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11-11-11 on Meditation

Meditation Tree,Posbank, NL
November 11, 2011, 6:11 AM
Arnhem, The Netherlands,
Meditation and Transformation toward Ascension Day.

Dear Friends,

With this date on the earth calendar, we are told it is a special Portal day for the energies of Transformation for Human Consciousness, The Planet and her residents prepare for Ascension of Consciousness from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension. We would appreciate Your information and Your counsel.

Dear One,

Transformation of Planetary and Human Consciousness is stepped up constantly, whether the date of the calendar has such interesting numbers or not. Each moment a soul meditates with the intention to enhance the connection to the personality, and the two become aware of each other’s communication, there is evidence that the awareness has increased.

During “special energy days” occurring especially when the galaxies’ planets are aligned, the earth’s moon is full and is in cooperation with other planets, human sensitivities are already increased. There is the potential for a portal for the Enlightened Ones to energize each Earthling soul’s personal intention to cooperate with the Plan for Ascension.

This date serves, not as a portal, but as a date for sensitive souls to alert other souls who are not yet conscious of their purpose and presence on Earth School. Such a date becomes noticed because of its uniqueness, and people pay more attention to the suggestions and possibilities. The actual Portal days are much more frequent and mostly because of a human’s densities, they may notice when the Enlightened Ones are actually doing their energy work.

Anyone meditating during these times has the intention to cooperate with the Advanced Beings working with humanity. Cooperation occurs whenever a choice is made to do so. If this meditation happens when millions of others are also intending to cooperate, the frequencies received will be much more focused. Meditation is known as the most sensitive time for openness, granting soul and personality the ability to communicate. Meditation creates an energy portal for each soul sitting with inner silence to receive those messages. The vibrations change for each body, as do the colors and frequencies in their energy field. The soul and body become more sensitive to the energies of the Field and thus receive Light vibrations more easily from that Field.

It is the “notices” via various communication methods about the advantage to meditate today and the reports indicating that this day may be a special day for meditation, that has collected the “Will” of human awareness. This “Will” indeed does enhance and improve the cooperation with the Enlightened Ones who have instilled this idea into the Mass Consciousness of Humanity in the first place.

While the energies and vibratory frequencies are constantly increasing at all times, and human consciousness is advancing whether that is known to each soul or not, there is enough evidence indicating that the collective intention for a group to accomplish something special leads to the positive results of that intention. The Company of Heaven is thus able to use that evidence when a multitude of souls are gathered. The Enlightened Ones will accomplish a larger “group energy boost” toward the increased frequencies for advancing human consciousness.

Meditating today will allow each soul to connect to a larger group. The Company of Heaven is working collectively to support that group. Energies increase exponentially because of the will and intention of the groups gathered. Whether people are in physical groups, alone in nature or in the privacy of their own inner closet of consciousness does not matter. As long as their intention is to connect to the Universal Love and Light frequencies poured into individuals as well as larger groups on the planet, they will also receive those frequencies. Their consciousness and sensitivities will be raised as a result. Love-Light increases the soul-personality connection. The Company of Heaven will have done the work for the Ascension Plan. Mother Earth will reap great benefit from the energies. Light and Love will cleanse the Cloud of Mass Consciousness and Humanity will feel that Light in their thoughts.

May the Consciousness of Humanity be Light. May the Mind of Humanity allow Love to enter. May the Plan of Love and Light restore the Peace on Earth.
And so it IS!
7:14 End.