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Teachings of Yeshua

Dear Reader,

Although our Easter was a week ago, when I looked at last year’s April Messages, this one was not posted. I hereby change that, as I believe our Friends gave an interesting perspective on that festival, Blessings for you!

The Stone, Rolled Awat


Monday, April 2, 2012, 3:21 AM, Calgary, Canada

Dear Friends, 


This is the week that Christian history tells us is leading up to the crucifixion of the Christ, Jesus. Please speak to us about this event and its significance for humanity’s  consciousness, or at least for that portion of humanity who define themselves as Christian..


Dearly Beloved Ones,

The timing for the end of the Life of the Enlightened Soul who answers to the name Yeshua and who became the Christ was not during the same calendar time as what is now called Holy Week. This event in history has been calculated according to the phases of the moon and stars of the Julian and later the Gregorian calendar. Pasha or Passover was a cultural custom in the countries during the life of Yeshua. The historic event named Passover and Easter, was related to the events leading up to the crucifixion of Yeshua, to His Resurrection and to His Ascension.

The Life of Yeshua was lived as a symbol for the five stages of human initiation, a soul’s return into Light and Christ or Buddha Consciousness. Birth and Baptism, the first two initiations of humanity symbolize the first awakening phase of the human soul. Death, Resurrection and Ascension symbolize the latter three initiations of the soul toward higher levels of Consciousness and its return to the Source, the Light of God.

That Yeshua had a significant role to play in bringing a new level of awareness to Humanity is clear. His message was one of Love. Love One Another and Love others as you Love yourself, were a new commandment at a time in history when humanity was seeking a way out of the slowly developing depravity in their existence. In accordance with the Will of Prime Force, Creator God, the Soul Contract of this Enlightened Being was to show a new way of Life to humanity. His great impact upon humanity was in the teachings regarding the making of new choices; acceptance and forgiveness in the treatment of each other according to the Divine Law of Love.

Yeshua who became Christed, that is, his Consciousness became a Light Being, taught humanity about personal responsibility. He came to show that not threats and punishment but Light and Love were the ways of God. His life exemplified Light and Love, non-judgment, acceptance and forgiveness. His Way was Peace; His contract, (His burden) was Light;

It is said in Christian theology that Jesus was sent to us as God’s only Son, and that he gave his Life to save us, humanity, from our sins. Please comment on these things we believe as facts in Christianity.

Beloveds, does it seem true in your heart that there was only one Son of God? Would it be true to state that you are also Children of God, Sons and Daughters of Your Creator? God, Thinker of the Thought and Creator of the manifestation of those Thoughts into physical reality, created you in the Image and from the Mind of God. The limitations in the mind of Humanity have put words onto the Thoughts of God. Let not your mind or heart be troubled by those limitations!

What may be termed in the human mind as “sins” are looked upon by a non-judging Creator as mis-calculations of the human mind, and lessons through actions for the Soul on its return path to Light. The human heart at depth, listening to the “still small voice” of the Soul, knows these are mis-calculations and mis-perceptions of a tainted human reality. Yeshua said: “Ye shall know Truth, and Truth sets you free”. This is meant as Truth!  As is occurring now in the history of humanity, when conscious awareness enters the mind of the masses, these misperceptions shall be cleared from that mind, and the Truth of your Light Within will be known.

There is no sin except that which you hold as your judgments toward each other as fellow travelers on the Path of Light. Your actions from the mis-calculations of those judgments create pain for yourself and the other. When you treat yourself with respect, you will treat others likewise. Judgment becomes impossible. You cannot have both respect and judgment in the same mind.

The Light of the Christed One, known as Yeshua in human form, is still in the Consciousness of Humanity, and growing ever brighter as you approach a new Earth. This pure Light will shine within every heart flame and within every thinking mind on the beautiful Planet Earth.

You shall Live and move and have your Being in this Light. Rejoice at the thought! Live in the action of this Truth: “Love one another, as I have loved you.” So say Prime Force Creator, God.

And so it IS!

Heart in Cloud Light