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Solar Flares; Our Human Response to Their Light

Saturday,  July 14, 2012, 3:20AM

San José, Costa Rica

I ask that my I AM Presence fill my heart and mind with Light, Love and Power to receive with clarity this message and that it may serve for the Highest Good of all Beings everywhere on our Mother Planet. With profound gratitude, So it IS!


Dear Friends,

With large amounts of our Sun activity and solar storms, it seems Planet Earth is in for some spectacular Light activity as a response. What are the other evidential reactions of these solar storms we will be experiencing on Earth or within our Selves?

Beloved Ones,

Indeed! The Central Sun is experiencing the responses of great vibrational energy surges from the Great Great Central Sun, which governs the multitude of intergalactic activities, including the currently experienced types of power surges toward the Milky Way.

The Plan of Light and Love made by the Prime Creator God to advance the Consciousness of all Light Beings and the Mother Planet is well underway. You, Blessed Humans, are responding with questions the answers of which will bring you toward a new level of Light and Understanding, Love and Compassion for each other and for all Beings whose prime purpose is to BE the Light of which you are so beautifully created. You are all experiencing these surges of energy, not only your Sun which responds by releasing its great surges of Light toward the other planets in our solar system.

Whenever there is a Light influx, the “corners of space” which are able to hide darkness are En-Lightened! Any area of darkness has ultimately come into the Light. Rejoice therefore and expect the corners of your personal shadow areas to come into the Light also! Those areas of your personality which collectively you have kept hidden, even from your Self, are suddenly clearly viewed. Only your fear and judgment will want to continue hiding these shadowy corners. The Light of your Being is telling you in definitive terms: the time to release fear is now! The time to stop hiding from your True Selves is NOW. How do We know that as Truth? Because the Light is here NOW and does not accept or allow ANY shadow to be hidden for any longer! The time to Allow and Accept the Light of your True Selves is upon you!

How will we Humans respond to this mandate by the ever increasing Light?

You will feel the intensity of Light pushing your emotional and physical body into uncomfortable places and spaces. Your emotional body will want to release in ways familiar to you; melancholia or feelings of depression for moments in your days; short periods with feelings of anger, fear, doubt, frustration; impatience with yourself in situations or with people around you; judgments of exactly these feelings which would merely be fleeting by in minutes if you just notice them and allow them to be without criticism.

Your physical body may feel some of the pain of these feelings and judgments, as it is a highly sensitive vehicle, a complete ecosystem responding instantly to harshness and lack of Love. You may experience brief moments or a few hours of joint and/or muscular pain or stiffness; a sudden but again brief raising or lowering of blood pressure, muscle or nerve twitching, internal organs suddenly showing signs of their activity, tiredness or sleeplessness brought to draw your attention to your body needing more rest.

At first you will attempt to continue hiding these feelings, because having so much Light and thus seeing those parts of yourself you once thought were successfully hidden faults, will appear as a most difficult thing to do. You may want to continue hiding those things you judge within your personality-self as unpleasant, as shameful or not worthy of being shown or talked about, even to your Soul-Self. We say to you however, your Soul Self is actually very happy those hidden parts are finally “out in the open Light of Truth”! Those shadow parts you judged are now worthy of releasing to the Light! Its the right time to Accept, Allow and Release!

What are the hidden parts within our personality self that You speak of?

Those hidden parts of which we speak are the shadow areas of your life which you do not want to share, even with your closest friend, your Soul Self, or your dearest Human friends, for fear of their judgement, but which you, Dear Ones, judge more harshly than anyone. They are the lies you have told yourself, the actions taken based on the fear in or of your past, your doubts, your lack of confidence, based on what you believed others have told you as their opinion about you, or the opposite; the arrogance of denying who you really are – a Being of Great Light and worthy to be called a Son or Daughter of the Prime Creator, the Most High God.

BE in Gratitude for the Light and the Love that is now upon and within you. Forgive your personality-self for its judgments, its ignorance and its fear. It is time for a grand renewal and the Light is present to reassure you that this is already occurring.

Do remember this: the God-Self is expressed as YOU! Denying any part of your Divine and Sparkling Light, your Grandeur is denying the God-Self in YOU! Are you judging your God-Self in the same way you judge your personal Self? Accept who You are! Allow the God-expression of who You are to shine forth in all your thoughts, your feelings, your words and your actions. Bring the Light of Truth into your secret judgments and joyously release the judgment and the lies you told yourself, about who you think you are!

Hide your shadow no longer, because being brought into the Light, it can no longer govern your fears, your doubts, your pain and your struggle. You are bigger than the shadow. Hide nothing from the Light of Truth!

BE Light! because that is what you are!

BE Love! for that is what you are made of!

BE the Power you have been given in Truth!

For that is the Expression of the God-Self in YOU, Dearly Beloveds!


WE are the Teachers of Truth in your Family of Light and We have spoken with Great Love for All you are! – 4:45AM