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From Nowhere to Now Here!

Monday. January 2, 2012, 2:25 AM

Casita, San Jose

2:45 AM


Dear Friends,

In meditation, in inner sounds of silence and the breath, I was reminded of your suggestion to meditate on yesterday’s suggestion regarding ” my future is secure and I am safe”. During the silence, I kept hearing ” your future is now”. Please comment.


Beloved One,

It is indeed! Your future is now because there IS only NOW. You are NOW HERE. Many human souls currently have the feeling they are NO Where and are seeking for a place to BE. Once more any sense of where their life is going depends on what mental direction their breath and their focus takes them. If you are pointing your mind on and in your heart, you are “NOW HERE” and can not be “NO WHERE”. Life for any Human in a body is the process of learning to be conscious in each moment, in the Presence of Light as it passes THIS moment’s information to the heart. Thus a choice is given to the mind to consider and live by.

Your future is in the Present Now. When you consider what each NOW moment brings, it is Light and information regarding safety. There can be no concern about the future, because it is ALL now, and you ARE safe in this moment. The mental practice of being in this current moment takes away irrational emotional concern about tomorrow, or any future. It is fear and illusion that creates any feeling of being unsafe. We encourage you to continue meditating on any current moment, and experience the Light of the Present, the gift of Love in each moment. Light and Love do not give birth to fear and illusion, but only to more Light and Love.

While I think of meditation, I think of it as sitting in silence and allowing the mind to be still and without thought. What I am hearing from you is to sit with a reason for mental activity, contemplating certain words or concepts, while then being given further information regarding those concepts. Are there two forms of meditation?

There are many ways to meditate. Silence of the mind will bring stillness in the heart, where answers to your questions are formulated and presented back to the mind. The heart and Love supports the mind’s process on its quest for Light and understanding. Literally, mental “questions” are formed as a “quest” for answers. This leads to understanding in the heart. Human Life on Earth becomes peacefully simple when the heart is involved in mentally understanding. Worry is done by the mind, not with the heart.


Return to us at a later time today….

3:35 AM… to be continued…..


I am listening, dear Friends,

There are times in our communication when the energies, either around earth, with you or where we are that are not conducive to easy transmission. Such was the case with you just now.

Do you mean there is energetic interference within me or elsewhere? I stopped hearing and feeling your presence, then meditated for a few minutes before hearing your sentence: return to us at a later time……..

Precisely. The vibrational energy around you was not making it easy for you to hear us. At that time, and this is true for you at any time, it is better to take time and wait, then return to sit with us at a later hour.

What is the cause of such vibrational interference and is there anything I can or must do to alleviate it?

Sometimes the energy of expectation regarding the completion of the message delivered to you makes it difficult for you to clearly understand the concept or symbols of the next topic we will deliver. This makes the transmission a personal message. That is not a problem when you have asked about a subject, because our service to you is to nurture your search for answers. There are other times when we have our message for the collective consciousness and it is important to have cleared energies. This time we had given answer to your request for our comments, and were completed but it was impossible to conduct the energy toward the new topic. You will need to clear the mind of a clutter of thoughts regarding the previous writing and be fresh for the new message to continue sitting. We remind you that it still takes a great deal of concentrated effort on your part to do this work. Your meditation practice and our continued work in clearing and raising your body’s vibration will eliminate this little hick-up in time. Do not concern yourself or feel anything but pleasure during our times together.

With Light. Love and your surrendering to us in service all is well.  Take more time for meditation today. We will continue at a later time.

6:50 AM