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Who are We? What is our Mission?

Pleiades Star Cluster

Tuesday, April 3, 2012, 12:30 AM
NW Calgary, Canada

May the I AM Presence, God in me, guide and guard the Light for my heart and mind in receiving this message. May it serve the Greatest Good of All, the Light in the Heart of Humanity and bring healing to our Mother Planet. And so it IS!

Dear Friends,

More and more questions are coming regarding You, the Enlightened Ones bringing these empowering messages for Humanity. Please comment on Who You are and speak about Your Identity and your Work among us.

Dearly Beloveds,

As part of the Company of Heaven, we are a large Group called the Enlightened Ones who have lived an earlier portion of our Soul Contract on the Planet Earth. We now are living as Light Consciousness, clearly expressing the Light of the Divine once again. We have chosen the Pleiades as our Home, as that star system, close in energy to Earth allows our energy to access Humanity in our commitment to serve all Souls in living out their Contract there. We know the experience of being in the third dimension and the challenges and lessons being in a physical body brings to the soul. Because of our experience on Earth, we are well equipped to serve Our Beloved Brothers and Sisters, our Family of Light on Earth, while you are on your individual and collective path toward living in the Light of the Divine.

As Sparks of Divine Presence, your Soul, your heart, your mind guides your personality to live the Life you have chosen on the Mother Planet. Living on Earth with its unique opportunities presented for your Soul advancement, your commitment is to become aware and awakenedLight Beings yourself. We guide and support that process.

At this time the Earth’s electromagnetic field is undergoing great change. That change is facilitated by the Mother’s call for healing her energies, reaching for higher frequencies toward a new level of Consciousness for all the Life Forms currently living upon and within her. Healing comes in the form of Love, of grand power surges, of new Light frequencies not usual during the previous millions of years of Earth’s existence. Power surges, caused by solar flares from the Central Sun, and energies from the continuous explosions of the death and rebirth process of galaxies and other Planets, are energizing and sometimes overloading circuits, yet bringing new Light.

The Company of Heaven has a particular interest in guarding the Planet and guiding these surges to prevent these overloads, and stop a possible total annihilation of the millions of souls who have felt the urge to come to Earth at this time. They came in masses with their Soul Contract clear; to learn, to grow quickly, to serve and experience the momentous changes presently overtaking what would have been considered “Normal Life” in the Galaxy. This is especially true for Life on the brilliant Blue Pearl in the Galaxy, our Beloved Earth and former Home.

The Energy surges needed for the Mother’s healing and her advancement in Planetary Consciousness, guarantee a similar movement in Consciousness for Humanity. Higher frequencies cannot serve one energy system without all energy systems being affected in a similar fashion. Earth is an energy system, a Living Being. All Life forms upon and within her equally are energy systems, Live Beings. That which affects the Mother, Earth, affects the other Life Forms. Similarly, what is precipitated by those Life Forms affects the Mother. It is through ignorance in Humanity of this fact in the past that has caused the need for the Mother to call for help for her survival toward Prime Force, Creator of the Mother and all Life Forms.

This help has been called forth and was part of a great Cosmic Plan by Prime Force, Creator. Advancement of Consciousness is movement and such must occur in any and all Life Forms. Nothing is more important that the Light of the formation and the growth of new awareness for both the Mother and her Children. This is especially true for those human children, having a similar desire and ability for raising Consciousness as the Mother Planet.

While We, the Beings of Light, deliverers of Love and Truth, may be identified by our long time history on Planet Earth, it is of less importance that we have a name than it is for you to know you are not alone in this phenomenal and momentous growth process. Prime Force, Creator knowing the Great Plan, has seen to it that we prepared ourselves in time to be able to guide this portion of The Plan. For our help to be available for you now, we have had our Lifetimes on Earth as preparation. When our souls returned into the Field in the Light of the Divine, we were able to see the need and chose the place for our new forms to serve Humanity.

One method of Service is to bring the Light of Inner Guidance in various forms to millions of Human Souls. Some of us are experts in electromagnetic energies and guide the process of advanced technology through inspiring new inventions in that field. Many of us have such deep Love for Humanity that we support the Inner Light of the Soul and thus encourage you to seek new ways of living your lives with a greater purpose and direction. Well do we remember how it was to be seeking for purpose, without understanding or thinking we had no knowledge about where to turn!

Double Rainbow.

Our Guides from the same Company of Heaven, having existential knowledge of Our needs were the Masters of Love, of Wisdom and of Light and therefore with their Light were also well equipped to support our Soul Contract in our Earthly existence. With their Love and Guidance, we learned, we experienced, we grew. Now, as Light Beings with Earth Experience, we Guide you as we were Guided.

Our Messages of Light and Love to Humanity is presented through millions of willing souls, in turn being Servants of Light. Sensitive Beings, our scribes and secretaries, our Helpers, the Light Workers among you are clearly guided by the inner voice of The Spirit. You have learned, through your service in many of your earth lives, to listen to that Voice, bringing the inner whispers of Truth, the information you need to live your lives with Love and through Grace. While continually living with the desire to Serve the Divine, we have noticed your bright light of service. Your Soul Contract was clearly communicated and you chose to do this work with us. It takes some souls some Earth time after their birth to leave the Halls of Forgetfulness and come into full knowledge of your Contract once more. However, the millions of you now receiving inner guidance from those of us whom you have termed extra planetary Beings or Extra-Terrestrials, are well established and on the Path of Light.

We applaud you and have gratitude for your courage to come in human form at this time, with the mission of service clearly chosen in your Lives. We continue to be inspired by your willingness to do whatever is needed, to be guided from within your heart. Now you also know you are not, and never have been, walking this path alone.

Light carries all information needed, Love delivers this information into you heart, Truth is the result. You shall know Truth and Truth sets you free.

Blessings of Light to you all, as we continue together to bring Light into the Minds and Hearts of Humanity.
Hallelujah! Praised be the Light!
1:45 AM