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On Discipline

Meditation with Water
October 17, 12:48 AM, 2011, Sitges Spain,


1:15 AM

Dear Friends,

Recently I have had a question regarding the meaning of Spiritual Discipline. The subject of personal discipline, parental discipline and spiritual discipline all have as a common thread, one word: Discipline. From the original meaning of the from the Greek word Disciple, one meaning could be said as: one who follows the Master or Teacher. How did such meaning then evolve into the word that often is interpreted to mean punishment?


Dear One,

Indeed! Discipline often also been misconstrued to mean control. Following the Teacher is a choice! It is not meant to be control, except in the mind of the soul who changes the meaning and then acts accordingly.

To have personal discipline means to follow the heart, rather than any one authority outside of one’s Self. Following the heart means to follow the Master, and thus we come back to the original intended meaning of the word. Personal discipline then is intended to have the person be responsible for the choices they make from the heart which must be the Leader if the soul’s life is anything close to what is originally intended; to be filled with love and guidance, light and joy; to Allow and to Accept, to Grow and to Glow!

When parental discipline becomes control or has the energy and intention of controlling the freedom of the child to make his or her own choices, the ability for that soul to make important heart-guided choices becomes debilitated in later life. If parental intention is to be a leader, a teacher, the child can thus make choices to follow the leader, in time, seeing and experiencing the common sense of such choices and action. Parents can relax! Their children grow up into mature responsible adults, and will not lay blame or become a victim of their parental control and rebel then against all other authority. Their lives will be as they are meant to be – filled with the Lightness of Being. The examples of their parents then naturally flow into their own parenting skills, and another generation will Grow and Glow!

Spiritual discipline is based on the same intention; to follow the heart. The Spiritually adept soul is clear on who is the Teacher, the Leader; It is the God-Self within. Again there is no need to rebel against authority, but following the inner guidance of the God-Self becomes a pleasure. Life flows “merrily down the stream”. They go with the flow of Life and miracles are normal.

To have Spiritual Discipline means that the soul and heart work in tandem.  Working together there is an implied invitation from within for the God-Self to shine through all thought, word and action. Congruence on all levels automatically adds an energy of comfort and ease to all choices made by the soul, because the heart has led the need for any and all such choices.

Moreover, the same intention and reaction is present: Allow, Accept, Grow and Glow. The Inner Light will be so strong it shines on all thoughts and actions, creating the desire on the part of others to look towards their leadership. Be it Conscious or not, these spiritually disciplined souls become teachers and leaders with disciples; with souls who want to follow their Light.

Because we started out this transmission speaking of balance, we suggest you look toward your own spiritual discipline to find your own inner balance. Remember to not think of discipline as punishment, but to follow the leader of the God-self, your inner Teacher. Following your heart for all of your personal as well as spiritual needs, will take the guess work out of what you need to do in each moment. You WILL know, just by the feeling you have in any action.

Do not misconstrue your desire for “peace at any price” and follow others, strong though their personalities may be, in your life. It is not YOUR need you then follow, but their need to “discipline” or in their terms, control.

Blessings be upon you as you explore these thoughts.

That is all for now. 1:47 AM