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Divine Mother’s Presence

Saturday, August 25, 2012, 4:30 AM

San José, Costa Rica,


Dear Friends,

During the past two days, there have been synchronistic events which Indicate to me that the Divine Mother, Mary, has bought her Love and comfort to us, and that She may be called upon to heal the shadow places in our Lives. Please tell us more about how we can request this Master’s Presence into our experience.


Blessed Ones,

Indeed! The Ascended Master once known to millions of people as “Mother of God” has always and continually brought Her comfort to those who have sought and asked. For centuries Her message of Unconditional Love has been given in multiple and varied appearances and in many places on the Planet. These places have become sacred places to meet her. Many Souls are comforted instantly while they call for help in prayer, or are given messages for their lives when She enters people’s dreams, their visions or intentional visualizations. Her Presence is only to be requested and a troubled heart or wounded mind is comforted. Her protection in what may be called emergency situations and her healing for many wounds of the world have been documented for centuries of your time.

We want to remind you that you do not have to travel far distances to meet the Divine Mother. As the Divine Goddess, she resides in your Mind and Heart. You may ask and She is Present. You may seek and She will appear. You may knock on the door of your own Heart and She pours forth her crystalline pink Light of Comfort.

What is the Goddess’ role in the current process of Ascension in Consciousness for Humanity?

The Divine Mother is Infinite Love. Her Divine Presence has always brought the crystalline pink glow of Love into the minds of those Souls who may be consumed with fear and doubt. Her well known form as dressed in Her blue Cloak of Comfort, has brought many a Human Soul toward a willingness to surrender to Her Healing Love. Through Her Message of Peace, Broken hearts are healed as she holds you in her pink Light of Comfort, or surrounds you with the blue Light of Trust. For Human Souls Her Presence represents the Feminine Face of God.

In the current experience of the “Shift of the Ages”, the Master Mary, the Divine Mother joins all Masters and Light Beings in the Company of Heaven in pouring Light, Love and Truth into the hearts of those who still may fear the future. We have consistently spoken to you, dear Human, of the need for Trust in the Intention of God’s Mind while you may look for and see evidence of the Light of Truth in the Heart and inspired actions of Humanity. Your Heart, your Mind is the same as your God-Self. You have never been separated from the Divine though you have feared the illusions you have created. You have been shown many ways how Divine Truth is present and how Its comforting Voice may enter into the appearance of brokenness in Humanity.

This appearance if False Evidence Appearing Real!

FEAR is NOT real but it IS false evidence and you have made it real in your mind.

Listen to and heed the Message: “Let not your heart be troubled; neither let it be afraid.” This is a call for Trust! This call has not changed over the ages! Yet, during these ages, troubled hearts and fearful minds have controlled Planetary Society and lead many Humans into acts of indescribable suffering, all through Humanity’s own choice of thought and action.

As the “Shift of the Ages” is occurring, the enhanced frequencies of Light are pushing the Human Mind into an increased awareness of what is truly important for his/her Life. For the Planet this is known as an Ascension in Planetary Consciousness. This Shift includes a “Change of Mind” for ALL Life forms upon the Mother Planet. A Change of Mind will lead to a Shift in Action also. Suffering truly does end when the Human Mind is aligned with the Light in the Mind of God. Surrender! Accept and Allow Divine Light. Speak only with Love and Truth. Allow the tones of these Light frequencies to permeate your energy bodies and Love and Truth will be clear in bringing Its evidence. In that way Humanity will receive Peace and Comfort and be in the Presence of Divine Mother, the Feminine Face of the God-Self within each Human. Truly We say to you, the Golden Age of Light IS upon you, You merely need to recognize it while you live in that Truth.

Is there a special way we may call upon or visualize the Divine Mother into our daily experiences?

It has always been true that through prayer and meditation, the Divine Mother can be called upon for personal support. The current energies, the increased Light pushing the “Shift of the Ages” has only clarified this truth. With your Free Will and clear intention, call for help; Masters and Angels in the Company of Heaven are ready to answer your call!

Meditate; sit in silence and listen for her Voice; call forth the image of Mother Mary; imagine yourself being comforted in Her arms; surround yourself in her crystalline pink glow of Divine Love; visualize yourself wrapped in the cloak of Her blue Light of Trust; call for her enlarged Presence in emergencies by seeing Her stand with her arms opened wide, blessing the center of the situation; deeply know that her Presence is in your own heart and live your life with that knowledge.

Know now, Dear Ones, that your Human Self is One with the Light of God, One with the Love of the Divine Mother. The Truth of the Kingdom is within YOU! Live it NOW!