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Happy Earth Day, April 22, 2012

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Sunday, April 22,  2012, 5:55 AM, Kelowna, BC, Canada

Dear Friends,

Today has been declared as Earth Day, a day of awareness of Oneness with the Mother and all Life.

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Dearly Beloved Ones,

The declaration of such a day of celebration is ONE of the many symbols of the change in Human Consciousness currently growing within and upon the Mother. These gestures are given to sensitive human souls by Members of the Company of Heaven whose work it is to do so. They are given as a way to move Mass or Collective Consciousness into an increased state of awareness. They are a wonderful signal to Humanity that the Divine Plan is working! Ascension in Consciousness IS occurring!

While We rejoice at the signal of this influx in awareness, We see EVERY day of your Life as Earth Day, every day a Day of Oneness! Where will you celebrate anything if it were not for your presence on the Mother, Planet Earth? How would you breathe each breath of your Life if it were not for the Oneness in that breath? In Oneness with Her you were created!

Even so, we applaud any Movement inspired by any group of Souls whose intention and whose mission is to alert other human Souls as you increase your ability to notice your Mother’s Planetary Intention of Love and support for Life in all forms.

The Planet Earth is a Conscious Living Being with feelings, a Being whose water and Life energy is used as a method to send and receive messages. We would suggest to all humans to carry this celebration in your heart with each breath you take. Be grateful for the Mother’s devotion and Her continued Love while sustaining Life upon and within Her. The Company of Heaven joins her as We all celebrate the ongoing change in awareness and sensitivity within Humanity. Indeed, her Conscious response is one of relief and joy when noticing the human signs of Love and appreciation for her devotion to all Life. Her Water vibrates with lightness in thrilling waves at the sound of Joyful songs from the intention and communication in each Soul’s Water! Feel her Joy and Oneness with your life as you go about your day today. Meditate today on the Oneness with other Souls as you walk gently upon Her skin with a conscious intention to give Gratitude for her Life, and for yours.

May all Beings upon and within the Mother be Blessed, on this Earth Day and every day!

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A note from the Earth Team

As you may know, Sunday, April 22nd is Earth Day.  For 31 years, millions of people from around the world have celebrated our precious and sacred planet, Earth, on this day.  Humanity’s Team asks you, too to please celebrate our Earth.  By doing so we are all coming together as One to help make the positive changes to make our world happier, safer and more sustainable for ourselves, our children and our children’s children.   Global Oneness Day (celebrated on October 24 annually) is really not much different than Earth Day.  We support all the same things as Earth Day and take it one step further by asking everyone do something that will show the understanding that we are all connected, connected to all life, our planet and God.

Humanity’s Team wishes you a wonderful,

joyful and productive Earth Day 2012.



A note from Inger:

Dear Readers. There is, to my mind, no better way to honor the Messages from our Friends the message of Oneness and Healing for us and our Mother, than by posting this notice from Humanity’s Team. Respect for the Earth begins with respect for one’s Self and becoming conscious of how one’s thoughts, feelings and actions affect, our Collective Consciousness, our Mother Planet and all her Life Forms.

Let us all take time today and everyday, to be completely responsible for all the energy and thoughts forms we bring into a space. Let us be more conscious about our sometimes desperate need to control everything in our life… and then let go. Let us look at our Response-ability. Sometimes the biggest message for our selves is in just noticing, then accepting life as it come to us and respond with our heart, our intuitive ability. Everything given is a signal to us, and brought forth for the purpose of our learning and healing.

As our Friends continually remind us. Accept and Allow, so you can Grow and Glow in the Flow! Blessed Be!

Happy Earth Day!