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Water Connects us to Truth

Vitruvian Man in blue

Thursday, April 19, 2012 –

5:20 AM,  

May the Light of Truth in the I AM Presence clear my mind and heart while receiving this message. May the message be used for the Highest Good of All and the healing of the Mother Planet and all Life Forms upon her. In deepest Gratitude, So It IS.



Dear Friends,

Please tell us more about our connection to water and what that may mean in our personal communication with another soul and body. How did we become so de-sensitized that we lost our ability to use our First Sense, through our body’s water? What can we do to be re-connected?


Dear Ones,

Indeed! There is much to speak about when we use both water and First Sense in the same question! Once more we have impressed that subject for our discussion into your awareness. Soon the collective memory of Humanity will realize the Truth about water and its contribution to the human body’s magnetic resonance and communication system.

Recall the excitement in your body-mind when first you learned of the ability of plants sensing the mood of a human close by.** Remember your body’s response to reading about the water crystals and the messages they delivered through their frozen shapes.***

Yes, both times I recall vividly! It was as though I was getting a cold shower all over and my whole body responded with goosebumps! I felt such excitement but could not really explain the feeling. I just “knew” there was Truth to what I was reading. I often get the same “rush” of energy when I am listening to my inner voice, or even when I am speaking or teaching a class.

Indeed! The inner knowing of Truth was a communication caused by your water, your magnetic resonance with Truth. The physical response to your skin is your Soul’s resonance with Truth. Water communicates Truth to your body. Your body knows Truth. Trust its messages and you will reconnect to your First Sense through water.

The ability of life forms to connect to the feelings and thoughts of other life forms, humanity has called a Sixth Sense, but we refer to it as your First Sense. Water in your magnetic resonance system makes the connection possible. The water in the plant senses the water in the human and knows what is in his thoughts. How much more could Humanity use the same gift, had you not decided to ignore the messages of your body water!

To reconnect? Simple, although you may immediately think it is not easy! First, you must become familiar once more with your own water body. While Trusting your Inner Voice, listen to your body and your feelings. In using telepathic communication with other humans, your favorite animals, your plants and all of Life energies around you, pay attention once more to what your body tells you. First Sense familiarity is possible by listening to and feeling your own body’s water.

Observe the ocean waves and notice the constant change in even the smallest pool of water. In doing so you realize your water’s innate need is to change instantly. Drop a pebble into a still pool of water and notice the instant ripple movement. Such is the impact of your thoughts on your water. If your thoughts are pebble-like, gently tossed into your water body, the waves are equally gentle, but you are changed. When your thoughts become boulders, your emotions are tossing your body’s water like ships on the stormy sea. You may lose some of that water through the tears you release during such emotional upheavals. Drink water after purging tears, and you replenish your body’s water once more. Your body’s water will calm; the stormy sea subsides. You may feel at peace, but your water continues to sense the movement of other water around you.

At all time, your body’s water is in motion. Every Thing is Energy. Water is energy and its very nature is movement. Reconnecting with your sensitivity to another Life Form means you must notice the changes in your body’s water movement.

As many of our other times together, we encourage each human soul to sit quietly, in nature if possible, and use this meditation to become aware of your body’s watery movement. In the stillness you will become sensitized to the water around you. Breathe deeply and notice how the water in the air will replenish and cleanse your magnetic field.

Daily practice makes this a helpful time to recall with gratitude how the magnificence of your body’s water brings Joy to your life’s experiences. Joy is the frequency of emotion that enhances your Light, your Life Force and resonates with the Truth of Life. Water connects you to Truth. Water carries nourishment for all Life Forms. Treat your Water Body gently. Trust the messages your body gives you. With Trust and Truth, your reconnection to your First Sense is imminent!

Blessed Be! 6:40 AM

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