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Humanity is Ascending into Light

Thursday Jan 10 2013, 3:45 AM

Casita,  San José, CR

I ask my I AM Presence to guard and guide my heart and mind in receiving this message. May it continue to serve for the greatest good of all Life everywhere. So it may BE, and so it IS!


Dear Friends,

I am listening for a message for us today. I have no questions at the moment. Please choose whatever subject You want us to know about.

Dear Ones,

Your questions may not yet be voiced, but you do have them so We will start with the question that you are not yet able to put into words. We are taking you deeper into your awareness of how the human mind functions. Your consciousness is Light-filled and knows Truth. Your mind needs to look beyond what you see and think you know so you can see the Light.

Societal changes leading Humanity toward the Golden Age are occurring even as We sit with you for Our message. What the collective Consciousness of the majority of Humanity may be observing if you are only looking at the surface of your news reports, are the actions of those minds still believing in the negative thought forms of their 3rd Dimensional illusions. If you begin to question what is occurring behind the scenes of these seemingly negative and reported actions, you may observe emotional responses leading each situation into the Light of the 4th and 5th dimension.It is there you will notice the futility of your judgments.

Your eyes and your mind judges these societal situations as problems, but if you listen to your heart, your feeling Self, you will know there is more to each story.  This has always been true! There is always more to each observation you make, than merely the details your eyes and ears will see and hear. You have judged those actions or consequences of any action as thoughtless, ignorant, painful, even awful because they appear to be real in your world. You refer to them through your memory and call the actions truth. Nothing could be further from Truth than your memory! The actions are based on how your consciousness perceives each observation. Your judgment is what makes it real for you. You know nothing of the actual cause or its consequence for the actors. You are never disturbed for the reason you think because your thinking is limited to your memory. Each time your memory responds to an action your mind will say” See, I knew it! Life is difficult and unfair.” With your mind running on that track, continually claiming that those thoughts are true, your will also continue to make that statement true for you as you observe the illusions of what you think you see.

So how do we stop running on that track while judging those “illusionary” actions? If we see what we see, what is reported and put on television screens, You are right, it does appear to be real and I judge it because people are suffering and most of humanity does not want to see people suffer. I personally relate to what I see because I do not want to suffer like that either!

There is the crux of this discussion, Beloved! You would not judge the action you see as producing suffering if you did not have a recall of suffering from your memory. Your fear of suffering in the future, like you may have done in the past, keeps the illusion of each action in your mind and you recreate it in your world, continually seeing more suffering.

What do you mean: “You recreate it”? Am I creating the action reported on the television screen with MY fear? Even when I am not involved?

But you ARE involved! You are seeing it in YOUR world, through YOUR eyes while judging it with YOUR mind. Therefore you ARE involved! Remember our conversations about the Cloud of Mass Consciousness and how each Human contributes to that Cloud? In this way, with your memory and your mind, you continue to contribute, to maintain the level of Mass Consciousness that holds Human Consciousness in 3rd dimensional illusion. Therefore you are involved in keeping the illusion. It is real only to your memory and in your mind. Change your mind, do not claim these illusions to be real for you and you will contribute the Light of Truth, cleansing of the Cloud, cancelling the illusion.

How can we see Truth in the face of illusion?

As long as Humanity responds with anger and fear to any illusion, Truth is evaded and avoided. Notice any action producing and emotion, and see it for what it is – an illusion – Deny that the illusion has any power over the Light of your Consciousness. Cancel the illusion and Truth emerges as Light in your mind, in your heart, and in your world.

Then what is the Truth in the actions we have witnessed in society? DO we just stand by and do nothing about the wrongful actions we notice?

Therein lies the maintenance of the illusion! You are judging an action as wrongful, rather than seeing it as the illusion triggered by your memory.

You cannot change the screen and expect changes in the movie. You must change the movie, indeed, change the plot, the actors, the director and the scenery if you want to cancel illusion and see Truth. You cannot change the words on paper that make up the Human Laws that appear to control human behavior. Human behavior changes when the mind no longer sees truth in the eye’s illusion.

The consciousness of those humans creating the illusion is being changed by the increased Light and from within whether you see or believe it or not. Recognize that fact as Truth and your illusory observations will change.

Light carries information. Since the Grand Shift and alignment with the Great Central Sun, there is a new Light. Higher intensities and subtler frequencies of Light are carrying new information and Truth to the hearts and minds of humans once living only in their 3rd dimensional illusions. Love delivers these higher frequencies of information to the Heart of Humanity. Within this process of increased Light, Humanity will gradually relate less and less to their self created illusory suffering. Memory will change because the Light of Truth cancels out fear and illusion. Love and Truth will reign in the mind of Humanity. Suffering will be no more. Judgment will be deemed futile. You will participate in the Grand design in scenes of Light and Truth filled action.

When your own movie plot has changed from fear to Love, from doubt to Trust, from judgment to acceptance of Light, you will live in the Light of Truth. You SHALL know Truth! Truth sets you free from the illusion of suffering. Control whatever fear invades your mind, through your eyes and your thinking. Choose Light in its place. Soon you will start your new movie of Light with the words: ” Once upon a time….” and the movie scenes will be Light and filled with Truth. Humanity IS Ascending into Light!

That is all for now. 5:20 AM