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Trust in our First Sense

Light in Blue



April 12, 2012, 5:10 AM, NW Calgary, Canada

May the I AM Presence, God in me, clear and open all channels with Light to receive this message. May it serve for the Greatest Good of All. the healing of the Mother. I dedicate this work to the Oneness of All Beings. With deepest gratitude, So BE it!



Dear Friends,

Again because of questions from various people, I am asking for your answer to this one: What does it mean to have a Sixth Sense? We sometimes call it ESP or Extra Sensory Perception. Can it be trusted? We know about the other five senses as they are connected to our physical body, but please speak to us about the Sixth Sense, the one we use to receive inspiration in our lives?

Blessed Ones,

Indeed! That which you and most of the human Souls term as a Sixth Sense, We know as your First Sense! It is the most important Sense you had first, came with when you were born, and used before you had words to express the other five. Many of you know this sense as your Intuition.

Before the development of your other senses and before you have verbal communication, First Sense is that which is used to communicate to each other without words. It is the inner knowing that brings vital information to your heart. You may call it a “gut feeling” or a “hunch”, but it truly is the voice within your heart. Although at some early time in your earthly life you decided you cannot trust it or an even stranger thought, you do not have it, you have relegated it to the Sixth or Extra Sense. In Truth, you have never lost it! You just forgot you can rely on its expression; the Inner Voice..

First Sense is that which connects you to your Inner Spark of the Divine. Humanity has been given the gift of deep Knowing. It is your doubt about the Knowing that stops you from trusting the messages the voice bring. Do you remember, your Spark is your connection to your God-Self? You can trust when It speaks!¬† Think of it as the Voice of the Divine in you, the Heart Voice, while the other senses are connected to your “head voice” the intellect. Seeing it this way, you may once more learn to trust it.

First Sense continues to work within you for the rest of your physical life and beyond, and to connect you with your internal world. It is First Sense that goes with you when your physical form is no longer available to use the other five. It is First Sense that helps you to see your experiences in your Life Review after you have shed your physical form.


First Sense is the inner Knowing you have when you meet someone and know that you are connected to that person, perhaps because of your energy frequencies being similar, perhaps because you have met and seen that soul in a previous lifetime. First Sense is that which you use to understand intuitive guidance, the message from the Divine to help you make a decision from the heart.


First Sense is that which helps you build Trust. You build Trust when you realize that your “heart voice” is connected to another aspect of you, your Higher Self. Using your “heart Voice” means you know your connection to a Greater Source. Prime Force, Creator. Trust is such an important element of living in third dimensional form! Trust is developed when the Voice speaks of what you KNOW is true. The fear of being wrong gives your intellect, your “head voice” a message to make another decision than the one guided by the heart.


Our communication with the many scribes is brought to you, courtesy of First Sense! Our scribes have had lifetimes of practice in Trusting their inner voice. Their Soul Contract included that practice, so they could be of service at the time they were needed and were called upon.


Do you mean to say that as scribe for your messages, we have agreed to do this work with you many lifetimes ago? Was practicing our intuition a part of our Soul Contract for those many lives?


Indeed! Strengthening and trusting your intuition, because of the many years of mind or intellectual interference, is a necessary practice to restore you to your natural Self. Trusting it becomes natural again only after your awareness increases and experiences  the Inner Voice as trustworthy. Knowing that your First Sense will help you make the right decision is obvious when you see that the result of the decision made truly supports you and brings your life far less struggle!  Do you want more ease and gentleness in your life? Stop the struggle for answers! Practice, and more importantly, Trust, your First Sense!

From now on know this: that which you call “Extra Sensory Perception” is really your First Sense. This may require you to change the old paradigm of seeing your Inner Knowing as an Exta sense, and now see it as your original and most natural way of sensing Truth. In the next months and years, with the many changes Humanity is experiencing, Trust in First Sense will certainly be needed, for you may not always be able to rely on the newest forms of communication through electro-technical means. Knowing your First Sense is reliable and can be trusted will be a grand step in completing the Ascension Plan for Human and Planetary Consciousness.

Accept and Allow, so you, Dear Ones, may all Grow and Glow in the Flow!

That is all from us for now. 6:35AM