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Physical Challenges Call For Spiritual Solutions

Hand to the Sun


Wednesday, May 17, 2012, 2:05 AM

NW Calgary, AB, Canada,


Dear Friends,

In these times of great change on the Planet while the Great Plan, the Ascension of Consciousness for Earth and all Life upon Her, many people are experiencing great physical hardship. Some have become seriously ill. Some have mishaps or experience accidents that affect the physical body so that their “normal” Life is challenged. Some people are severely depressed, some cannot find a purpose for their existence, with suicide as their solution. In short, life as we Humans have known it in the past has become a struggle in many ways. Please give us Your Wisdom about this matter, that we may understand the reason for these experiences.

Dearly Beloved Ones.

Indeed! The Great Plan of Ascension, the quickening of the Planetary Energy from third dimension to the fifth dimension affects ALL life forms in profound ways. To begin to explain this phenomenon to Humans means you must understand that Human Free Will, a Gift from Prime Creator, has not always been used for the greatest good of all of Life. Humanity has made choices to misuse their creative and inventive power, without seeing the long range results. Some of those choices are threatening Earth and all Life upon, within and around Her with possible catastrophic results. The Creator and all the Company of Heaven will never interfere in humanity’s Free Will, until and unless its use threatens Earth’s position in the galaxy or results in calamity and ruin for other planets and neighboring galaxies.

At all times, the essence of Life Energy is movement. Human resistance to the movement of Life Energy causes physical challenges.  At all times, Life’s physical challenges require not only physical responses but Spiritual Solutions. Humanity has come to a wrongful conclusion over time. Your physical body is a precious form to house your Soul and has Divine Consciousness in each cell. Rather than understand this truth and lovingly care for and value this vehicle, Humans think of the body as a machine that needs to be controlled and that it is separate from you, the Soul living in it.

What do you mean by “spiritual solutions”? How must we respond to sickness or after having an accident that affects the physical body?

Firstly, when a body gives a message to its owner that it requires love, care and attention, but that message has been ignored for a lengthy period, the only way the body’s consciousness can alert the mind and Soul to listen is to break down in its normal functions. The Human owner of the vehicle will have to stop all activity and ask what the body needs. Once the request has been heard and the body has been given what it requires, Divine restorative powers can take control once more. Usually all functions will be as normal. Usually the body’s owner will be wiser about how to listen to its messages.

Secondly, the increase and quickening of the energy in the Field and all around the Earth has affected all Life Forms including the sensitive energy field of the human body. Symptoms of this increase may cause some disturbance in the balance in the body’s life energy. There are many possible physical sensations indicating the body is undergoing a change in its vibrational frequencies. Physical symptoms may include, irregular and infrequent periods of dizziness, headaches, a raise in, or lowering of blood pressure, joint and muscle aches moving to various different places in the body, increased tingling in extremities, ringing in the ears. Not only the body physical is feeling responsive to the energy increases. The emotional and mental body encompassing the physical form are also affected. This may lead to a Human feeling melancholia, moments of profound emotional discomfort or depression, brief periods of lethargy, a sense of purposelessness, the inability to make simple decisions, and a general sense of malaise and discomfort.

While these symptoms are by no means long term or serious and are part of the energy’s vibrational changes for Human Life on the Planet, not listening to what the body physical is saying may lead to more serious consequences for the Human in it. Denying the body’s request for care, pure water, proper nourishment, loving attention and rest may lead to further illness, accidents and longer periods of forced inactivity, Divine Consciousness in Body and Soul, mind and heart, upon receiving loving attention, will respond and be reunited.

Spiritual Solutions become clearly evident when Spirit Within is called upon for answers to the physical, emotional or mental challenges the Human is experiencing. During a physical crisis, it is time for the Human to remember they are firstly Spiritual Beings with a specific physical body form chosen to experience their particular Soul Contract. Forgetting this choice, living without awareness, separating the Body from mind and emotions or ignoring body’s request for attention indicates that the Human has forgotten he or she are One with the Source of Life.

How do we heal that forgetfulness and reconnect our Soul Self once more with our Body Physical?

We encourage Humans to always pay careful attention to your body and its messages. Treat it with love and respect and remember its water as inextricably connected to the Earth’s Water which is the Water of Life. Communicate through the body’s water through your thoughts as it will sense the slightest vibrations of change.

Think loving thoughts and the body will feel and respond to that love and remain whole and well functioning. Think non-loving thoughts and the body will feel and respond to that energy also. Your, body physical though it be dense and lower in frequency while in the third dimension, will respond to subtle thought frequencies and can heal itself more quickly when done with loving intention. In choosing the higher frequency thoughts of Joy, Peace, Love, Compassion, while living in Trust, your body will raise its frequency. You will feel that change in vibration by feeling lighter an happier than when allowing low energy thoughts to run amok in your mind. Pay attention to your emotions. Your body pays close attention to the feelings and sensations, while your emotions indicate the thoughts you have about your life.

Above all else, take time to connect your body physical to your Soul through the daily practice of stillness. Spend time with the Mother in nature. Feast your eyes on her beauty. Hold her Love in your heart. Allow her Spirit to reconnect with your body. Bring Her energy into your body’s messages to instill peace and love into your cellular structure. Your body responds to that Love by being comfortable and healthy. As your body feels your Truth, you will live Life in the one Truth: you and your body are filled with the Oneness of Spirit.

When you Love Life and Life Loves you, Health and Peace are natural response and that is the Spiritual Solution.

That is all from us for now. 4:15AM