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The Spiritual Warrior


Friday April 13, 2012, 2;55 AM

NW Calgary, Canada,

May the I AM Presence, God in me both guide and guard my heart and mind to receive this message on pure Light. May it serve the Greatest Good of All, and be given for the healing of the Planet and all her Life Forms. So Be it, in deepest Gratitude.


Dear Friends,

I am open and receptive for the message You wish to bring today. Please give us your Counsel.

Precious Ones,

Your Sacred Heart and Open Mind serves Us at this Place as we teach a lesson in Trust and Truth today. If there is Trust within your heart there is Truth brought into the mind. Trust and Truth are inseparable elements of the Spiritual Warrior, and yes, you are all Spiritual Warriors on the Mother Planet.

What is a Spiritual Warrior and how can we relate to that term?

A Spiritual Warrior is anyone living on Earth, who does battle with the shadow elements within his or her own mind while constantly seeking the Light within their heart. When living in the third dimension, presented with all the personal challenges you face every day in fulfilling your Contract, a human Soul seems to be in a battle with the ego-self, the part of the mind that has fear, doubt and judgment. What you have yet to understand is that there is no need to battle! Life can be simple, even though your ego-self wants to make it complicated.

Simplicity in Life as you live in each moment, is brought to you by following your heart, your intuition. In our last sitting, (April 12, 2012, Trust in our First Sense) we spoke about your intuition as being the same as your First Sense, the most important Sense you have. Humanity has relegated it to an extra Sense and called it the Sixth Sense, after the other five senses pertaining to your physical presence on the Planet. However, before you were born into physical form, you had a knowing about what you were to undertake. WHO had that knowledge?

I believed it was my immortal soul, the Spark of Divine Light that came together with Guides and Teachers and decided when and through whom to enter this third dimension on Earth. Are you saying it is the First Sense that made that decision?

It is true that the Divine Spark which is your Soul had to make the final decision. However it was  “First Sense Knowing” it was the right decision, while guiding you and communicating with others before, during and after your birth. First Sense gave you the Knowing you made the right Contract. First Sense gave you the assurance about your early existence in your body. You had no other form of communication with other souls but through First Sense. Before you had language, you tried to say what your needs were and learned what others thought about you through First Sense. While water is the greatest conductor of energy, your sensitive, water filled body communicated with other sensitive, water filled bodies about the energies around and within you.It is that First Sense knowledge which contributed to becoming your Spiritual Warrior Self.

While on Earth, you soon discovered your wordless thought forms were not heeded or understood. You had to find other ways of letting those around you know what your needs were. Your other senses began to develop quickly, the first being the senses of smell, taste and touch. However you had to make noise to let others know about your discomfort, because your First Sense communication was not heeded from the beginning. Only later, did you realize the noise you made was from your own voice, and still later did you recognize those familiar to you were there to comfort you. Sight is the last sense to completely develop in the human body.

The Spiritual Warrior always seeks for Truth within the Heart. First Sense helps the Warrior to Trust the messages from the heart, also known as human intuition. The heart messages heard by the Spiritual Warrior are followed and lead the personality into a life filled with Simplicity and Truth. Accept and Allow the Truth of the messages from the Heart and Life is simple! It is the lack of Trust, the mind deciding on its own what lessons are needed, that brings to the Soul much more difficult work. It takes some Earth time then for the Soul to communicate with the personality, the purpose of a lesson, until once more, First Sense, intuition, is trusted and Life is lived through and by the guidance of the Divine Spark, the Soul.

The Spiritual Warrior, the Soul, is always presented with the options and choices to be made. .Ultimately the best choice for the personality, is the one guided by the heart, that is the choice which leads to Light and Love. However, the mind, the ego-self, the personality, wishes control over decisions. Herein lies the battle. Herein lies the task of the Spiritual Warrior.

Ultimately the goal of the Spiritual Warrior is to lead the mind and heart to the simplicity of a Peaceful existence. Once more, we encourage all Spiritual Warriors on the Path to the Divine Light within, to use meditation and silence in the discovery of the voice of the heart. The cacophony of sounds on the Planet and in the mind of the personality, usually drowns out the still small Voice within. To silence the inner and outer noise, sit in quiet spaces in the mind, breathe in the Light of the Divine and listen to the silence of the heart. The Spiritual Warrior will discover the Truth, when s/he Trusts the Voice of the Heart. Light, unconditional Love and the Guidance of the I AM Presence is the ultimate Gift from the Divine. Trust and Surrender to the Heart and Truth is the Gift of the Spirit!.


That is all for now. 2:20 AM