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The Light-Filled Physical Body


Friday, December 16, 2011 1:15 AM

La Casita, San Jose, Costa Rica


Dearly Beloved Ones,

We have consistently suggested meditation and sitting in silence as part of your daily practice. That continues to be our most important encouragement for your spiritual activity. For several times in your day, take time out to feel, to listen, to sit in silence and increase your awareness of what you need for your heart, body and mind to be at peace. Light-filled food, Light-filled thoughts create a Light filled-heart and mind. Your body will respond. The simplest way to a Light Body is to BE; be without stress, feel Love for all you are and you will BE Light.

“Loving what IS” means being aware of all that is going on around you and to accept and allow it without judgment. Thus you will grow in the flow and glow! Seeing the words and feeling their meaning, it seems simple. It IS simple, if you keep all the usual judgment chatter out of the mind, and become an observer of the flow as it presents itself. Notice when the body responds to that flow. If it starts to feel less than Light-filled, recall what just occurred and mentally respond with Light to what IS in the moment. Training your mind to become aware and awake, fully present, alert and in the Now, becomes simple when done with and through regular meditation, several times a day.

Light is the carrier of information. Love is the vibration on which the information is presented. These frequencies work together to create mental awareness in and of the Field of Possibilities. Soul awareness of the Field brings all answers for the mind, as long as the mind is receptive to the Light and Love vibrations. All creation is Light filled intelligence. Each atom, each cell of the human body is also created as Light-filled intelligence. This collection of body cells has cosmic intelligence and each ‘”knows” its purpose.

Through continuous Light filled vibrations, and the human body’s ever forgiving intelligence, the messages from the body can and should be trusted by its owner. Through the messages given by the vehicle for the soul, the owner of the vehicle can receive great clarity regarding its care and treatment. Developing a clear mind-body connection is done through silence and meditation. In this manner a conscious awareness of the needs and desires of the body is developed.

All Light carries information. Thus, because the body is Light filled, the body is full of information also. Learning to trust the body and the information it gives, is a vital part of becoming more conscious and awake to the energies the vehicle is encountering at each moment. 2:05 AM

5:15 AM – Human sensitivities vary and change all the time, not because the message of the cells increases or decreases but because the personality learns early in living in the vehicle that these sensitivities are not always convenient. Through many reasons especially by feeling physical pain, the body’s owner learns to withdraw these sensitivities and tries to protect itself from feeling the pain in the body. Withdrawal from pain seems, for a while at least, to make it easier to live with and use the vehicle. In time, when the cellular intelligence brings more awareness, usually through illness, giving attention to the pain is essential. The soul encourages the personality to become conscious of what the feelings are, thus becoming sensitive again to the messages given from the cells living in discomfort.

The ever-encouraging soul is intuitively speaking to the personality as owner of the body. Becoming conscious of physical and emotional needs is part of the contract given. Taking on a body is in some cases, a great physical challenge for the soul. The third dimension is a slow dimension and the soul is often disturbed by the slowness and lack of freedom being in the body. Life contracts sometimes include living and accepting a less than perfect body from birth, to handle some karmic ownership. In other instances, the vehicle meets great physical change through accidents or illness and the soul’s contract includes learning about patience and tolerance in a new and challenging situation. At all times these experiences are done by conscious choice of the soul with its chosen contract. The personality, owner of the vehicle thus receives information through messages and needs to listen to both soul and body.

The simplicity of this continuous process is often lost to choices in a hectic pace of life on this planet. As long as the personality is aware of the power of silence, meditation and the nature of the Light body, all remains well. The vehicle holds Light, health and vitality. When this awareness is hampered by conscious or unconscious choice, Light in the same body will present its information clearly. Pain is usually the result, drawing attention again to cellular need.

It is our message filled with Love and Light for each encased human soul to pay attention to the energy of their encasement! These are increasingly challenging times in the energy of the Planet. The Mother’s choice to become more sensitive and increase the frequencies of Her vehicle, by its very nature will force all Her inhabitants to move with Her in those frequencies. Change is evident. Light carries new information. Love presents that information to Mass Consciousness, and more change becomes evident, sometimes, even most often, with human resistance to that change.

Auroras - Finland
The Contract of the Mother Planet is to Grow Lighter while giving more Love to All her Life forms. She is a Living Being, and like humanity, is ever changing, always forgiving. Would that the Mass Consciousness of humanity become more sensitive to this Living Being and her Light bringing Love giving messages! Accept and Allow, while She Grows and Glows.

So BE it!

That is all for now. 6:45, end.