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The Shift of the Ages

December 19, 2012, 4:35 AM

San José, Costa Rica,

Dear Friends,

In just two days our Mother and all Humanity will be experiencing the Shift of the Ages as foretold in many prophesies. After several weeks of silence, I gratefully feel your energy and your call to sit with you once more.I am listening as you give us the Message for these times of great expectation.


Dearly Beloved Ones.

Indeed! The entire Company of Heaven, our Space Brothers, the Galactic Brotherhood, the Arcturians, the Sirians, and We, the Pleiadians, have been preparing ourselves while inspiring and guiding the many necessary inner changes for our Human Brothers and Sisters as you prepare for the Shift and the Golden Age. Many of you have taken on a new awareness of what you need to do, the attitudes and actions you assume and undertake, to help prepare the collective Human Consciousness for the movement into 4th and 5th dimensional life. We observe and are pleased with what we see. Although we understand your reticence and doubt about whether the Renaissance of Love and the Golden Age is about to become fact in your lives, We reassure you as We always have, that your heart and mind, indeed your awareness of Truth and actions of Love are increasing the energy flow inside each of your physical and energy bodies. Increased Light includes increases in Love, delivering the necessary information to bring increased Joy in your Life.

In each of our various social circles, thousands of people have gone through great inner movement and shifts of awareness. Sometimes these were driven or dictated by sudden and momentary life circumstances, giving those people a feeling like they had no control. While many of us know we create these circumstances with our own, though sometimes unconscious, attitudes, for some people the inner struggles arising have left them depleted and exhausted. Many people have great fear for the actual planetary alignment and what the Shift will bring to our Life. Please comment.

Dear Ones, you are all taken into the flow of the energies that bring Light, awareness and increased Love for your decisions. We encourage those of you who have consciously moved through releasing your fear, to be an example of Love in Action, especially toward those recalcitrant Humans still wishing to maintain control, to hang on to what they believe will continue to lead them to an easier life. As the Light softens their resistance, they too will recognize Truth.

There is no need for fear! ALL Souls, every beating heart, is flooded with the Light of Truth when the Shift of the Ages shudders the remaining doubters into their new Life. Thus they will accept with gratitude the increased awareness for greater personal possibilities and more opportunities for Joy. During that shuddering instant, millions will become aware; the rebirth of Christ Consciousness is in their heart; the Compassionate Buddha Mind is in their thinking; their sense of Self has taken on a new way of action in their lives. There will be some who will act upon that new sense immediately. Their lives will be an example of Love and Compassion toward those still hurting. There will also be the Souls still hurting, wondering what just happened to their comforts, not realizing they were not truly comfortable anyway, even before their mind and consciousness was shaken. Within the time it takes to shift their awareness, a sacred moment, Truth will flood into their mind. Love is the resulting experience.There will be no more doubt.

What about the actual physical experience of the alignment. There have been many warnings; the magnetic poles will shift and the earth will turn on a different axis; the earth will be in darkness for a few days; the electrical systems will cease functioning and we will not have heat or light or access to our usual comforts. Will this be the case during and after the alignment?

There have been many planetary movements in the past and the planetary electro-magnetic fields have shifted and left their marks on the earth which have subsequently been found by those doing their research into these phenomenon. However, this “Shift of the Ages”, as it has been called, has not taken place on the planet Earth for 26,000 years. The Planetary movement involves unprecedented energy frequencies never before accessed. The centuries of preparation by the Mother in guidance with the Company of Heaven will reassure there is no further destruction on Gaia. What will be removed is any further possibilities of the dark forces maintaining control over the mind, consciousness and action in the many aspects of Life for Humanity.

Our Family of Light

The removal of the cabal has been a systematic and gradual process over the past decennia. The clutches of these forces have no more grip on Humanity in the New frequencies of Earth. Although for brief moments after the shift, human fear may continue to show its resultant action in some parts of society, the response to fear by the Light Consciousness in ever greater numbers of Humanity will ultimately render those fearful actions, instead of equal to the warhead of a military group, alike to the bite of an insect. Light and Love are the strongest ruling Force as was given to Humanity by Prime Force, Creator. Nothing can shake the Light off its Course. No human intention can rob Love of its Power.

Light and Love and Power is now restoring the Plan on Earth. All is well!

6:10 AM