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On the Eclipse and Planetary Alignments

Solar Eclipse

Sunday, May 20, 2012, 6:30 AM NW Calgary, AB, Canada

(There will be a major solar eclipse today)

Dear Friends,

For several months we on Earth have been told about the major shifts in planetary alignments of this year. Today is an important solar eclipse which we are told will influence humanity’s ability to release the old and outmoded attitudes and behaviors and be guided into new ways of thinking and congruent action. Please speak to us about what these planetary alignments and eclipses do for our future and our ascended consciousness.


Beloved One,

Any planetary activity in space and within the Universe affects all planets and stars everywhere. It is an action similar to earth when in your quiet water you throw a stone. The reverberation of sound and vibrational movement of the waves caused by the newly introduced element, the stone, will vibrationally affect everything that is in the water.

We have often spoken to you of how Human thoughts affect the wave of your body’s water. Your thought action into the Field are similar to depositing the stone in a still body of water. Your thoughts affect the wave and energy of your body’s water vibration. The energy and intensity of focus in your thoughts will move the energy and intensity of your body’s waves as it sends that very thought as a message to the water element in the Field, where consequent action begins toward the manifestation of what you, dear Human, were thinking. If you think LIght and Loving thoughts, a clear, supportive Loving and Light message will arrive in the Field, where your thought vibrations are received and returned in clear, supportive Light manifestations for you to live your life.

Total Solar Eclipse

This process is not unlike the process of planetary wave motions, including the energetic alignments of planets in their orbit or of stars as they explode into their new formations. We drew the simple water comparison for your mind’s understanding of the process all planets and stars in all galaxies move through as part of their evolution. The Grand Design of Prime Force, Creator is much more complex to explain and for current Human consciousness to understand.

Within the Grand Design are various elemental Laws that are true always and everywhere. “As Above, So Below” is one of those elemental Laws. While Humans may mentally understand this Law, you do not always live according to your understanding. You may see the working of that Law, but do not observe how it works within your own consciousness. A subtle response of that Law is that it rules your ability to manifest whatever is in your thoughts. If Humans lived according to the Truth of this Law, there would be far less need for corrective measures in your lives! Your outer manifestations are clear indications of your thought action and the response from the Field working through this Law.

Planetary Alignment
Planetary alignments and eclipses are instigated by the energy of the Great Central Sun and create large reverberating tonal responses in the surrounding energy field of each planet in its galaxy. Mother Earth is a Water Planet and therefore the most sensitive Planet in the Orbits of what has been termed by Humans as the Milky Way Galaxy. All  Life upon Her is water based and thus is as profoundly sensitive as the sensitivities of the Water on the Mother.  Any action on or from another Planet or star reverberates the water on and within the Mother. All life upon and within her water responds equally to those vibrations.

The Mother’s Consciousness is prepared for those energy influxes, as She has lived with them as long as she has existed in Her orbit. What has changed from the Origins of the Grand Design is the current process of raising vibrational frequencies of the Planet so that She can live through the invasive and often destructive actions from third dimensional awareness, the consciousness of Humanity. In the process of increasing her vibrations, all life forms upon her are also raised in vibration. The Consciousness of all Life is being raised as is Her Consciousness. In this manner the condition of the Mother Planet is “on the radar screen” for the Company of Heaven to observe and to which We, the Family of Light and all our Space Brothers are responding with our Love.

Each star and planet has not only a position in the galaxy to uphold, but also a Consciousness. The Consciousness of the Mother is as a Loving Teacher for Her Children. She offers Her Self and all she has to give for Humanity and all life forms, to learn their individual life’s lessons. The significance of each planet’s consciousness during reverberations, especially during planetary alignments and eclipses, will indicate the subtle energy response the Mother and all Her Children will sense.

It is not the Consciousness of a particular planet or the energy of the planetary alignments alone that will cause a change in Human Consciousness. It is what the inspiration of any particular planet’s Consciousness will give to a Human Action Plan that will change the Consciousness and thus the creative thoughts within Humanity. Nothing changes within Human Consciousness if there is not willingness to change. While the current Ascension Plan and process is important for the Mother Planet to save Her from possible destruction from the dark forces once controlling Humanity, only a massive change in Human intention, in compassion and in congruent action will bring Light into the Mind and Love into the Heart of Humanity. Love for the Mother Planet is then and undeniable response!

Moon and Venus Reflections. Thanks, Dick Locke

We, your interplanetary Family of Light, are happy to report.

We see this IS occurring!

Light IS on the way!

Love IS in Action.

Compassion IS increasing in Human Hearts.

We acknowledge that Light and Love and Power IS restoring the Plan on Earth.

Praise Be!

8:20 AM