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Light Dispels the Darkness

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012, 5:15AM, NW Calgary, Canada

 May the Light of the Divine now infuse my heart and mind and bring clarity for the receiving of this message. May it serve the Greatest Good for all and be used for the healing of the Mother Planet and all her Life forms. So BE it, in deepest gratitude.

Dearly Beloved Ones,

The Light of God has poured into the heart for human awareness with the information being given to the Planet and all Beings. Light carries all information, Love delivers it into the mind and heart. Light permeates the Mind and the Heart of the Planet Earth and in that way also brings increased awareness in Human Consciousness. There are thousands of scribes used for this grand purpose. Some of you are consciously aware that you are being used for this service. Some of you are not yet aware. In many ways and by many methods are you receiving these messages to deliver them into a usable form for growth. They are given to assist you to learn and glow ever brighter in your Light Body.

We at this station have been called also. We, who serve Humanity and the Consciousness of the Planet, have gathered you together, to fill you with Wisdom from the One Mind, to inspire you with Love from the One Heart. BE Light, Beloveds! For Light is what you are!

Soon, very soon now, you will be able to acknowledge the Power in the words of our Beloved Elder Brother, Yeshua: “Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” Fear in your mind will dim the Light in your heart. Release all fear! Trust and Surrender, for your future IS secure! Trust the Light to inspire you to lead happy lives filled with wonder and excitement for each day you breathe. Surrender your mind to the Light and be inspired with the ever increasing newness of ideas to manifest the miracles of your own creation.

We are told by various other messengers who also listen to your Counsel, that there will be another period of chaos in our lives later this year. If this is true, how do we handle the this challenge?

Indeed!! The Mother’s Planetary Consciousness is still requesting help with the quickening toward a higher vibratory rate. Thus there will be more cleansing done by the increased frequencies pouring into Her Heart. What occurs within the Consciousness of the Mother, brings equal results in Humanity. The result of such quickening is that old patterns of thinking, of handling the varied problems Humanity has created for Itself, will be purified and changed. This is a good thing! No more can the disruption of Light through negative human attitude bring the usual dire consequences or actions in darkness, or hold back these more intense frequencies of Light. Light dispels darkness.

In truth the power of Light will be so strong that the last vestiges of suppression and control of the few over the many will be released. Everywhere, even in far away corners of the Planet, people who have seen and felt suppression and corruption will balk en masse at any remaining attempt by those few to maintain control. Their weakened power to force the mind and heart of any individual Soul into submission will be taken away by the increased vibrations of Light. The people who gather, will move into the streets protesting against control, in their effort to maintain sovereignty over their own minds, their own decisions, their own way of leading their life. From within their hearts will come the desire to think differently from what they have done in the past.

When one’s thoughts about Life change so will one’s actions change. Light in thought dispels darkness for action.

This is how Humanity will handle the challenge; each soul will feel from within the desire for change, and thus act upon that desire by being the change. Taking responsibility for all parts of their life will seem new to the mind of the many souls who have felt victimized by others. Even so, compassion and love for the Self as well as for each other will heal the pain of noticing the mis-calculations someone may have created for the lives of many. Forgiveness is an attitude, as well as an action. Acts of Compassion and Forgiveness are the dominant feature in the new choices made in the mind of millions.  

All these public actions are part of The Plan. Desire for Light is felt by many. It is the clear information given by increased Light that brings people together in their desire to change and then live and act congruently with those changes.

More Light means more Love. Desire for Truth is the result. The Truth sets the soul free, because no longer can falsehood maintain a hold in the mind of one filled with Light, with Love and with Truth.

For those of you who know this Truth, maintain lightness in your heart, even in the face of the seemingly shadow-filled demonstrations on the Planet. Meditate, Think Light, See Love in action, speak only Truth. Live in the Light and pray for those who show their desire for Light even when their actions may be unconsciously done. Hold each precious Soul in the Lightness of their Being. Allow you Highest thoughts to see the Light in each situation. Above all else, relinquish all fear, including fear of the future.

As you do this for one another, you do it for your Self. Dearly Beloved, Blessed Be!

6:40 AM