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Planetary History on the Eve of Ascension

Monday  July 2, 2012, 1:20 AM

San Jose, Costa Rica

 I ask that my I AM Presence collect the Light and instill it in my heart and mind to receive this Message. May it serve for the highest Good of all Beings everywhere,  for the Healing of the Mother Planet and all her Life Forms. And so it IS with profound Gratitude to the Light.

 Beloved Ones,

At the beginning of your Human time on Earth, your ancestors knew about and lived with their sacred connection to the Prime Force, Creator God.

Everything done in making decisions was naturally preceded by their prayers and request for help and guidance in the completion of their chosen tasks. a Human’s Life experience always included the knowledge that the Angelic Realms were an ever ready and Luminous Presence and was available to the Soul. As decreed by the Company of Heaven, all living Beings on the Planet; the Elementals; the Fairies and Nature Spirits; the Animal Spirits; the Sprites and Elves living with the Mother’s flowers and vines; the Light Beings expressing themselves as trees; the Protectors of the creatures of the deep waters; all forms of Light Beings on Earth were clearly present for the Mother Planet and in support for Humanity.

During that time, Human thoughts and feelings were filled with Love and Harmony, Not one Soul was aware of anything but that perfection was everywhere, as Created by Prime Force, Creator God. Light permeated all thoughts and actions, leading to perfection and Joy in the Human heart and clarity and purpose in the Human mind. Consciousness was Light filled and competition and shadow areas were unknown. The Power of Love ruled in the hearts and minds of all Life on the Sacred and Paradisiacal Planet Earth. What we all now call the Mother Planet, was a place to visit by Galactic visitors to enjoy the Fruits of Plenty and the Halls of Divine Potential within the Mind and Heart of all Humans living. The Planet was a place that became envied by the visitors who did not have the experience of Light given to Earth’s populations.

Then, within the Galactic and Planetary Consciousness, Divisions were created by forces which tasted the love of power and began experiments of control in the Garden of Eden. Within the mind of the visitors controlling the innocence of Humanity, the dark forces misused their love of power. This misuse and control was heretofore unknown to Human Consciousness while they were still living in Paradise. Free Will, the gift of the Prime Force Creator had reigned in the hearts of Humanity. From the earliest time this gift was used as intended, to make choices that supported all Life and to be guided to beauty, joy and peace. However, tempted by the love of power presented by the Galactic visitors, the Human power of choice changed. This was the time described in history as the  tasting of the Fruit of Knowledge of Good and Evil. In time, the Angelic Beings once serving Humanity in Light with and full support for Human growth allowed themselves to be used for shadow purposes causing the Fall from the Garden of Eden.

After this profound Fall from the Grace of Prime Creator, much of the mind of Humanity began to be instilled by fear and conflict. Consciousness began a period of third dimensional battles which ensued between the forces of Good and evil as the visitors ruled the collective mind. Humanity began thinking in fear and allowed the shadow to control the mind and their lives.

At this point We wish to remind you: all times, then as now, this decision to fear was just that; a decision made by the mind which the mind could also undo. Creative thought could still have been used with Free Will, creating a Life of Love, of abundant good, of compassion for each other, used for all the Love the mind could imagine as it was given so freely before the Fall. However, when shadow and fear was instilled in Human mind by the power hungry visitors, Humanity gradually forgot the Light within. Reminders of the Light were ignored. Through the use of Free Will it remained possible to choose Light. However, the Gift was forgotten and was hidden in the depths when the collective mind of Humanity entered the Halls of Forgetfulness about a Glorious and Peace-filled past. The Light of Mass Human Consciousness became dimmed for a time while the power of choice was used for what was to become chaos in much of a Human life.

For centuries the cause of Humanity’s mis-creations was left unrecognized and hidden within the dark recesses of the mind for the majority of the population on the Planet. Humanity had been visited by the forces of control and power and given up the natural gift of choice, surrendering the mind to those forces. The victim and the perpetrator became part of human consciousness, further lowering their sense of responsibility. Defending their rights in battles continued to decline societal justice while thinking there was no other way than bloodshed for personal gain.

This account of Planetary and Human history all sounds a bit depressing! At what time did this decline turn around and was there hope again in Human hearts for the Planet and her People?

There was no turn around! Naming the process of Growth in that way would imply that one could go back to undo the “ills of society” at that time. That was not possible, nor appropriate. Humanity had lessons to learn regarding the Power of the Human mind and heart to choose Light. However there was an energetic forward motion. Vibrational frequencies stepped up and increased the Force of Light. Several hundreds of Earth years ago, Creative as well as Industrial advancement began changing the welfare of Human Life, while societies grew in consciousness. This was according to the Plan of Light by Prime Force, Creator. Everything that occurred during the Fall and subsequent decline was part of the Great Plan; the Creator’s covenant to restore Life on Earth to its full glory and to Peace while Humanity was reminded once more of the Gift of Free Will to choose Light.

And so we come to the current time on Earth, the Eve of Ascension for Planetary and Human Consciousness. While there may have been battles between forces still having the love of power as focus, the Light and the Power or Love is now dominating these battles, which will in a mere blink of Earth time, restore Peace and Plenty to the Most wondrous Blue Island Planet in the universe. All stars and planets in the universe conspire to align for yet another great Shift of the Ages. This Shift is continuously watched, guided and supported by all Powers of Light. No matter what it looks like to you in the last vestiges of third dimensional frequencies on the Planet, As we see it from our vantage point, Light is strengthened, Love reigns supreme, and Truth is as unconditional and irreplaceable as it was in the Beginning of your Story.

The Great Garden of Love and Light is still within all who dwell there. Your Human Mind can choose what you see. Peace and Plenty can dominate your Society once more. The Force of Love, the Power of Light, the Might of Truth is most influential in your choice of thoughts if you but choose them to be so.

Judge not by what your news reports appear to want you to know! They shudder while taking their last few breaths as the Shift in Consciousness is occurring1 Justice prevails in the Light of your Sacred Heart. Search within for the Light!  It is there you shall recognize Truth. Truth sets you Free in glorious splendor!  We are with you always and in all ways. So BE it!

That is all from Us while we bathe in the Source of Light and Truth. – 3:25 AM.