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Your Body Speaks – Learn to Listen

Vitruvian Man in blue
Tuesday, May 1, 2012, 6:30 AM

Vancouver, BC Canada

May the I AM Presence, the Light of God in me, clear my heart and mind for this message of Truth. May it serve all Beings everywhere and be healing for the Mother Planet. With my deepest Gratitude, So it IS.


Dear Friends,

You have spoken about Humanity’s First Sense and the impulses we feel through our Intuition. Please tell us more about our Human First Sense as it relates to our Water and our communication with each other.


Beloved One,

We refer to First Sense in Humanity because it is the Knowing of Truth a Soul is given, even before it chooses a physical a body. The other five senses develop gradually as the body develops. With those sense she develops a way of knowing the world around her. For most of her life, she relates to her world only through those five senses unless she learns to listen clearly to Soul’s intuitive Voice. Humanity refers to a Sixth Sense, as though it is of lesser importance that the five body senses, We say to you, it is through First Sense that you arrive in that body. When you choose the circumstances of your birth, although that Truth still remains unacknowledged to most Humans, your First Sense helps you make that choice. It is through First Sense, that you choose your Soul Contract, before you enter into Earth School to learn about Life.

You have referred to this before; ” Humans choose the circumstance of your birth on Earth.” Will you tell us more about that?

Dear One, answering that question is by itself a lengthy transmission! We would be happy to give that answer to you at another time. Here We merely indicate there are First Sense choices the Soul makes before coming into a physical body. Your return to Earth and the circumstances of time, location and parental relationship are among such choices. Soul knows through First Sense when it is time to return to Earth. Soul’s re-entrance has nothing to do with Humanity’s three dimensional concept of time on the clock or calendar. The choice is made by the desire of the Soul to serve. The Light in Soul Consciousness, sufficient to fulfill the chosen elements of a Soul Contract, makes coming to Earth School the “right time.”

Humanity uses First Sense to communicate, not through space or air as is often thought, but through the water in your body and through water in all things related to the Earth. The water element is more important than Humanity understands. Water carries Light and Divine Intelligence. Water is the conductor for all messages sent by Human thought, and is the element that makes thought forms realized in the material. Everything communicates through water. Even the densest rock communicates through the presence of its water.

It is the vibrational rate of your water that holds and sends the messages you think and it is the water of the receiver that carries and comprehends the sent message. Water is extremely sensitive to all types of external influences. Wave motion flows your thoughts forward as it moves your thinking. The minutest change in the vibrational wave of your thoughts is accepted inward and in turn communicated outward by your water. It is water’s wave motion in all life forms that sends the messages received by humans.

However, humans have desensitized themselves from those subtle frequencies in their water, and thus you miss large portions of important communication from your body as well as information through the water of other Life forms.

How can we become sensitive once more to our water and its messages as we communicate with each other through their water?

Before you learn to communicate with each other through your water, you must learn to hear, listen and respond to the messages from your own body. It is through your water the human body constantly sends and receives messages. When the body’s water indicates a need for its owner to give it attention, it is too often ignored. Paying careful attention to what the body needs is one way of becoming sensitized again.

A Human often decides the body’s messages are inconveniencing the personality. If the body says stop and rest, but the personality is in “go forward” mode, the body’s Truth is ignored. Your body’s water carries feelings and knows when it is ignored. Gradually, though it attempts with intelligence to continuously present its needs, it knows when these messages are not heeded and starts to become confused about its way of serving the personality. How can the body continue to serve through the given messages when the messages given are reduced by its Human’s feelings of irritation and denial?


When your water communicates the body’s thoughts after such denial, and it does just that constantly even when the Human in it is not listening, the water would say:” I am doing the best I can to let you know what we need so you can move forward and do what you have to do. While you are using me as your vehicle why are you are not listening to what I tell you? What do I have to do to get your attention? Oh, I know. I will just stop working so efficiently so that you must slow down for a while. Perhaps then you will stop and listen to what I feel.”

There are times, after a long period of ignoring the messages of your water and your body, it may be very abrupt. There is no more time for the first message:” Please, slow down!” The intelligence of the body knows sometimes better than its owner, it has limits. When the limit is reached, the message is clear. “Stop!” and the body stops functioning in such an abrupt manner there are no other options for the human owner to surrender.

I know many of us have experienced just exactly that!  How then can we become more loving and caring toward the body so that our water’s intelligent messages are heard?

The body’s water-carried messages remain subtle, until they are ignored. Then the calls for attention become stronger and more insistent. When a person notices those calls getting stronger, stop and listen. It is not yet too late to start paying attention but there is no time to waste. Your Loving attention is what your body needs!

Begin by giving it sufficient water so that the message to the personality can be heard. Remember, not only the body but the brain, the highly functioning and sensitive endocrine system, the blood and organs as well as the nervous system and muscular structure all need plenty of water to function optimally. Then offer the body peaceful, uninterrupted sleep along with frequent rest and short moments of change in activity during the day. In the endless drive for acquiring more and ever more social status and more material things, the bodies of most Human’s are not completely rested from one stressful day or week when the next stress filled day arrives and the same action starts all over again.

Spend time in Nature and let the Mother retrain and educate your sensitivities to water. Sit in silence to listen to Her many colored Voice tones. Sit or walk near Her water. Breathe in the water in Her oxygen and absorb its purity. Feel Gratitude for all Her bountiful gifts of Love and Light. Her Joy at your presence and intention will be felt through the water in each of your cells. Your sense of body awareness in all its aliveness will increase with each breath.

Above all, meditate during your stress filled days. Release stress and take time to be silent. Contemplate another way of doing what you think you need to do. We understand that such a mandate is not easy to hear, because when you are stressed you are like the mouse in the circular treadmill – it is difficult to stop the momentum of the circle while it is in motion. Even so, reconnecting to the body is the intention, and intelligent responsive action brings the desired result.

Meditation will quiet the over active mind, calm the body, bring Light to the Soul and Peace to the Heart. The Message of Truth from the water in your body will become obvious.

Do what you know in your Heart is right for your body, and it will serve you long and well. Peace and Blessed BE! – 8:20 AM