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In the Light of Truth, All is Well!

Wednesday July 11, 2012, 4:15 AM

Playa San Miguel, Nicoya in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

I ask my I AM Presence to guard and guide my heart and mind in receiving this message. May it serve for the Highest Good of all Beings, and the healing of the Mother Planet and all life forms upon and within Her. In deepest Gratitude, so it IS!

Dear Friends,

While I hear the thunderous roar of the Pacific Ocean rolling in and out with a rhythmic surf, I am also listening for Your counsel and wisdom. Please give us a message for today.

 Blessed Ones,

Amidst the roar of the external world trappings, take this as a moment of quietude, a time for meditation and inner reflection. Take a moment now: yes, this very instant……. to be still and listen to the Voice within. You may take time to marvel at the Light, the Love and Wisdom in the Voice! This is the Voice of Creation giving the first commandment:

“Let there be Light!”

And there was Light!

Ever since your existence, you have been presented with the Light in all the myriad of opportunities you have been presented with and brought unto your Self. You have created all of your Life’s experiences through and with Light! You may have forgotten that fact for some time, but We, your Friends, your Family of Light have always been present to remind you. Whenever your eyes were dimmed to Light, whenever your ears did not hear, We were still present. Whenever your heart was troubled and worried about the past or future, We reminded you of the calm Voice in the current moment, to breathe the blessed air in the Now, and bring you back to a state of quiet and peace.


We are here, now, to remind you once more; do not concern yourself about the reports your news and the earthly, third dimensional press present for your mind to worry. You are being challenged to remain filled with Truth in each moment. All is well, because All is in the glow of Light; All is in the flow of Love; All is in the throws of Divine Power. Whereto the Hand of Prime Creator goes, you, Dear Ones, may be reassured: “All is well”!  Appearances of anything other than “All is Well” is illusion created by your fearful thoughts. Do not allow your fear to control your inner Truth! Although your mind denies because you have believed there are things to be fearful of, your Sacred Heart knows!

We have reminded you on a recent occasion: release your beliefs! They do not serve you to remember Truth. What you believe has become part of what you think is your reality and will keep you in doubt and illusion. You beliefs have been formed based on your past experiences, which again were influenced by fear. Believe not the fear in your mind; Give Truth a chance to fill your experiences and show Its Light to your Blessed Heart. As We continually remind you, your Heart knows Truth!

Human Thought Synapses

How then, must we handle the constant reminders from the Press and from those people who fear, that the current changes on the Planet which are leading us on the path of Ascension in Consciousness, are also going to present us with great challenge and that we are going to have to undergo some cataclysmic upheavals both from within and around the globe?

The Plan of Ascension for Human and Planetary Consciousness is a Plan chosen out of Love and Compassion for All Life, not only on the Mother Planet, but for all interstellar and intergalactic Life. Love heals. Compassion soothes. Flowing in the Light of the Plan will bring the changes in a gentle, healing and soothing way. Resisting the Plan, the Flow of Light, may bring upheaval in a Human’s mind and create havoc with his or her plans. Does the Human plan lead to healing Love and soothing Compassion? Remember the size of The Plan and release holding onto your plan. See the Great Plan as leading to Peace, and know the little plan is likely to lead to more of the chaos held in your memory.

Your willing Heart’s intention to surrender all your human, fear-based thinking, to move it from the shadow of doubt to the Light of Truth and Love, will do much to ease your way into your Ascended Consciousness! Do remember Dear Ones, your individual intention to BE, to Think Light, to Live Love, will bring confidence to those around you who may be caught up in the fogs and miasmas of any human need for control. Though you have thought of your Self as little while singing praises to “your Little Light”, Your Light is NOT little when your intention to shine is clear! The power of your intention shows in the brightness of your Light. It alone will “brighten the fear” out of the mind of the controlled personality.

 How do we as humans, thinking we need to maintain control,  allow our Light to shine simply, so that we release our beliefs and fears?

Stained Glass Meditation

At the beginning of this transmission we encouraged you to take this moment for quiet, for meditation and reflection. That is the most powerful way to rediscover the Power of your Light! Your Presence in stillness, calm, peace and compassion, will soothe the troubled mind of those around you. Your commitment to BE Light brings exactly what you carry, Light, to all those within and around your vibrational field and beyond! Your commitment to regular and daily periods of meditation and reflection will equally ease any of your own personal upheavals, while you continue to Accept and Allow, so you can Glow. Others will grow in the glow of your Light. Accept it! Declare it! So BE it!

5:15 AM