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Selfcare – Place Your Own Mask First!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012, 2:45 AM,

Casita, San Jose,

(leaving for Canada this morning – 2012)

Dear Friends,

In preparing mentally to leave my home for a time to care for family members, my mind goes into a tailspin about how to do all I have committed to doing and still be aware of my own needs. to follow through with Your encouragement for self care. From many directions I am given advice on the importance of having clear boundaries. Those dear friends and many caring family members are giving me notice: pay attention, set limits, be clear about what is possible and what is not, and generally admonishing to be conscious of my own needs, while at the same time being in service. Please comment.

Beloved Servant of Light.

Your dear ones know your heart as well as we do, and we advise you to “pay attention.” In addressing you as a Servant of Light, we encourage you to notice that the Light first comes into your own heart, before you are the servant who then can make decisions about the care for another soul.

While you are in the airplane you are told: “please put on your own mask before helping others.” There is reason for that rule. You will have nothing to give if you do not put on your own mask first. You are hereby reminded of these words. At all times we support you in remembering them, especially during times when you feel the need for “a mask” before you can help the other person.

It may be a challenge for you to practice these words of warning. It IS your challenge, and we see it currently as being part of your soul contract. You will strengthen your practice by meditation and by setting clear boundaries. You will be challenged in doing so. You also may be tempted to take the easy way, out of fear of disappointing those who place demands on your time, your energy and your love. Imagine how disappointed you will be in your Self if you do not “pass this test” in your own eyes! You have all the time in your life to learn this challenge, however, you have created THIS time, by your decision to do what you have been asked to do. We see your willingness to accept and learn.

As your Guides, We are with you to remind you of this “contract detail” when you are tempted to fall into your past pattern – your fear – while practicing “peace at any price.” Do remember this: There IS no peace when there is a price! Peace at a price is not the Peace of God. The Peace caused by the Light of the Divine is free for the asking. So ask…and then remember to receive it in the flow of Love present for you as well as for your loved ones.

May you continue to be awake, aware and at all times be conscious of your ability to succeed in all your do. Even when the mountain becomes steep and the climb may leave you breathless; Breathe in the Love of God through each step, knowing you are never alone. We are in that Breath. We are in the Light with you. We love you, always and in all ways. Go in the Peace of God.

That is all for now. 3:30 AM

A note to the readers from Inger: I am in a state of overwhelm as I feel the flow of Love in this message. This is one of the ones I need to read, over and over again, during my “climb up any mountain”!  Gratitude seems just a word, but the feeling is so big! Yet, this message is not only for me as a caregiver… it is for anyone whose soul contract includes caring for others! We do not do that work alone! May we always remember; we are never alone!