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Our Shift in Consciousness

November 24, 2011, 6:20 AM,

Sitges Spain,


Dear Friends,

When telling me about mind and heart and the work we are doing together, what is the referral to intuition. I believe I am listening to YOUR messages, and not my own intuition. Please explain.

Dear One,

The connection between your intuition, heart and mind is the same connection as We have with you scribing Our messages.

Your mind could control all the information you are given. Your mind has to find the right words, but does not control Our input. In scribing Our messages, you are listening to your inner voice, which “sounds” the same in your heart as your intuitive voice, the “still, small voice” of God-within. It appears as a silent nudge, not as shouting noise.

Intuition is also named as the inner urging of the heart. Listening to our voice-within, needs both head and heart. The head has to put down our message in words, the heart has to distinguish between what is Light and No-light; between what is our message and your thoughts; between what is Truth of the heart and what is fantasy of the mind.

In Truth, you are scribing with both heart and mind. Your intuition tells you whether the message is as you feel it, from Us, your Friends, or, as you have occasionally had to discern, whether there is an interfering energy not of your liking. We know that discernment is clear for you, and We trust your ability to receive with your heart. It is for that reason we joyfully continue to train you in our work together…

Because your mind is preoccupied with some planetary future events, we intend to address those events already occurring on the Mother.

Shifts in consciousness, both Human and Planetary shifts, have been a part of the Greater Plan for aeons of earth time. When human beings became a portion of the creation resulting in an evolution on the Mother Planet, human consciousness was also destined to evolve into what is now evident. In time there needed to be a new way of thinking about Earth Life for humanity. Improved ways of being in life on the Mother included the inventions still occurring in the creative Mind of God, which are inspired and planned those human “inventions” from the beginning. No-thing is a human invention but merely the result of the Creators Inspiration, presented through the intuitive and brilliantly receiving minds presenting the ” thing invented”.  Even the timing of the “invention” is given by Creator’s Mind, based on what Human Consciousness needs as a message or lesson and for its own development.

After nearly sixty thousand years of a gradual movement of Human Consciousness toward an understanding of life and its purpose, a major energy boost to heal the Mother is also resulting in an energy boost for Humanity. All earth dwellers are receiving the same – an energy boost – presently noticed by all sorts of symptoms, from predatory animals living in peace together, to humans sometimes reluctantly giving up being a predator on the Mother. No longer can the Mother tolerate human misuse and robbery of her body and her energy, without her suffering. No longer is it possible for humanity to survive on her surface without a “boost of energy” resulting in a shift of consciousness. Such is part of the Planetary Ascension – a shift in Consciousness of all of the Mother’s inhabitants on her surface, in her air and in her waters.

Mother Earth cannot survive without the healthy ecosystems once present on her surface and in her waters. Without the complementary actions these ecosystems need for their health, the Mother Planet cannot be a healthy home for the creatures depending on her. This interdependent action has been inspired by Creation from the beginning. Tampering with the natural laws in the many ways humanity has been doing, has placed all Life in the precarious position of teetering on the edge of destruction.

This tampering has not only been done with life on the planet. Destruction is also occurring in Space, where the lives of our extra-terrestrial Space Brothers are affected. It is therefore a good enough reason they are working with the Company of Heaven and all the Avatars, Angelic and Light Beings to stop such destruction and implement the shift in Consciousness. Light is and will be always the focus to attain. Love is the result. In the end humanity will come to the conclusion: ” How can we have let this all happen during our life?” The shift will have occurred!

A Human Consciousness Shift will result in more respect from Humanity toward the Mother, and to all her children – living beings in all elements. Respect for all Life on the Planet naturally will result when Humanity has enough respect for Itself to stop killing, pillaging and maiming each other, thinking of each other as individuals. Soon the realization of Truth will enter the collective Human Mind – we are not separate, but are the sparks and part of the One, the great Living Being – the I AM.

Mother Earth will one day again be a Place of Peace and Love for all Life. Pristine waters, clean air, enough food and light for all her inhabitants are in the Great Plan of Ascension. Know it, and trust it is already so and the shift will have occurred in your own heart and mind.

Let the Love and Light and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

And so it IS! – 7:40 end