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Clearing the Cobwebs from Consciousness

Saturday, July 7, 2012, 4:40 AM

San José, Costa Rica,

Dear Friends,

This morning I awakened with a phrase in my mind, which feels like the title of today’s Message from You: “Clearing Cobwebs from Consciousness”. While I can only imagine what that may mean, please comment!

Beloved Ones,

Indeed! Our message for Humanity at this momentous time of your life on the Beautiful Blue Pearl in the Galaxy, the Mother Planet, is just that: Clear the cobwebs from your Mind, from your Consciousness, from the corners in the closet of your thinking!

Cobwebs are created by some species of arachnida as food traps to maintain their sustenance. This method may serve the survival of the arachnida, but collecting cobwebs is not appropriate at this time for the Collective Consciousness of Humanity. Clearing the traps from your Consciousness prevents the survival of old and outdated forms of thinking clinging in a Human mind!

What are the old and outdated thought forms we need to clear from our Consciousness?

For aeons the Collective You has believed you live in separation from Light, from the God-Self, from another soul. These are outdated thoughts Humanity has created as a way of surviving after the ancient cataclysm, the Fall from Grace, the mythical separation from the Garden of Eden. You have believed in a wrathful, punishing God controlling your Life – a male figure judging most of actions as wrong and therefore you thought you deserved punishment. You have concluded you were the victim of this Authoritative judgmental Superpower and felt helpless and hopeless in changing your human condition. We want to hereby reiterate the Truth once more – your Life on the Planet is guided by the Universal Law Love and you live in the Light of the God-self.  

It has never been true that a soul is separate from the Light! In fact, your very survival depends on the inextricable connectedness with the Prime Force Creator. No Life form can survive without the Light, the Love and the embrace of the Divine. The thought that you are separate is a trap remaining in Human Consciousness keeping your Soul limited to what you have believed you are.

Your beliefs polarize your thoughts. Your beliefs keep you in duality and separate you from Truth. You collect beliefs when you draw conclusions and make assumptions while in your experiences. Beliefs are are not based of the reality of life lived in Trust and with a clear sense of Truth as your Inner Counselor. Truth is Universal. Truth does not lead to a collection of beliefs; Inner Truth leads you to Trust and to Wisdom, to Knowing without knowing why you know. Relying on your beliefs keeps your Consciousness trapped in the cobwebs you have created. Clearing the cobwebs out of your Consciousness will lead you to Trust that you can rely on Truth and Know. Release all your beliefs and you will release your limitations.


Trust is the result when you release the old beliefs, accepting and allowing a new conclusion in each moment – Light and Love are the vibration of your Life. When you observe yourself creating limits in your beliefs you do not see the Light. We encourage you to notice that your Life is a continuous thread, a connected series of new experiences leading to the one Truth: you, Beloved One, are always interconnected in Light, living in Oneness with the God-Self.

Cobwebs in your Consciousness are traps for whatever thoughts that are floating by, from whatever source entering your energy body, and those vibrational conclusions entering your mind from the random collection of thoughts to which Humanity contributes into the Cloud of Mass Consciousness. Release the cobweb-like traps, and your Consciousness can observe Truth in each Sacred Moment, in the Light of Now, in the ever present Love.

How may we be conscious and release these incessantly collected cobwebs that keep us trapped in our polarizing thoughts?

Firstly in your daily meditation periods, remember a recently new experience. Now step outside your mind with your awareness, and notice what your conclusions were in that experience. Notice how this self-imposed conclusion in the experience maintained your separation from the Light, from Truth or from the “other” in the experience. Become the Observer of you, the blessed Soul living the current experience, and it will lead you to notice your reactions and responses. You will learn which response serve to keep you living in a moment of Light and which reaction pulled you into a restraining shadow area of your mind.

Secondly, as you practice this method of observation in meditation move into a heightened sense of awareness during your day. Consciously carry on with the practice of observation in other times of the day, even for brief five-minute-moments. Observe closely the One who is deciding. Who is making decision? Who is asking the question? Who is affected by choosing a response to any situation? Who can and perhaps would choose a different response if given the same situation in the next moment?

As you extend these practice periods into your day, you will clear the cobwebs, the conclusions and the reason for the beliefs you have held. Your self imposed limitations will gently be removed. What you have believed about your Self is brought into the Light of Truth. In fact, you will see then the real Truth: YOU are the Light of Truth as expressed in each decision you make!

Love leads the heart. Light leads the Mind. Consciousness is ascending as you live your Life in Light, embraced by Love, embodied in Truth. Joy is the result of this multi- colored, transformational experience in your Life!

Blessed Be! 6:20 AM