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Just Do It!

January 25th, 2013, 1:50 AM

Casita, San José. Costa Rica.

Dear Friends,

In just a few days I will be leaving this country, often called the Heart Chakra of the Planet. I wonder at this moment, what is the lesson I learned here; what is yet to come to connect with once I am in Canada on a more permanent basis. Please comment.


Blessed Ones,

This is Metatron, Lord of Light and Master of Form. I am pleased that you are sitting once again for an important message for all of you.

Do you see the geometric patterns in your meditations? Did you notice the tunnel of Light, as well as the waves of sparking star dust on the square screen at the end of the tunnel? Becoming conscious of the various patterns and their mobility within your mind connects you to Light patterns given to you as a promise of things to come. Have NO doubt therefore, that your new life patterns are filled with promise and grace toward fulfillment. Relax into the patterns as they continue to reveal themselves in your meditations during these transitory times for each one of you as well as for all of Humanity.

The old paradigms are no longer comfortable to the Human psyche. You cannot maintain the 3D status quo in the New Golden Age as it prepares each of you toward 4D and 5D. Therefore, it is imperative that you listen to what goes on in both your mind and in your heart. Movement is the essence of Light. The delivery of new information, through the Light in your Being, is given to everyone consciously living on the Blue Pearl. These lights and patterns express your Soul Contract in this life,

What do these Light patterns mean and how must we interpret them? Or is it for Humanity to do so?

Light always carries information that is guiding you and thereby asks for your interpretation. Be aware therefore of the quality and intensity of the Light patterns and the colors with which they are delivered into your consciousness. Listen to the drone of the Universe as it delivers wave upon wave of colored Light to the Consciousness of your planet and all its life forms. Light and sound and the constant shifts and changes in their frequencies, are bringing your consciousness ever higher into a state of bliss, should you allow that energy into your mind and heart. Be clear that your interpretation will express your consciousness as it is, in each moment. Express the highest Light frequencies within your mind in the words you speak to whomever you meet, and the waves of Light will intensify, as will the quality of information. If you have a tendency to think from the shadow side of your mind, your nightmare of visions from the past will continue to haunt you. It is now time to take charge of what you allow into your mind as it expresses your consciousness. Humanity is being called upon to continue the honing and refinement of your Consciousness! Taking responsibility for what enters your mind, will also encourage you to disperse with the dark side of Humanity so often expressed in crime and corruption.

Which one of you wishes to harm him/herself at any moment in your time and space? We see your collective mind shake and indicate toward the negative, Dear Ones. And yet that is what has occurred for the many thousands of years you have inhabited Planet Earth. NO wonder many of you Human psyches are tired of Life, and are now relieving themselves of their shadowy burden by choosing to leave their bodies earlier than the Contract indicated. It is always your choice to do so!  The increased Light reveals to you your tendency to fear. Yet fear is not appropriate in the New Golden Age.  Fear is what will control your mind, if you let it! Do NOT allow this to continue! Take charge of your thinking! Take control over mind in your periods of blissful silence as you choose Light while you meditate and see the Light patterns move in spiral patterns, then, go along for the blissful ride. Enjoy the Joy that is available to you!

Can you give us a more specific form for our meditation so that we can more easily interpret these Light patterns? It seems to me that a new form may be needed to handle the new frequencies we are now encountering.

Your meditations need to be a conscious choice as you sit regularly in silence. The Light reveals to each individual what is to come. Life continually unfolds its secrets to you. Just do it!  The form of meditation is less important than the regularity and attitude with which you come into the silence. Each Soul has its own deepest desires to manifest into reality. Call forth your Highest and Best Self, your I AM Presence, as you begin your sitting and the Light will bring equal reward for the attention you have given to your meditation. As you develop your Light sensitivity, the waves and patterns of Light will reveal how to manifest your desires. Your needs will become clear, your choices obvious and your doubt will disappear into the starry dust of the past where it is transformed again into higher frequencies of Light for your inspiration each present moment.

As a practical person, these instructions seem a bit spacey! Many of us need more clarity. Some of us are tired of waiting for the changes to manifest within Humanity! We have been promised a better life and happier changes for so long. Sitting in meditation with Lights and patterns flashing for our interpretation, seems unlike the “chop wood, carry water” philosophy we have been told is our experience as we move toward enlightenment. In other words, how can we live our spiritual life in the New Golden Age as we walk our path with practical feet?

Dear One, this is the Group. Metatron has notified Us to give an answer to your appeal.

NO thing is more practical for your spiritual life than sitting in meditation! There is no excuse for creating negative patterns in your life when merely sitting in meditation as a practical step can give you so many benefits and open the portal to your creativity and a full, satisfying and blessed Life

While the Company of Heaven, including the Angelic realms and all of Us here, have assisted in the global changes for many years, we cannot magically change YOUR mind. We do not supersede your Free Will! Making changes within your consciousness is your choice! How you make those changes is also your choice, along with when you are ready to make them. We cannot force the Human Soul to be clearer than it wants to be! We present the information –  in Lights! Your part is acceptance of the myriad opportunities for choices in the Light while allowing your Life to unfold through this guidance. The only thing that is predestined is the soul contract you have chosen. HOW you fulfill this contract lies within each of your decisions. Choose Light and you have taken a step toward your Joy. Choose Negativity and your Life will reflect the shadow side of your choice. Constant reminders of your options and possibilities is Our part, accepting these reminders and acting on their inspiration is yours.

Ultimately it is your human tendencies toward judgment and your need for control that is at the heart of your shadow and maintains what you may experience as dark times in your life. Turn on the Light! Choose differently! Stop judging the way you are as it indicates your ego is in control. Allow Light to penetrate your mind in each present moment. Breathe Now…breathe Now… and Now….

Love is delivered into your heart. Joy is the result. More practical and concise we cannot be! Just do it!

That is all from your Family of Light. 3:35AM