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Peace Is A Choice!

Friday, March 17, 2012, 3:15 AM

SW. Calgary, Canada


Blessed One,

In the Presence of Light, All will be revealed.

In the Presence of Love, All is forgiven,

In the Presence of Truth, All will see and know!

All who see and know the Presence of Truth and Love and Light will attain a level of Self Awareness unknown to them before this revealed moment – We call it the Moment of Truth. Speaking with Love, through Light draws forth the revelation of Truth. We cannot state this any clearer than this – the moment of Truth for Humanity has arrived on the Light of the Stars and all Star Beings, on the Love of the Masters of Light and Wisdom, and for the Collective Soul of Humankind.

It is the moment of Truth for the Planet and all Beings upon and within her. The moment that has been awaited for aeons and anticipated, observed and guided by the Company of Heaven, the Angels and Archangels, the Great Beings of Light who step up their frequencies in support of the Awakening of the Collective Soul.

Where is this leading, you may ask? This Moment of Truth is leading to Peace from within for the Collective Soul. It is heading for the Light frequencies of Love and Wisdom for the Masses. No longer can their Inner Voice be ignored, as its clarity is Guided by the same Company of Heaven. Imagine a Planetary Consciousness where only Light and Love and Truth reigns in the Heart of the Collective Soul! What great Power will be present to assist that Soul in all the daily decisions, leading toward a Life of Oneness with Nature! Support from within the Light of Prime Force, Creator God, then Guides the Will of Humanity. That Will has only one Intention – Love for All Living Beings. Peace is the only possible outcome!

I have to ask; Is this Utopian view really possible in the short period of time before this year’s end, when what we have been told is THE day of reckoning where all we have miscalculated and mis-created will be revealed and cleared from our Consciousness? And what is Humanity’s responsibility in creating Peace for our Home and within our Heart?

Light in the Woods

First comes the Day when all those Human mis-creations will be seen from a different perspective and the Truth is acknowledged. Time on the Continuum is not related to the third dimension in which you are now living. The Moment of Truth may not be seen in one Earth day, but it IS seen in an instant on the same Continuum. The Collective Consciousness has made a paradigm shift and Truth is clear and obvious. ” On a clear day, you can see forever!” And the Forever you see is the Light, Love and Power of Humanity’s Collective intention to stop the mis-creations, and start the Love Creation of a Crystalline Life in support of Oneness within the All-ness. The door where evil has dwelt, from where the actions of the little ego Will of Humanity was drawn, from which darkness has made attempts to control the Collective Soul, IS closed forever.

Do you mean that Consciousness Shift has actually occurred already and we are experiencing the throes of releasing the mis-creations now?

Everywhere on the Planet you can see Humanity’s higher state of Awareness in action! In the Continuum of Time, the Great Shift has already happened, but what is called the third dimensional reality is the slowest level where those higher frequencies are perceived. A great Shift in Mass Consciousness has occurred just a few short earth years ago. The response to this shift is what you are observing now. NO longer is corruption and selfishness, violence and intolerance tolerated by the Mass! The violence you now perceive is the clearing out of the miscalculations of the Collective Human Mind. Truth is already perceived – Living out the Truth is now the intention of the Collective.

Peace in the Human Heart and Mind is but a choice away!

Now is the time for clearing out the shadow Mass of Collective Consciousness, so that each individual cell within that Consciousness refrains from collecting the misperceptions of what is thought of as truth. Divine Truth is no longer hidden but lies within the New Awareness:

1.The Human heart is One with Divine Truth!

2.All Life is the giving forth of Love to One and Another!

3.Humanity is One with the Mother!

4.Life is beautiful!

Through the gift of Free Will for Humanity, there was always a choice for this Awareness. It was not new! In All ways was it the Intention in the God Mind of Prime Creator. What Humanity has chosen once can be and is now Re-viewed! The new Vision is to Choose Again.

We bring forth a loud cheer of encouragement for the renewed Choice of the Collective Mass! Ye DO know the Truth! The Truth DOES set you Free!

That is all for now. 4:38 AM