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Inertia Causes Instability

Beach and Sunset
Tuesday, May 8, 2012, 6:35 AM, Victoria, BC. Canada


Dear Friends,

Many Humans are currently moving into and through difficult physical and emotional challenges. Bodies are ill, minds are confused and people are watching their ” normal” lives disintegrate before their very eyes. Please comment on the current Human condition as we experience it at this moment.


Beloved Ones,

What you appropriately call “the current Human condition” we observe as Human resistance to flow of energies into the body-mind! As Planetary and Inter-Planetary Consciousness moves out of what is now slower energy, the resistance to the flow of vibrational rates is increasing in the mind of many Humans. We have said before.. This is NOT the time for thinking “Business as Usual!”

Imagine yourself standing at the edge of an ocean shore. Waves in ever increasing frequency are moving the pebbles, the shells and rocks, even floating logs of wood from across the waters closer and deposits them onto the shore. The goal of the wave is to bring whatever does not belong deeper in the ocean, ashore. The wave heaves then curls and crashes onto the sand bringing with it and depositing onto the shore those now extraneous parts from the ocean that are loose and no longer served by the water.

You, dear Human, are on a walk along the beach. You decided to stand close to the edge of the shore, your feet are covered with a little wave of water. You observe the water ahead building into another wave. It builds higher, it curls and crashes, then retreats back into the larger body of water. You feel the sand beneath your feet pull away with the waves around your ankles. Your feet sink a little deeper into the sand. What once felt like a solid foothold is dissolving in the water-soaked sand as another wave pulls back into the ocean. You watch the next wave curl, crash and take another bit of sand away from under your feet. You sink a little deeper into the shore sand. Then, suddenly, further away in your sight a large wave builds along the edge of the shore. You watch it as it gets stronger, higher and curls deeper before it crashes over your knees, getting your casual clothing salty and wet!. You did not expect it would be so high! You watched it build and curl, but when it crashed you resisted. You did not move. The increasing wash pulled out even more sand under your feet The stronger wave pushed your stability off center. You can not find your balance and fell into the ocean as the wave recedes.

This imaginary scene will remind many of you of what your current life experience is. You watch the building of the wave of change, yet when it crashes and pulls the once stable foothold from your life, you are surprised! Not observing the warning signals causes a sudden wave of imbalance yet you have some indication it is not quite the usual wave in action. Your inertia causes your instability.

Like the ocean wave, the nature of energy is motion. Energy is constantly in motion or it would become stuck and stagnant. Water is constantly in flow or it would become equally stagnant. Being in the flow of energy stops humanity from the state of inertia and a stagnant life.

Human thought is energy and energy follows Human thought. The flow of your thought waves, if ignored or unnoticed, become stagnated by your refusal to change. You and your mind will then be surprised by the signals you choose to ignore.

Human thinking affects the body. For aeons Humanity ignored and separated the connection between your mind and your body. Your body became a sometimes inconvenienced vehicle for what you thought you had to do in your Life. Yet without your body you could not live out the Soul Contract you agreed to when you entered your body.

Humans are now reconnecting with the principle of the body being connected and influenced by your thoughts, your mind and your consciousness. Your body is made of cells each or which are thinking, living entities. Each cell has Universal Life Force, Divine intelligence and Love at its core. In a healthy environment, all cells regenerate and remain in optimal health. If a cell is injured or damaged, Universal Intelligence has the ability to heal it, renew and rejuvenate it. If the Human owner of the collection of cells called the body physical recognizes the need for the body, indeed each cell, to live in a healthy environment to continue its energy and its work, the cells respond to that environment and remain healthy. If the environment is unhealthy, and that includes the effect of a Human’s unloving thought forms, the collection of cells, the body, subsequently becomes unhealthy. Create again a healthy environment and the Divine Light in each cell has the power to restore health to the body.

While the body is not a slave to the mind, it does respond to the energy of creative thinking. Humans think that the body can be pushed into submission. This attitude will cause cellular resistance from the body’s healthy cells. Your body will be obedient to your mind, even when your mind is disrespectful to your body. This attitude will, in time, accumulate the negative energy into manifestations of illness. Your body responds to the messages you send through your thoughts.

Do you value a happy, healthy body? Create a healthy and loving environment, with affirmative thoughts. Listen to the subtleties of the messages your body gives. Show love and gratitude for its well-functioning state and it will respond in love and gratitude by remaining healthy. Work in partnership with your body and you will happily move throughout your life in health and pleasure.

Currently, more rapid frequencies of Light will affect your usual sense of time as Earth time seems to speed up. Everything in your thoughts will manifest faster than what appeared normal in your past sense of time. Thoughts create their resulting manifestations more quickly than ever before because of these energetic frequency changes. These energy phenomenon will continue for some time to come. For this reason Humans must pay closer attention to what their thoughts are creating. An increased level of health will depend on increased Love and Acceptance of your body and how you have created it, even though you may have been unconscious about the power of your thoughts.

Now is the time to meditate. Consciously take time out of your busy-ness to reflect on what it is you want to create for your body, for your life, for your Self. Doing so is not time “lost” out of your day but will increase the value of your mental moments and bring Light into your decisions, clarity in your thoughts, and Love for your Self into your heart.

Blessed Be, Dear Ones, as you listen to your body and the messages in your heart!