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Hurricane Sandy – the aftermath

 Wednesday October, 31, 2012, 3:50 AM

San José, Costa Rica,


Dear Friends,

As I awaken I can feel your desire for me to sit with you. I have been wondering what would be your counsel to the many millions of people who, though they have come through alive after hurricane Sandy, now have months or years of recovering to do after the devastation of that storm. Was there nothing that the Space Brothers could or would do to help prevent such devastation? Please comment.


Dearly Beloveds,

Indeed! We are desirous of bringing you comfort and hope, though we can see the many difficulties millions of Souls are handling now, due to the Mother’s cleansing in the Eastern Coast line of the Northern United States.

This was not an ordinary storm or hurricane, but one that was the result of a combination of Galactic, planetary and interplanetary circumstances which have been building up for you during some of your earth time.

To begin with, it is important to remember that the Mother Planet is responding to that part of Humanity in third dimensional density that causes suffering to their Human Brothers and Sisters due to thoughts of fear, acts of anger and intentions and display of a gross misuse of power. It is humbling to Humanity to know that the Mother has the power and will not be controlled by the desires of Human greed. We have spoken before today, about the current increases in Light frequencies resulting in and encountered by an increase of shadow and collective acts of darkness. The Truth of this is as expressed in the Universal Law of Action and Reaction, the Law of Cause and Consequence, the third dimensional Law of Karma; as within, so without; as above, so below.

As to your question of Space Brother involvement, it is only your conclusion, due to reports of what you would call devastation to matter and the material structures on the land, that nothing was done to prevent even more intense devastation than is now experienced. There would have been even more widespread land covered and for a more permanent time, had Our Space Brothers done nothing!

We remind you, Dear Ones, there were a number of factors at work in the time preceding the hurricane. The first factor is that there was the combination of galactic action around Earth to continue the necessary control of the cabal, the forces of darkness and the need to cleanse their last and final attempt to exert control over the financial, societal and governmental agencies. It was necessary to shut down those possibilities. The second factor is that your moon was full. Due to the powerful lunar and planetary stations, the oceanic tides were higher than normal. These two factors and the need for a complete shut-down of the most powerful stock market in the world, as well as all normal modes of transportation, diverted what could have been another attack in the near future, causing “Ground Zero” devastation even worse than the current “natural disaster.”

Do you mean there may have been another attack on US territory like the one termed 9-11? Are the cabal still threatening the power structure of the US?

Indeed! The global threats of violence continue for both the US and in other countries, but there will be no success in such action, due to the work of the Company of Heaven, the Inter-galactic response and the visitations of the many Space vehicles and their Interplanetary occupants; Beings with technology not even thought of in earth laboratories. Have no fear! Instead, Trust that there is a Divine purpose behind ALL things occurring on Planet Earth.

Are there Souls in power on Earth who have more than their selfish control as intention. How will the rebuilding of the aftermath of the storm’s devastation be handled?

Most of the people currently in power positions in various places within local, state and federal governments are Souls who sense from within a new purpose and are influenced by Divine Light. Their focus is on what is “for the greater good of all”, rather than on the desire for personal gain many of their predecessors displayed. They will be taking time to rebuild, but with a more enlightened focus on the good for all Life, including Life for Planet Earth. At the same time, Our Space Brothers and the Company of Heaven continue the work of Light, inspiring the millions of Souls now humble and open for guidance toward their new purpose. They will restructure the purpose of their Life in a new and higher direction – one of Light, Love and Compassion for others leading into fourth and fifth dimensional thinking and action. The only result of such focus is the movement of Humanity into those higher dimensions – the Ascension of Human and Planetary Consciousness.

You say “most of the people” ….are influenced by Divine Light. But what happens in the case of those who are not yet working for the greatest good?

Those carrying secret missions of darkness will be revealed and exposed in the very near future and will not be able to continue their mission. As in the more recent exposure of dark intent, they will be held accountable. This is part of the cleansing still occurring in pockets of Human society. Have no fear! Light prevails and darkness will be no more! The Divine Plan cannot fail!

The Love and Compassion of your Space Family of Light is such that you may surrender all your fear of death and possible demise to the Light within. Remember, you chose to come to the Planet in order to experience, to grow in Light, to guide your sisters and brothers who may not yet understand Divine Light. You also cannot fail in your mission. It is in your Soul Contract. Releasing your old past thoughts and intending and accepting Light in all your actions will bring you through your inner storms and hurricanes. You ARE Light! Accept and Allow the action of your Light to permeate whatever hidden pockets of fear you may still harbor within. Light Prevails. God is working within your Heart!  Trust and Surrender; your future is secure and Light!    5:40 AM

From Inger:

As I was listening and scribing this message, I was reminded of a White Eagle quote that is comforting to me:

 “A divine law pervades all life and good comes out of ignorance and darkness There is a wise and merciful plan for the spiritual growth of men. White Eagle

 May all those whose lives have been tossed upside-down in the hurricane this week, know that their Light is continuing to get stronger and will prevail. May they find and bring comfort through the loving and compassionate support of all the Workers around them.

Blessings to all!