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A New Way of Service; Everything has Changed!

Monday, December 12, 2011, 2:12 AM

Hotel Platjador, Sitges Spain,

Dear Friends,

In the past two days while being in this stillness and in this place you sent me to have time for internal study, I have received a lot of physical information regarding the Pleiades, astro-travel and Intergalactic beings.

1. I am wondering what the meaning of presenting all this new information to me is;

2. What it has to do with me and my sitting with you and

3. Where all this is taking me or us with our work together.

Can you please explain its purpose?


Dear One,

Indeed!  We have spoken to you the past few times we were together that you are being prepared for new information. Before we can present that information to your consciousness, you need some new vocabulary heretofore not part of your mental processes. We present this material to you in a synchronized manner, because it is part of the new phase of our work together.

I thought if you present me with new information, I would be hearing YOUR words, and not having to depend on mine to present the material you are giving me to scribe?

We present information as impressions into your mental energy field while you will bring the vocabulary to it and make it a clear document for you and others to read. In order for us to present those impressions, you need vocabulary for description.

In essence, you are taking a new study course on the material, learning new words for the facts and ideas. We are presenting the course, including the ideas, but you will need to give the explanation of these ideas to the reader. Trust is again the issue here. We are not presenting you with material you cannot “hear” or understand. Merely notice: your fear of not doing this work well enough will hamper the impressions.

Trust and Surrender to Our contract as it was planned together. All is well.

Okay – I hear what you are saying, and it is true, I do wonder if I am up to the descriptive vocabulary of new information. Please make it all simple enough to understand.

Your new “study course” is simple. Just listen and feel as we dictate the material through mental impression. You are presenting the transmission of these impressions. Notice at this very moment how easily you are putting this into the screen! The new is not different from the old.  We will continue with today’s Message:

As the Intergalactic Beings re-discover their Consciousness as placed in the Time-Space, 3rd dimension of Earth, They are being sent to Earth to re-inhabit not only the physical space in reclaimed bodies discarded by their former owners, but also taking on the job of cleaning up the Karma of the body’s former owner. You have known several of these Beings and met like-minded ones when they were introduced to you as the Walk-Ins.

It takes too long at this time of the Planet’s urgent need for the souls to inhabit bodies from birth, move through the Halls of Forgetfulness, become conscious of their work with Humanity and complete their contract in one lifetime. Therefore with the agreement of those souls wishing to depart from their chosen life, though their personality may be unconscious of this agreement due to their physical or mental circumstances, they surrender their bodies during their physical or emotional crisis and the Inter-galactic Teacher needing the physical body walks into the life and circumstances of its former owner. Clearing the karmic debts of the departing soul takes very little earth time, because the body’s new owner does not want to take much time. Apologies, amendments, forgiveness and getting on with their new life is part of their new Contract, while quickly completing the Contract for the body’s former owner.

It will be a strange dinner table conversation one day when the karmic and behavioral debts have been paid, and the family of the body’s former owner wonders: ” Whatever happened to our John or Jane, since the accident, illness, depression or alcoholism treatment was completed. He/She has changed so much…and it all occurred so fast! ” Still, these soul choices and subsequent actions are answers to the urgent needs of Earth’s Planetary Consciousness at these challenging times. Conscious Helper Souls are not able to wait and grow into a body while at the same time feeling the inner urges and wanting to get on with their Soul’s task to complete their own contract. Our System allows many unusual lee-ways in conscious cooperation to do for the Planet what needs to be done. There is much to be done to assist Humanity in the work of Ascending Consciousness. There is no time to waste!

Once the Walk-Ins have established their relationships with the family, and healed the inner struggle the family once knew about their loved one, the old Soul, as the new owner of the once ill body, usually moves into a new phase of Life. They actively pursue their desire for Planetary Service and do the inner and outer work the Soul came to do. The kind of Service they have chosen very quickly leads them into leadership as well as teaching of the new thought. Their mission is to lead many Earth School students toward taking full responsibility of their lives, giving up victimhood, releasing their negative thinking, their destructive behavior until they become “converted” to the ways their mentors taught. They in turn become leaders and teachers making conscious changes in their behavior and their new mission.

We and many other discarnate advanced souls, have our own purpose; that of acting as Guide from Mission Control. Walk-IN souls have a clear understanding of how to listen to their Guides, as opposed to the Walk -OUT souls who suffered as they lived their life in the world of illusion. They often were delusional about their purpose, and did not know how to listen to Guidance, to help them out of their delusional state. These souls have Helpers to support them through their time in the Inter-world – the world they arrive into for rest and rejuvenation. Love and Healing is automatically theirs because of the service they rendered to surrender their life and body to the Walk-In. These souls are not lost or doomed, but merely resting, lovingly supported in gratitude for their profound service to Humanity.

In writing this material down as you dictated it, I feel I have walked back into the “Halls of Past Memory” and into the 80’s! Those were the days when I asked questions about this phenomenon and met several Walk-Ins in their new lives of service. I was not aware that the current global energy is still supporting this phenomenon and that on this front, nothing has changed!

Everything has changed! The energy of cooperation has changed between the Walk-Outs and the Walk-Ins. There are many more souls ready to do both ends of this service to be given to the Planet. Due to Solar activity and Light, increased Electromagnetic energy has affected all aspects of Life as it was known on the planet, from how decisions are made in the controlling mind to how governments are challenged to give up the need for power and control. Energies for the Ascension of Planetary and Human Consciousness have increased the need for speed. Time has increased – a  minute of your time no longer has the same time element and length as it was. Lifetimes have lengthened while time has shortened. Oh yes, everything has changed. The prayers for help have been heard. It is the reason we are offering more help as well as asking for more help from our scribes, and giving more Guidance where it is requested.

Soon you will also see the changes in our methods of communicating with you. For now, our work is progressing according to The Plan.

That is all for now. 3:35 AM