has been promised as the Golden Age of Peace and Light. However there are also  millions of people saying nothing has happened. From here on, what can we do to work for the Golden Age? What must we become conscious of now, as we enter this new year? Please comment.


Dearly Beloved Ones,

We request your willing heart to sit with us once more as We continue to bring Humanity the Light messages of Peace and encourage you to maintain a sense of Trust. As we have reported to you, We observe the web of Light that was put in place with the conscious and intentional Joy-filled celebrations being held during the allocated time of the alignment. We hear your call. We know you are doing your part, thereby calling for Us, your Space Brothers, indeed the entire Galactic Family, to continue our work.

Through the Galactic movement of Earth and Sun aligned with the other planets and the Central Sun moving into the Photon Belt of Light, your night has become day; your darkness is now Light. As without, so within you; as above, so below! Your fear must now consciously be released. Love and Light are your destiny. You are urged from within to Trust, to know now, that nothing is the same; everything has changed!  While many of you, living on the Mother may not see or observe these changes yet, the promise of Light from Day One after the Grand Shift, We Your Family of Light are celebrating the Awakening of the critical mass of Humanity. You are moving into the 4th and 5th dimension. Light pours into the Heart of the Mother and Her Children.

In your recent weeks there have been momentous events occurring in your societies that have shocked millions of minds and changed your focus from self to other, from small local incidents into an awareness of global consciousness. These events have directed you into collective Right Action. You are becoming aware of the futility in allowing human laws made by fearful humans to control you. This is the time for noticing the purpose of the Universal Law of Love and Compassion. This is the time for creating a society of Peace through Brotherhood. The time has come for each Human Light to shine for the greater good of everyone in your circle. As your heart is opened with the Light in your own life, your glow leads to the Oneness with All Life.


If one collection of cells in your physical body is lacking in light, it brings you symptoms of discomfort and your whole body is not at ease until you pay attention to the symptoms. Give that portion of your body loving attention until it is light filled once more and it is restored to health and comfort. Ignore the needs of the body and it will continue to be in discomfort and eventually lead to dis-ease.

So it is with the Body of your Global Human Society. Humanity has turned a blind eye to the need of Light in a Collective Cel. Your time has come to open the eye, to let in the Light and restore the Global Body to health and comfort. It is time to prevent dis-ease. A collective cry for Light from the discomforted Cells will lead the remaining healthy Cells, your heart and mind, into Right and Light Action for the greater good of the Global Human. It is the time now to accept and allow Light to permeate your thoughts and actions.

Could it be that these words are the explanation for the saying “your pain is my pain, your suffering is my suffering” ? It seems to me that is how we are moved as individuals to clarify our intention and take action. Unless we become aware of how we have ignored the lack of Light, thereby being the cause of the pain, we cannot see how we have need for forgiveness for ignoring the needs of the Global Human Society.

I am sorry, (for your pain)

Please forgive me, (for my part in it)

Thank you, (for giving me the opportunity to heal my Self)

I love you (in Truth, I love you as much as I am able to love my Self)

 If I love myself enough, I would take immediate and congruent action when I notice the lack of Light in any portion of the cells of my body. Oh my, how often I have ignored its call!

Indeed, beloveds. The time is Now! The time has come to notice when and where there is a lack of Light and to answer the inner call! Remember, unless your thoughts are Light-filled, that your attitude, your thoughts, even those thoughts you are unconscious of, create the lack of Light in the collection of your cells. Once more We counsel, “As it is within, so it is without”. Congruent action means appropriate action for the need of each cell. For the Body of Global Society, changing a human made law will not change the collective mind of the creator of the law. Only congruent action will lead to the Truth;  the need for a shift, a request for, intention to and action toward Light to permeate the heart, the center of Mass Consciousness.

And so we return to the origins of this message, Dear Ones, Humanity’s inner call toward Light and Right Action has now been quickened. Answer this call and the societal discomforts, the grievous results from the lack of Light, will be healed. Humanity is Awakening! Celebrate that Truth and focus on the Light within you as any and all the symptoms of lack are dissolved and dissipated.

Light and Love and Power has restored the Plan on Earth! Live now, in the Joy of Light.


 To the reader: the four short statements referring to forgiveness, are from “Ho’opono pono” a Hawaiian method of healing originated by Hawaiian Kahuna Lapa’au, Morrnah Simeon now taught by her student, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. This form of personal healing and forgiveness I have been using for many years along with my Reiki practice.

In the words of Morrnah:

“If we can accept that we are the sum total of all past thoughts, emotions, words, deeds and actions and that our present lives and choices are colored or shaded by this memory bank of the past, then we begin to see how a process of correcting or setting aright can change our lives, our families and our society.”

Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona

For more information: <http://www.hooponopono.org/>

(Upper Winter Solstice photo taken from a clear, humorous explanation of the Solstice, a YouTube documentary:)