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Nibiru – Its affects on Humanity

Saturday, October 27, 2012, 5:00 AM

San José, Costa Rica,


I ask my I AM Presence to permeate my consciousness with the Light of Truth in receiving this message. May it serve the Highest Good of All Beings Everywhere.

So may it BE, and so it IS.


Dear Friends,

Recently a question was posed regarding the entrance of Nibiru, another once distant planet, now entering the Milky Way, already visible in our sky for several months, It is  seen rising and hovering near our sun. There are conflicting predictions from various astronomers that it will cause massive destruction on planet Earth, affect our weather with more intense hurricanes, larger earth quakes and tidal waves, all extreme physical effects. As I pose this question, there is fear about a large storm/hurricane threatening the coastal towns of the north eastern United States. Is our Planet being affected by the entrance of Nibiru and will there be other strong reactions for people?

Beloved Ones,

The magnetic field of all planets including Earth, are always affected when a celestial body’s gravitational pull becomes stronger. Human bodies are affected by your Moon, by the movement of all Planets in orbit, and yes, also by the entrance of the Planet Nibiru and the moons in orbit around as it draws closer around the Sun. It returns on its way through the Milky Way once in 3600 earth years. Earth is responding to the increased magnetic pull by the ways as stated in your question. The weather patterns will be particularly radical for some months and people must  be prepared to be inconvenienced in what you have called your ” normal life”.

You may recall from other transmissions past, We have indicated there is nothing usual or normal about your lives for the next months and indeed for the next several earth years! You will increasingly be called to respond to the frequency changes both from within your dense physical as well as your mental, emotional and etheric bodies. Your Mother Planet is called to respond also to these higher Light vibrations pouring into her electromagnetic and etheric field. Some of her more radical responses with natural weather phenomenon, will indeed be caused by gravitational activity, from the pulsating frequencies and by Nibiru’s entrance. The effects are experienced by all other planets and star systems like the Pleiades. However, your predictions do not give the complete picture!

Nibiru crop circle
We have reported to you consistently that there a legions of our Space Brothers, the Galactic Intelligence, with highly refined precision in technology your physicists and scientist have not yet been able to imagine, comprehend, much less create and use for guarding Planet Earth in what is for the Mother also a cleansing, though challenging time.  Although there will be periods of discomfort in what you may call your normal life, there is no need to fear the end of the world, or the end of your life, unless a human decides life has become too difficult and chooses to leave the Planet. It is for this very reason we have assigned many hundreds of scribes to educate and report to the multitudes: go and spread the News; you are safe and secure, as long as you allow your Life to unfold as it is presented to you and will choose to respond with trust and knowledge of your security.

Do you mean people will want to leave by ending their lives while this quickening of energy is occurring within and outside of our control?

Currently the quickening, as you correctly called the energy experience, is continuing to bring Light into the Consciousness of Humanity, so that everyone knows there are new ways of seeing their Life, and can see from within themselves, their need to move their mind and heart with the changes. However, there will be some Souls who, of their own personal choice, consciously or unconsciously, will not want to go through the physical or emotional challenges and will leave their body. For some a transition, a choice to return to Spirit, seems the only option out of the difficulties. For others their bodies will have worn out, and they will choose to leave them through illness or by what you may term an accident.

Never forget, Dear Ones, your fear and insecurity of the future are illusory thoughts planted in the Cloud of your Mass Consciousness. Planting fear is the game of the dark forces still trying to affect and control your emotional and mental energy and through that your response in your world. Do not give into your fear. Choose Trust! Know deep within you that all is well, because indeed, all IS well. The intentions of the dark forces will not lead you into the future of Light that has been promised. The ultimate result of what seems to you these extreme energy movements is toward a greater Light, a Love that will comfort all your fear and lead you into the New World of Peace and Plenty. The Forces of Light, your Space Brothers, indeed all of the Company of Heaven are supporting the Promise given from the beginning of time; the Divine is in charge. The Divine in you, Beloveds, is as near as your breath. You are not alone in your movement and growth.

When we notice our world changing and the storms in weather become the fearful storms that seem to to overtake the mind, how can we move our fearful thoughts into trust again?

Your body is clearly your world! We encourage each of you to become close observers of the sensation in your body. When you are given information about the current energy changes, when you hear, see, read or are told situations, does the news fill you with fear, excitement or comfort? If you feel fear, you are put on notice – observe your mind, then choose to trust, choose a thought that will return your body to feeling comfort. If you become excited, notice that there are new experiences from which you will gain a myriad of benefits.  At any time that fear seems to take control of your body sensations, still your mind in meditation, know that your mind wants to grasp at the illusory results of fear. Remind your Self: YOU are the master of your mind. It is your servant. Do not give the servant the right to rule over your life. You have the right, indeed the power to choose whatever you intend to feel and think.

We, your Family of Light, your Space Brothers in Love encourage you to think Light, feel Love, and choose Trust in all ways and always!. You are Loved beyond measure. You are safe. Your future is secure.

6:50 AM.

Ocean Seal