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Living the Divine Plan

Friday, May 11, 2012, 6:05 AM

Victoria BC, Canada

I ask for my I AM Presence to guard and guide my heart and mind in receiving this message. May it serve all Beings for the Greatest Good, bring Divine Light to Humanity and serve to heal the Mother Planet and all Life Forms everywhere. In deep gratitude, So it IS!




Dearly Beloved Ones,

The Divine Light of Prime Force Creator be upon you! All Love is given from within to your precious electrons, as your bodies are crystalline Light Forms once again. This is Metatron, bringing you this Message of Light and Love and Power.

As within, so without; As above, so below; the Power of your Mind creates your Life. Never before has this been more true as the vibrational frequencies continue to increase toward all Life in the Galaxies! As you and Planet Earth are infused with increased vibrations of Light, so your body and mind become refined to receive that Light and use it for its original Purpose; the Purpose of Being the Divine Light for and toward each other.

The nano second, the very moment you realize that the Divine is Who you are meant to be, any action to hurt or damage other Beings living in your Light is not congruent and can done be no more. You will not be able to do both: Be Light and act from the shadow of your fear! Think on what the implication of living this Truth will bring into your daily choices! Think of the Planetary Light increase, when every Soul knows They are the Light of the Divine, and all action is with this Light in all situations.

Do you see the Possibility and Power of Living in Light? Can you understand how the promise for a New World of Peace and Plenty can manifest for you and for the Planet? Such was the original Plan of the Creator God. The only action possible now so that Humanity may Live that Plan is to return to Knowing and Being the Light you were created to be!

Think on these things: Light and Love heal everything. As your Light is in the Presence of another’s Light, you instantly heal each other of any and all residual negative thought and intention remaining in your cells. All fear-filled thought forms are released. When your intentions are conscious and clear, your decision and subsequent action is brought into Light, once more healing any and all Life forms coming into each other’s Presence. As a walking column of Divine Light you glow in the energy as you continue to move through the streets and forests, on hills and in valleys. All Life meeting your energy Field senses your Light and accepts your Love. Everywhere you tread, all life forms will be drawn into your Field in Light. Peace exudes from your mind and your body. You have no fear. You thus allow all other life forms to sense your Divine Glow. The essence of lion and lamb, flower and tree, water and mist, air and ether are energized by your Divine Presence as they are reminded of their own Divinity.

Humans, living your Life with this intention delivers Peace and Plenty everywhere. Pain is instantly dissolved because thought forms are constantly brought into Love. The beauty of Life on the Planet is evident everywhere and Humanity is once again filled with Gratitude about the Gift you have been given – Life and the Free Will to choose it in all its abundance, sharing it with everyone.

The Utopian Garden of Eden is re-created as it was intended in the Mind of Prime Creator. While you, dear Human, may have had your thoughts of doubt about this visual example of Utopia, imagining Light in this manner brings such Light-filled response that Mother Earth rejoices in her Sacred Heart. All Life Forms upon and within her respond equally to Her joy while her energy follows your imagination, The frequencies of your thoughts lead Her energy into action. Healing is given from your mind to Her Mind. Her once pristine beauty and Light is restored to support all Life upon and within her.

Remember the Power of your thoughts, intention and imaginations dear Human Soul. It is in using this Gift that you will heal and be healed, Love and be Loved, share the Light you Are, created and creating.

May you intend and accept your Light, your Love and your Power as you help restore the Plan on Earth. So Be it, Precious Heart, living in Divine Love. 7:45 AM