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The Field of All Possibility

November 8th, 2011, 5:11 AM

Hilversumse Meent, the Netherlands



Dear One,

Within the Field of Possibility, where the Creator has placed all Consciousness and all Creation, the energy of Love and Light reigns. All possibilities, all creative genius, all inventions, all thoughts that lead to manifestation in the material lie there. In that Field, there is only good because the Field is made up of and filled with the Light of Love. The idea that there is darkness, shadow and evil came, not from there, but from the decision of fractured souls who gathered experience from other Galaxies to separate their mind from the Divine. Thus came the misperception that there must also be a devil or satanic force.

In principle one could say that even the idea of a satanic forces comes from the same Field, because ALL consciousness lies there. However, souls dividing the Light and dark, separated from the Field their spark of Light. Through their collective experiences on their way to the University of Life on Planet Earth, they made crucial decisions regarding the Force and the Light. These fractured souls came forth out of the thought that held a sense of separation. The Spark of the Divine has Free Will to create whatever thoughts they choose. Any thought becomes a creative Force in the mind of each soul. All thought manifests when fed by the Light. However, the intention to create evil was not from the Light, but from the misperceptions about Light.

Energy follows thought, always. Any thought coming into the human mind from the Field of Possibilities, has many chances to be used and manifests wherever human desire leads. That is the principle of Free Will in action. The purpose of Free Will is for the Soul to be able to choose at all times the type, the method, the space and the timing of the lessons. There is no Free Will in the soul in having to learn – that is the Gift from the Creator. Learning is a must for the soul, so that it’s Spark is able to turn back into Light. But the form, space, type and timing of each lesson is at the discretion and choice of each Human Soul.

Because of the multitude of choices and the Soul’s desire to have a multitude of experiences along the road on Earth School, any number of choices may be made from whatever the Field of Possibility holds. Whether the lesson will be easy is also a choice of the Soul. All lessons are presented as easy, but the resistance to learning these lessons will lead to a chance that the lesson may be difficult. All choice is a “right choice” because all choice will lead to further lessons. As long as the lessons are not yet completed, the Human Soul will continue to attract the same lesson into their creations. When the Soul has received sufficient messages from the lesson, the learning is learned and the lesson passes. A new one is attracted, until the Soul is freed from the Law of Karma. One of the many Universal Laws, the Law of Action and Reaction, is at work for each Human Soul on Earth School.

Universal Laws are rules which are true for all Human Souls in all locations, everywhere, all ways and always. These are the rules through which Human Consciousness is raised to a new level of awareness, and which lead to lessons to be learned for each Soul. The rules, or Laws are not optional. They are given from the Creator to facilitate the various lessons on Earth School. The time the Soul has, to learn these lessons however, is optional and by choice of the Soul. The length of the lesson depends on the resistance the Soul has to learning. The strength of the lesson depends on how often the lesson has been resisted by personality since it was chosen.

It is the Human Soul who chooses the lesson. It is the Human personality who creates the situations in learning the lesson. If communication between the Soul and personality is clear and easy, and the personality understands the messages from Soul, the time for learning the lesson chosen is, in terms of earth time, a quick lesson. However, if the psychological make up of the personality is strongly ego based, and intuition is not heard, or its communication is unclear, the ego/mind of the personality may be resistant to the message from Soul. A long time may pass before the true message is learned well enough for the Soul to receive what it needed.

Various phenomena continue to enter into the timing of such lessons. The same lesson may need to be repeated over and over until the soul is satisfied with the communication to the personality. The energy is always guided for this process by Divine Light within the Human Being. When the perception of the presence of that Light is clear and accepted, the Soul’s communication becomes easy. The lessons personality chooses to follow are quickly learned and movement toward the next lesson is easy as well. However, when the ego/personality has resistance to the guiding Light, and the communication is slow or not accepted, the lessons could take a longer time.

All is well!

There are no bad choices or mistakes, no matter how long the lessons take, or how much resistance the personality displays. All choices lead to learning a lesson along the Path of Life.

We can summarize this message as follows: All choice comes from the Field of Possibility. Any creative choice has energy following the thought. Manifestation of that thought becomes easy when Accept and Allow is the message of Soul to personality and that message is heard and easily followed. The result is always advancement in growth. The personality will thus Grow and Glow in the acceptance of the Love and Light. Herein lies all learning. Choosing Light and Love on the Soul’s path guarantees the return of the Spark to the greater Light of the Divine.

That is all for now. 6:42 AM end.