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The Shadow Has No Force!

Saturday,  June 2, 2012, 5:35 AM

Cosmic Light

NW Calgary, AB, Canada



Dear Friends,

You have reported that the energies are changing for us on the Mother Planet, and we are currently affected by stronger resistance to Light from the cabal and forces of darkness. Please tell us what is going on and how we may deal with the resistance.


Blessed Ones,


Moving the mind into the Light and Love into the Heart is the only way to overcome any resistance you may be feeling from outside forces. There are many “would-be” truth speakers attempting to convince those Humans who are now awakening to their Inner Truth to follow them. Humanity does not need followers! For him or her, the newly awakening youthful soul, it may appear to be a difficult challenge to move into their own Heart, listen to their own Counsel. They may be seeking a truth outside of themselves.  Those Humans whose minds are affected by a mere promise of Light. without first seeking their own Light and knowing Truth from within, are accustomed to listening to other seeming authoritative voices.

Without seeming to proselytize about the Light of Truth, how may we Humans remind our sisters and brothers of their Light. 

To those of you, dear Ones, who have a clear vision, a knowing of Truth from within, We encourage and Guide you in that sacred moment when first meeting a seeker. Be a shining example of Love. From this Now moment, be on notice: when these youthful awakening souls are seeking Truth, you will know them. Speak your Truth! They are sent toward you, drawn to your Light for this reason. Your energetic Presence, the Light of Love within you will encourage your seeking sisters and brothers to find It also, to look within their own Heart. There the Light is glimmering and seeking to blaze, to empower their inner Voice. No longer will that Voice be silent! In that very instant, their once silent heart will rejoice and cannot be still! Light will shine with clarity. It holds all the information they sought for so long. Love flows to deliver that information into their Being. Joy is the resulting experience.

Be clear that you are not ever alone in this Mission. For centuries We, in Service to the Company of Heaven, have had it as our Mission to pour the Light of the Divine onto the Planet. Only now is the time on Earth for Humanity to be awakened; to notice the grand changes within your once so challenged Lives. The time has come to clear the fearful mind and notice the Light.

In the coming months of your time, you will continue to observe these changes as they increase in intensity. Wherever there is a quickening in the vibrational frequencies of Light, there also is an increase in resistance to Light. While we notice that element existing, we may never usurp Human Free Will to handle those resistant shadow elements. We merely shine ever stronger vibrations of Light and know Humanity’s awakening IS Victorious. You SHALL know Truth and Truth SHALL set you free from the tyranny and threat of any shadow elements trying to control your Light.

While I know the Light is within us, and for many people it has become clear that our world is changing, I notice also within many people there is doubt about a gentler life yet to come. Fear hovers in the mind and controls their feelings, thoughts and action. How must we handle our own last vestiges of the force of shadow during those moments?

Shadow has no force when you Meditate on Light. Your intention to clear doubt will release it from the mind. FEEL the Power of Love! KNOW your Truth from within! BE Light and Love and in Its presence all shadow dispels. Feel the Knowing in your Heart and your body-mind will express that sensation outwardly. A heart-felt smile on your face will be the result! You cannot but affect those around you with your magnetism so that their Light will brighten. Doubt is dispelled and fear vanishes into the Light. Do not underestimate the Power of a Light-hearted Presence in any space!

Make it known to your Angelic Support System; Ask for help in your intention to grow in Light, to Be Love and to Shine Truth. It is the Mission of Our Angelic Brothers and Sisters to follow through with such request, because We work with your Human Free Will for the choice you voice. Unless there are emergencies, We may work with you only when asked for Our Assistance. When you go out into your world ask for Angelic Help and know It is given! The more you ask, the more it is given as asked. You need never feel alone in ANY situation because you ARE never alone. You hover in the Light of your Angels! In any situation you find yourself, Our Help is only a request away.

Fear Not! The Light of Love is always within and around you. No matter how much the shadow appears to threaten, You cannot run from Love. Therefore All is Well in your world. All is Light in your Heart, dearly Beloveds. Declare it so and so BE it!