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A Dialogue about Belief and Religion

Friday, July 20, 2012, 3:15 AM

San José, Costa Rica,

I call forth my I AM Presence for Light in my heart and mind while receiving this message. May it serve for the Highest Good of all Beings and for the healing of Planet Earth and all her Life forms. So may it BE, and so it IS!

Dear Friends,

Recently You pointed out that our beliefs keep us polarized and separate from each other. During discussion of some points of religious beliefs, I have often wondered why there IS such a religious separation between people, causing much conflict both within a human soul while it creates wars over which religion is the “right” one. Please comment.


Dear Ones,

A belief is an assumption that something is true for the believer, while proof of that truth is not necessarily available. A belief is subjective, while Truth is objective. Yet not all Truth is provable. We speak of Truth, for example, in that there IS a Prime Creator of All Life. No one can prove that as fact, yet every Human Soul has within it the sense of this Truth, whether Soul wants to consciously admit to that sense or not.

The Human Soul, housed in a physical form, is a Spiritual Being, based on the Soul’s experience of Itself as created by the Divine Light of the Prime Creator, God. Soul is experiencing a physical Life while housed in the physical body, living in a physical space that We and You have called Planet Earth. For that Soul, it is an irrefutable Truth that It experiences and observes Itself as being in a physical form, based on the Soul’s physical senses. The physical senses are grown and expanded after conception and creation, during the development and after the birth of the body encasing the Soul. However, the First Sense, that of a basic and intuitive Knowing of Truth, has been innate in the Soul since it first separated Its Spark of Divine Light from Its Source.

Can We prove the Truth of this Human Soul’s experience? Not for some inquisitive Human Beings who need to touch proof in order to know its truth. However, We see and therefore We say, You, Blessed Human, are a Great Divine Light even while in your densest physical form of reality. You, Dear Ones, came from the Source, Prime Creator.

While it is difficult for me to challenge what you say, because I innately “know”  that this is Truth, permit me to be the devil’s advocate and ask, for those who need to touch proof of the Divine: How can You be so sure of the Presence of Prime Creator, God?

Do you exist as a Soul in a Physical form, on the Planet?

Yes, that is obviously Truth, I breathe, I think, I love and speak with You, therefore, I, my Soul, exists in my body, on Earth.

How do you know that for sure? How do you know that you are not dreaming up your reality as you have just described it?

I guess I think of my Life as my reality at this moment. I have no other reality than the one I experience.

So you know for sure you have no other reality at this very moment?

No, I guess I do not know that for sure! I may have another reality elsewhere, but I am not conscious of that other place or even of myself or my Soul as divided from this physical form.

Exactly! You “believe” you have no other reality, but you do not really “know” that you do not!

Yes, I guess that is true, and you say my belief keeps me polarized and separate from Truth? I cannot prove that I do NOT have another reality, so I may have a life somewhere else, is that what You are implying?

How attached are you to your ” belief” that you have no other reality? Are you able to imagine that you may have several other realities? And that perhaps these several other realities are in other spaces than on the Planet Earth?

Well, I readily admit I do not know everything about my Soul, yet.  Besides that, I have always known my Self as being Divinely guided so I believe I have an open mind to other things that may prove to be true. Therefore, yes, I can imagine that I may have other realities in other spaces than here in Earth School. I just have not had that experience, yet.

What you believe about your Self becomes your Truth. Now, how do you know you have not had that experience?

Because I am not conscious of it and have no memory of that experience, that I recall!

But that does not shut out the possibility that you have a concurring experience of Life. It is just that you are not conscious of it, yet.

I do have conscious memories of some of my past lives, but am not aware of having a memory or an experience with another Life reality at the same time as this one, but that does not shut out the possibility to my mind.

Excellent deductive reasoning! Yet on Earth in third dimensional time, you had what you thought were past lives. We say to you these memories you have may very well be concurrent life times you are living at the same time as the one that scribes for Us at this moment. We encourage you: keep your Mind open, as We will bring you toward new experiences for your mind when you are ready for them!

And You will deem the time when I am ready?

Tracking Time
You will know when you are ready, and We will observe that knowing with our Blessing and continue with yet another Gift of Truth for your mind.

I will be patient for that time. Now can we discuss the next part of my first question? How does religion become such a volatile subject and cause such horrendous war and conflict on our Planet?

Wars are caused by Human belief systems! That has been the point of this discussion. As We have indicated, your beliefs keep you, Dear Humans, in conflict, both within your Self and with those whom you judge as “the Other” because you do not know you are unified in the Oneness of the Light. What you do to or against another Soul, you are doing to your Self. The great schisms in your Life are caused by Humanity wanting to be “right”; to control what you think is your “right” and to impose your “rightness” upon your fellow Humans. Only when you Allow (and there is that word worthy of your point of meditation again) the “right” of your fellow Humans to be in their “right”, will the wars, both within and outside of your experience, cease.

It does not matter on what subject a Human wants to be “right”! It could be, as you have questioned Us now, about your religion. But when you have observed Humanity as long as We have, you can also see there are many other “right” reasons a Human thinks he has to fight for and thus cause social and inner conflict; political rights, women’s rights, the rights of the unborn, animal rights, clear air rights, the “right” to tap oil from the Mother’s blood, or merely the “right” to smoke in whatever private place desired by a Human! There are untold and sometimes illogical human “rights” for which Humanity decides to separate him or herself from the Other and thus cause great suffering and tragedy for each other.

We continue to say to you, Dear Ones: go within the silence of your Heart where your Rights are clear and your Prime Creative Force brings you deeper into the Light of Truth and Oneness than you have ever thought possible. With the Love of Truth you will uncover your Soul, and know for what purpose you may share your Self and your Light.

Ricefield Meditation

So it may be for all of Humanity!  And so it WILL be for all Life Forms, very soon!

That is all for now. 4:45AM