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After the Storm – Higher Light Frequencies

November 7, 2012, 9:30 PM

San José, Costa Rica,

 Dear Friends,

This evening what we see in our world seems to be changing yet again. The USA Presidential elections have passed and we have four more years of hope while the President works to find balance, order and justice for the population. As people are trying to recover from the great hurricane of one week ago, there is another storm front brewing in the same area and many citizens do not yet have electricity or comfort while already confronted with yet another difficult storm. Our social, economic, religious and psychological systems are breaking down as we experience the great Planetary cleansing. How can each of us stay clear, loving and positive with the current changes that challenge so many of our brothers and sisters everywhere? Please comment.


Dearly Beloved Ones,

In looking for the positive aspects of any changes suddenly being announced into your personal world, it would behoove you to look at your world from a higher perspective. Climb the observation tower within your Consciousness and look from there upon what the appearances seem to be. Notice how are you judging the systems while you are observing? Ask your selves these questions:

  1. Are the systems and thought forms that brought your Planet and Humanity to the brink of destruction and dis-ease the same ones whose status quo you would like to maintain?
  2. Are the financial and economic systems based upon the Universal Law of Justice?
  3. Are your religious institutions serving each human to discover the sovereignty of the Soul, the interconnectedness with each other while showing the Glory of your Divine Selves?
  4. Are your psychological patterns clearly exemplifying Love, one Soul toward all of Life?

If you can answer positively any of these questions, they would not need to be changed and would not be “breaking down” as you have correctly noted.

1. In the face of tragedy and challenge, the true Human Spirit comes forth while love and service are shown in great and small loving acts as one soul cares for another in their struggle.

2. The secrets and unjust control of the global monetary system is being uncovered and Humanity’s innate sense of justice is being activated. Public Protest toward change and individuals working toward justice have become the common goal. No more can the privileged few control and keep the underprivileged many in hunger and poverty.

3. Humanity is quickly coming out of a long period of the Spiritual Dark Ages and into the Renaissance of Light and Divine Truth with the knowledge that the Divine within can guide and inspire your daily choices. Indeed, you now KNOW you have a choice in the way you think and that your clear mind and loving intention helps you create a Joy-filled Life for yourself and for everyone else in the Oneness of Light.

4. With Humanity’s new Awakening, with Truth in your Consciousness, you respect and honor the Divine within each Soul. Love guides you. You know how to love one another and you can accept your Oneness with the Divine.

We Observe your Light-filled moments, your “AHA!” awakenings, your loving hearts in action and your Intention to help others within your awakening world. We applaud and We are in awe of the acts of courage and bravery as your collective Light tilts the balance toward the Divine Matrix and renew patterns of perfection.. Because of your individual and collective Soul’s choice to come to Earth at this time, Humanity glows and ascends into the Fourth and toward Fifth Dimensional Reality where Peace and Plenty are as close as your desire to manifest it. You can doubt no more; Light, Love and Joy are the end results of all your challenges.

What is occurring in the energies that so many of us are feeling a great intensity that pulls us into the memories of some of our painful personal history?

As the influxes of higher frequencies of Light and Love quicken the Light waves within the electromagnetic Field of the Planet, every thought, activity, feeling and memory that cannot vibrate in that same higher frequency will need to be cleansed and dispersed. In the psyche and in the cells Love heals all that is not loving. Of necessity, Higher vibrations coming in contact with lower vibrations, will force the lower vibrations to increase until they resonate with the Light. Love is a high frequency of Light carrying all the information you need to bring into your Consciousness those stale and unloving memories that you are asking to be revealed and to be healed.

Imagine before you a glass of muddy water which you have allow to sit undisturbed for a long time. The mud has settled and hardened in the bottom of the glass. As long as the glass or the water is not disturbed, the mud may be visible, but the water above it is relatively clear. Once a stream of fresh water has entered the glass, filling it and then overflowing, the mud stirs. It darkens and troubles the water in the glass. Keep pouring the fresh water into the glass, and the muddy water will flow over the glass edge, until the clear water has flushed out all the mud at the bottom. This is similar energy to what is occurring within each of you who have agreed to become cleansed of your “muddy memories”, hidden in each of your body’s cells. Once you see the revelations from the past, celebrate those memories, and allow them to be healed from your past. You will feel the Lightness in each of your cells. Do not resist the thoughts, nor any of the pain, but with a gentle, compassionate and grateful heart release the “mud from your mind”!

Is that what is the purpose of storms and earth quakes experienced by so many people? These Earth activities cleanse the thought forms of old patterns within Humans living in the affected area?

We remind you that your thought patterns affect not only other Humans sensitive to the Cloud of Mass Consciousness, but affect the Planet also. Through Her desire to lighten energy frequencies and raise Her vibration, Earth’s weather patterns create vortices to help the Earth to increase the ability to hold ever higher Light quotients, In that way, Mother Earth facilitates higher frequencies for all Life forms upon and within her. It is Her active part in the Plan of Ascension.

We report to you, dear Ones, that the Light and Loving intentions in the last several months of a large collective group of Humans, given as blessings to the Mother Planet have been gratefully accepted and have made Her energies more gentle. Her shakes and storms have not left the same level of damage than could be possible if you, dear Humans, had not served the Mother with your Light intentions, with your Love and concern, with your prayers and blessings, not only for the Planet but for each other.

Think Light and Light is what is experienced by all those around you.  Everyone benefits from Love for another. Intend to do good with a loving heart and your inner storms and quakes are lessened also. This is the Universal Law; As Above, so Below; As Within, so Without.

Know the Truth and you shall be healed in the Light.

That is all for now. 11;40 PM