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An Action Plan for Sharing All Good

November 3, 2011, 1:20 AM,

Arnhem, The Netherlands,


Dear Ones,

As the Consciousness of Humankind is raised, an awareness of the needs of each other is enhanced. What is Right Action when it comes to the less fortunate of the Planet’s inhabitants? There are millions of people who suffer from lack; lack of sufficient food, lack of clean water, lack of adequate housing and most importantly, a lack of Love within their awareness.

“How do I care about those people? ” is a question in the heart of those who came on Earth to seek to do “the right thing” in their lives. 

How can we do Sharing of All Good? Once this question has been asked, the answer to that question also lies within Human Consciousness and an action plan can be created. As we have stated on numerous occasions, as long as one soul dies for want of food and water, Peace is not possible on the Planet..

There are entrepreneurial spirits acting from their hearts, upon the inner desire to serve the Planet. This movement will continue. Gradually, Humanity will learn the real purpose of Life: “Share and Save the World”. The method of that sharing is always varied and can be done in as creative a way as the awareness is inspired to do, as long as it is done with an open heart and willing spirit.

Movement of food stuffs and water is not necessary, nor is it the answer. The answer is more about creating a form of support right in the area where people live. Teaching them how to become self sustainable will go along way in alleviating their hunger and thirst. Building a dam or the sharing of seeds will better assist them than trucking in grain or water for their temporary needs. In that way, the people learning about their life sustenance, can also do the same; teach others what they learned. The main need then is to give of the world’s unused wealth now sitting within great structures, or merely being noted on paper, without any backing of its actual value. The main need is to give of the world’s wealth in raising Human Consciousness toward Right Action.

This is the true lack – the awareness yet, on the part of the the Have’s a seeming unwillingness of Human kind to share with the Have-not’s; to merely maintain the status quo in societal ills. As long as this fact remains true on the Planet, sharing of the physical wealth is impossible. As long as physical wealth is not shared, the next need, that of sharing creative ideas and solutions to the world’s problems are also not possible It is impossible for a hungry body to have a creative mind. All the energy is needed to find an end to their suffering each day, Creativity is stifled by hunger.

What is the solution? A raising of Consciousness and Compassion in the hearts of Humanity. That solution will continue to occur as the Ascension Plan comes to fruition on Mother Earth. Planetary Consciousness is raised during these challenging times for many souls living within and on the Mother’s Heart and Body. One Soul can be observant and see that occurring. Many souls noticing the same thing and the awareness increases exponentially along with the creations of action plans to further help humanity. Intention to serve is step number one, but merely intention is insufficient to make change unless many souls join together in such action plans. This, too, is occurring. Praised be Humanity, and the Power of the Spirit that inspires action to Share and Save the World.

Each person living today will soon have their heart tugged into noticing the need, and taking part in an action plan to share of their talents and abundance. “How can I help?” is a question all will soon ask, and this question will inspire more action for the good of All humanity. And so it may be!

That is all for now. 2:25 end.