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Water Communicates!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012, 6:10 AM       

Kelowna, BC, Canada

Dear Ones

We wish to speak to you about the importance of communications in all its many forms. Our communication with you occurs because of the sensitivity you have learned during many of your lifetimes. We impress our Love upon your heart through the energy of the water in your body.

Humanity is now beginning to understand the significance of the discovery regarding the sensitivity of water. Water communicates! When exposed to thoughts, feelings and emotions water senses those feelings and carries them into pools to collect and in turn sends further these feelings, thoughts and emotions into other pools of water. In that way a collection of information is communicated to the Planet.

Imagine the implications of this fact! It is known that nearly eighty percent of the energy of the Mother Planet is held in the element of water. If all water is a collector of thoughts and emotions, what is the impact of this energy upon humanity and your sensitivity to the energy of water? We may remind you, your Planet is a living Being. Equally, your body is like the Planet; a living Being, a sensitive collection of atoms and molecules bathed by the element of water. Your thoughts affect your body as water carries the energy of your thoughts. It is also true that your thoughts affect the water element on the Mother Planet.

Humanity has separated the mind from the body, as though the mind could function for the soul without the body. Your body and mind are connected to other bodies and minds through the water element on the planet. Water in your body receives the impact of all thoughts and not only yours, but by the magnetic resonance of thoughts created by other minds. This collection of thought forms we have often called the Cloud of Mass Consciousness are held together by water. To give you a different understanding of a collection to which you are sensitive,  we could also call the thought collection a Pool, like a collection of water.

We often smile at the human idea that their thoughts are private. We see the result of the collection of their so-called private thoughts! The thoughts each human thinks are contributed to the Pool (or cloud) of collective mass consciousness created. Sensitive human minds and hearts, and we suggest that you all are sensitive, will step into the Pool of the collective consciousness and respond to the quality of that collection. Changing the energy and quality of your thoughts will change the energy and quality of the water Pool in which they have collected. Imagine therefore if ALL of humanity had this knowledge and understood it! The Pool would be filled with the Light of happy and loving thoughts from which all other souls, minds and bodies would benefit

We have spoken to you about Humanity’s First Sense. That which you call your Sixth Sense, or Extra Sensory Perception, we see as your First Sense. It is through water that your First Sense responds. Humans think their telepathic thoughts are sent through the air. In truth, it is the magnetic resonance of water from one human to another that makes one person receive the thoughts of another. It is through their body’s water that the information of Light and Love is received. Life communicates to each soul through the magnetic resonance of the water in your bodies.


To listen to yourself, listen to your heart which is carried by your water. Listening to each other means listening to the water in the heart of the other. Listening to the Mother means listening to the water in the heart of the Mother Planet.

Giving you this information will also bring you an important message about the practice of hydrating physical bodies. You communicate much more easily when your body is not thirsty! Your senses will send messages easier from you to others when you give your body regular drinks pure, living water. All of Life is supported on the Planet by the sacred bath of water. Your life is supported on all levels of communication by bathing your cells in the sacred bath of pure water. Just like Light hold and carries information, water does also. Giving your physical body plenty of pure water brings more Lightness to your body and into your communication..

Our Light and Love comes to you in these messages. You receive the energy of these messages through the water in your sensitive water bodies. The magnetic field in your body functions optimally when it is fully hydrated. Drought causes static electricity. Dryness in your body equally causes static electricity. Messages from one soul to another will be received more clearly when that static electricity is calmed. It is calmed by giving your body generous amounts of pure water. Thus an increase in instant First Sense communication to each other is possible.

Be kind to your physical body. Be generously loving to the pool of the collective consciousness. Recognize there are no private thoughts. The quality of your thoughts through water, are communicated each thought to your body as well as to one another.

Ask yourself: Is this the thought I want to world to see and receive? If not, change it! Take full responsibility for your contribution to the Pool, the Cloud of Collective Consciousness.

Think Light and be Light. Be Light and you share Light.