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Meditation instead of Medication!

Dear Reader,

In the past Our Friends, have told me that they are not available for personal issues, but will give their Message of Light, Love and Comfort for Humanity. Sometimes when reading a message, our response may lead to some  emotional discomfort when what They are saying touches the Truth in our very Soul. Such was the case in this past week, when the physical doors in my life, the gate, the car and the house, were strangely malfunctioning. As always, I ask myself: ” What does this situation mean for my personal growth? What am I needing to learn in this situation?” Aside from the obvious: “What door in my life am I not willing to open?” I felt stumped! Therefore, I asked our Friends for Their Counsel about this issue, and They gave a clear and very personal answer. Yet Their response is so helpful for many people who are challenged in personal and self-care situations, I felt it important to share Their Message. Here it is, posted as a gift for you.

PS. Daily periods of meditation are always helpful when one needs clarity and healing for any aspect of Life. However, please note: if you are taking medication for any condition you currently have, this message was given for me and is under no circumstance a message that you should stop your medication! Blessings, of Light…., Inger

Door with Multiple Locks


Tuesday, June 12, 2012, 3:50 AM

Casita, San Jose, CR

I ask my I AM Presence to guard and guide my heart and mind in receiving this message, that it may serve the for the Greatest Good of all Beings, the healing of the Mother Planet and the raising of Awareness for Humanity. And so It IS!


Dear Friends,

Observing the strange challenges with opening various physical doors in my life, I am wondering what the message is in this situation. Both doors in the car as well as the main door in the house are not opening, and I find myself trapped inside. I have wondered if there are doors I am somehow not willing to open. I need help and understanding. Please grant me your wisdom regarding this strange phenomenon.

Dear One,

We encourage you to continue to be open to new challenges as the process of bringing advanced awareness to you and your Human Brothers and Sisters continues. Each Soul in physical form needs to be conscious about the same question you are asking: “What doors in my Life am I willing to open?”  “Which door will lead to my growth and awareness, and which door do I need to leave closed to increase my wisdom?”

Lion Door Knocker
For you, Our beloved scribe, it is not so much which door you are NOT willing to open, as which door do you need to CLOSE now, so that We may guide you into the new phase of your Contract. We have encouraged you to find time for silence and meditation. We have suggested to you to not become distracted by the call from or the needs of others, so that you have the energy and time for your own Self Care. We remain steadfast in bringing you this message: Be aware of your sometimes deep and unconscious desire to serve others while at the same notice that doing so will not always serve your Self.

Do You mean that I must temporarily give up the healing practice in support of others? Do I not serve best in sharing my gifts?

While you think you may serve OTHERS best in using your talents, at this moment, for you, doing so may not be serving YOUR best. By making the time to serve others your priority, you will need to review how much time you will equally give to yourself. How do you serve your own body’s healing, your own body’s rest, to give yourself time for your own physical comfort as well as your Soul’s growth? How much are the normal distractions taking you away from self-care? When you cannot leave your house because the door is not opening, it may be wise to notice what you are leaving undone in your own life before opening the door to serve others.

As we continually remind Humanity, it is not “business as Usual on Planet Earth and for Earthlings!” This message for others is also the same message for you, our scribe. You cannot consider your Unity, your Oneness with Life, and consider yourself only the receiver of this message while not paying heed to it. Beloved One, there is nothing “Normal” in your normal routine! Nor should it be called “normal” to take so little time for your body and mind to come into balance after your last few months of work and service.

Pain will slow you down. The pain in your body is the message to do exactly that – slow down and take time for noticing what your own needs are. Meditating instead of medicating will serve your body and your mind well and bring you healing!

Small Shaft of Light - Open door
The energy frequencies are continually changing and directing all of Humanity into new and crystalline physical bodies of Light. These are intense, sometimes emotional times for all of Humanity. The new vibrational frequencies are not to be dismissed as insignificant!  The changes they promulgate are major shifts in conscious awareness as well as in the energetic structure of the Human DNA and thus in the cellular components of your physical form. All of Humanity is undergoing these cellular and bio-energetic shifts, creating what a Human may feel as “havoc” with what a Human may term as “normal life!”  Nothing is normal while these changes are being experienced by all Life forms.

This ascended frequency shift has never been experienced by the Mother Planet. Becoming conscious of your body’s need is also allowing these changes in consciousness to occur for your Home, the Mother Planet. Be kind to your Self so that your Home can sense your Kindness and move into alignment with you. Being kind to the Planet means you must also be kind to your Self. You ARE interconnected. Causing your body pain is causing the Planet pain and We know that is not your intention. Only your lack of awareness in this matter is the desire needed for change. That is the reason the Divine Intelligence in your body is telling you in no uncertain terms: Stay inside your body. Do NOT open the door until you have noticed what YOU need to do for your Self.                                                                                                                         

Fully Lighted, Open Door

We trust you have been sufficiently informed regarding the doors in your Life. We also Trust your compassion and your intelligence to act accordingly. Healing is a personal choice. So is your pain. Obviously the two do not work well together, unless you allow the pain to be your teacher to motivate you and to activate your consciousness toward your healing.Blessed BE!

That is all from us for now. 5:10 AM