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Tunnels of Shadow or the Light of Truth?

Receiving the Light
Saturday November 3, 2012, 12:30 AM

San José, Costa Rica,

Dear Friends,

I am open and receptive to your Message of today. Please speak to us of healing. physical, mental, emotional, so that we Humans are guided toward the highest purpose for our Life. How can each of us heal our wounds so that we can clearly accept the Light in our Life?


Dearly Beloved Ones,

It is not the acceptance of Light that is the main issue in a Human personality healing wounds of the past. The Light is ever present, whether you want to accept it or not. Without Light there would be no Life for you to even consider the question you are pondering. Acceptance of Light is not your question. Rather, to become willing to look at the cause of your doubt, your fear and inner struggle would be a more appropriate personal confrontation.

Why are you, dear Human, steering the mind into dark tunnels thinking may be some type of personal entertainment? Why are you hiding from your fear, when allowing Light to shine upon your pain would clarify the cause and dissolve pain instantly? Truth does not hide in dark tunnels, but always rides on the gentle vibrations of Divine Light. Truth will set you free to Love. Love will uncover and heal the moments of pain you have held onto for too long, thinking them too precious to reveal, even to your Self. Do you not see more clearly in Light than in the shadowy tunnel? Come out and dare to discover the Truth within you. There is no need for fear. Your pain is caused by your refusal to see and know Truth; YOU are the Divine Light from which you are hiding!

How can we come out of our shadowy tunnel of fear so we can see and know that as our Truth?

When you glide on the Light of Truth you will understand that you have a choice – to fear or not to fear; to suffer or not to suffer. Truth reveals that a Human personality needs to let go of the need to suffer. Your story is simply your story. You can choose to repeat the story of suffering or not. You may keep telling yourself that same story and ride deeper into that shadowy tunnel, or you may remember one of Joy, tell that story just as often and turn yourself around to gently glide out of darkness into the Light of Truth. Your Soul will rejoice at the new choice your personality made and in so choosing reveal to you the purpose of your Life – to rediscover and live in Joy.

Once a Human personality completely embodies that Truth there will be no more suffering unless you decide to remember once more how it feels to hide in the shadow. You will immediately want to return to Light and forgive your moment of forgetfulness!

At this time, in the aftermath of the hurricane devastation on the east coast of the United States, we see images of so many people suffering. So much loss and so much pain was caused by what is termed a “natural disaster/” Is it not a bit callous to state that we have a choice to suffer or not? Often You have spoken of reality or illusion. Is it another “illusion” that there are millions of people suffering? How can we continue to feel such deep compassion but at the same time say it is their choice to suffer?

While it appears true to your eyes that the hurricane left material loss as well as a few people who discarded their physical form, the resilience and determination of the Human Spirit is being revealed also if you but choose to look for that. Once again We bring you this reminder: you have a choice to see destruction only, or you may decide to look for the many ways that the Light of Truth is revealed in the same people who have no material things left. They now rejoice that they have their lives and their loved ones.

Man and his Friend

What is truly important for most of those who have lost their material possessions, has become a new point of focus; heroic acts of Human bravery are coming into the Light of Truth. Care and Love for a stranger who is equally “suffering loss” becomes one way for one person to recover a sense of personal dignity and rediscover their love of Life. What seems like a “natural disaster” in many cases has become the most important turn about for them, out of their tunnel of fear and darkness while gliding into their Light. Do not judge only on the basis of what you see, what you believe or what your mind may remember. There are hidden miracles in all the appearances of your reality. In that manner what is termed your reality may also be termed an illusion. What is real may yet be hidden from your eyes when your eyes only look and see the shadow.

We would remind you, dear Ones, your human story of shadow and fear always has another view point toward which you may look and see Light and Love. Your personality choice can lead you into darkness or into Light. Your conscious mind is your servant. Choose what enters through the portals of your conscious mind and do not allow your choice to lead you into darkness and tunnels of fear. If you believe you must suffer moments of pain and treasure your wound, make those mere fleeting moments while you remind your Self; you do not have to live there any longer than is your choice.

 In the Presence of Light, You will be revealed.

In the Presence of Love, You are forgiven,

In the Presence of Truth, You will see and know your Divine Self.

Choose Light, and Love and Truth and your wounds are healed instantly. You are deeply loved and are treasured beyond your knowing. Choose Light!. And so you do!    2:05 AM

Your own Light