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The Soul’s Grand Plan

Sunday, July 22, 2012, 2:35 AM

San José, Costa Rica,

May my I AM Presence guide the Light in my heart and mind to receive this message. May it serve for the Highest Good of all Beings Everywhere and for the healing of the Planet. And so it IS!


Beloved Ones

We are here with you as Teachers of Light, presenting you with another message of Love and Healing. `

It gives US all great joy to be with you in this manner at this timely moment in the rebirth of a new awareness within your Higher Self. We, the Masters of Light and Wisdom, have gathered for many of your centuries to prepare our Messages for this time on your beloved Planet. Once each One of Us lived among you while we were called to serve and present the profound teachings to you as students in what you have called the Mystery Schools of the time in Atlantis and in what you now know as the Temples of Egypt. We came together in the energy of Light and on the rays of color with a specific healing vibration, to teach so that you too, would be prepared for this momentous time in Planetary history.

During Human Soul’s advancement, in many lifetimes of growth and development, there are old patterns a Human has to leave behind while learning to envelop the Self in Light. Sometimes these periods of cleansing and release present great inner conflict regarding the true assignment of your Soul Contract. You may have started your Life with what you thought was a certain purpose when suddenly, amid the stream of conscious choices that appear to be configured to your original Contract, you are given another completely different assignment that seems, at least to your mind and heart to be in conflict with what you accepted as your original agreement for life lessons this time on Earth

Yes! I can immediately think of and refer your words to my own inner struggles. Early in my life, while I knew I was here to Serve a Higher Plan, I became mother of four children and committed myself to raising them, thinking that was the work I was here to do. Then suddenly, while the youngest two were still teenagers, it was made very clear to me that I had another Path to follow! It became obvious that I had to leave them in the care of their father, while I was called to work, to teach and present healing to a larger group of Souls in the country of my birth on the opposite side of the planet. For years I felt guilt about leaving the children, while at the same time, knowing deep within me, that I was doing what I was called to do. This situation created profound inner conflict between my head and my heart and presented me with the need for self forgiveness. Is this what You are referring to when You speak of “another assignment” for our life?

Indeed, Dear One!  Yours is merely ONE example of how this phenomenon can play out in the advancement of a Human Soul. For your Soul’s purpose, while it seemed clear at first that you were given four souls to be Mother for, that period served you well in your Soul’s growth. You were presented with the choice to develop the love and energy for compassion and caring in motherhood which would in truth prepare you to become a Spiritual Mother for many more Seeking Souls than the four who chose you as their physical mother. Your Soul chose the earlier period of your life to clear a large portion of your Life’s Karmic Circle. Now that you have completed that portion, you are now guided to live in Truth and further commit your Self to your Soul Contract.

We remind you that everything any Soul chooses to do in life truly IS purposeful and IS in the Intention of the Grand Plan for your lives, whether or not you understand, see or feel that Plan or that purpose or not.

Do you mean that the Grand Plan is already prepared and laid out for our Soul? Is our Life predestined from beginning to end?

Your Soul’s Grand Plan is chosen by you! You choose it with full and conscious intention. However, during a certain time or specific direction, the individual choices you are guided to make may create changes in HOW you follow the Grand Plan and what time, place and circumstance you choose to learn any particular lesson. When a personality is in the early stage of learning how to listen to Soul, also known as Intuition, your Inner Guide, the Voice of your Heart, it is possible that a particular lesson from the Soul Contract is taken in small segments, comprised of short and frequent reminders of what the lesson may be.

Can You give us an example of such a lesson?

Consider that a Soul may choose to learn about and have profound compassion. In Earth School there are a myriad of ways to learn compassion. A soul may choose to come into an area of the planet and in life circumstances that present a lifelong chance to live compassionately. Such a choice may for example play out in being born into extreme wealth in a country of extreme poverty. Once the Soul is aware, every day, the disparity of his life is presented clearly when observing those who do not have what he has. This may result in a lifetime of developing compassion by generosity to the poor and giving of all the good he has been given.

In another scenario, a Soul choosing to develop compassion may create many opportunities in a multiple of small ways, through the signals around her in Life; through love for animals in difficult situations; supporting a loved one through an illness; by encouragement for under- developed areas; by teaching those who live with a disability. In short, many opportunities chosen for living a compassionate life. All in the Grand Plan for that Soul, while taking a lifetime to developing one character trait the Soul needs to learn.

The true Plan of a Soul as presented to the personality is the work of each one’s Life. Personality will first need to learn to listen to Soul, before s/he can follow the Grand Plan. Once communication between the Soul and personality has been clearly established, learning any particular lesson becomes easier. Yet, even then, the strength of the personality and his/her willingness to surrender the ego-self will determine how well the Grand Plan is being followed. When a new assignment is presented, it takes commitment and surrendering the ego-self to the Soul, the God-Self, to continue the completion of a Soul Contract. The personality will thus know the Truth. Once the assignment is accepted there will be a sense of clarity, of happiness and joy, truly knowing that s/he is working out her purpose according the Grand Plan.

We continue to see you, Blessed Ones, in the Light of Oneness, as you live your Soul’s Contract according to your own chosen Grand Plan. Let there be Light in all your decisions!

That is all for now, 4:45AM